Why girls love bold guys

Why girls love bold guys

Well this question is really somehow funny to me because after interview many girls including my own I find out few reasons why they do so and I come here today to write about it for us all to see and discuss too on it, now let get down to the topic on why girls they love bold guys, well I have reasons which I get after discussing with feel ladies.girls

  1. To feel safe. Girls love to feel safe with their man. You know as a lady, she will love to be protected by his man and it not all about been protected too, she will also feel more comfortable and happy staying with that man who always make her feel safe without fearing of one thing or the other may happen, so is your duty as a man to make her feel safe and protected whenever she is with you because it will make her to love coming close to you the more.
  2. Proud.She will love boasting about you in her talk especially with her friends. You know one thing about making a girl feel proud about you is this, she will always love it when anybody ask her or talk about you, she will always be happy talking about you over and over anytime or anywhere she is.
  3. To feel relax. Now let us look at this with common sense, will you as a person love going to a place where you don’t feel relax staying, so the same way a girl will not be comfortable stay with you if she don’t feel relax with you. I remember those days when I use to beg my girl to visit me at my place, she will actually agree that she will come but on the long run she will give me an excuse that she is sorry that something came up, so she won’t meet up, I try to always know why but I find it hard to understand, till after some few months when I decided to change some things about me, only then she started coming to my house always even when I invite her or not she will try to come, I then ask her why she changed and she told me that she now feel safe staying with me. So you see if she can’t feel safe with you, she will always try avoiding you although some guys may be bold but still their girls won’t love coming to them due to they don’t make her feel safe, we will talk about it too in one of our topic soon .
  4. Defend her. Well this one too is not just about guys who are not bold even those who are bold fail to understand the need of defending their woman, I have fall a victim of this too and to tell you the truth, if you can’t defend her you won’t have her full and you may end up loosing her to someone else who will always be there to defend her no matter what she did try to first defend her as part of you. Just try as you can to defend her the way you defend yourself.
  5. Shy. Well this is funny, if you are shy as a man what then will your woman be, believe me they love you to open up to the and care for them inside and outside the house, anywhere you are, always care for them and not been shy like a kid, there are times when I find it hard to hug, kiss and hold my girl in public due to shy even when she try to do so, I run or cover up by doing or saying something else. She feel sad about this because I make her look like a fool and behave as if my love for her is incomplete. Believe me if you can drop your shy and try to love her more outside than inside she will always be more happy with you


Try to always be bold even when you can’t, try to care more about her than you do yourself, try to always defend her in any way you can, always try to do all this and enjoy your woman because women are beautiful being that God created to help us why then will you not be bold enough to defend and care for her.

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