Why do men cheat on their married women in marriage

There are reason why men cheat on their married women

If you as a woman is wondering why do your husband cheat on you, after you might have done everything for him to see and know that you are a good and caring woman and he still cheat on you. Well my dear is not your fault, stop killing your heart on it and causing yourself more pains. Instead continue doing your part as a woman and also take note on this because this is why men cheat.

Why do men cheat on their married women

this is just reasons why men cheat on their wives but if you want to know what you do as a woman that can also make a man cheat on you then try to also read why men cheat on their spouse to know the things you do also that can make him cheat on you.

He feels he got options

Most men who cheat think that they have an option or that their women can’t do anything to them because they are the man of the house, and if you look at men who cheat due to this reason, you will notice that most of them are rich men or most of them have make it or become rich before they marry their wife. So due to that you as their wife have nothing to do or say to her, because they are the one, who suffer for their money and they have the right to spend and do anyhow they like.

Why do men cheat on their married women in marriage

That is why I advise you as a woman not marry a rich man who is not ready to cool down and love you genuinely, with respect and value you as his woman and wife. So if you are the king of woman that don’t suffer with your husband to make money or that you marry your husband because he is a rich man, then stop asking why do men cheat on their married women because you marry your husband just because of his wealth without considering if true love exist between you two. So why won’t he one day show you that he is the man of the house and the money he spend is his money and when he start doing so, you will always be unhappy in your marriage. So to be at a safer side, if you are not married yet then cool down and be sure he truly love you or instead forget about rich men and marry a man you both work together to make money.

Friends he keep

If your husband is the kind of person that keep friends, who always love clubbing, and having fun with girls, Then don’t expect him not to cheat on you because as long as he still keep those friends, he will always cheat on you because no matter how hard you try for him not to cheat on you, if he hang out with those friends, he will forget all and still cheat on you. So if you think that your husband is cheating on you due to the kind of friends he keep, r=then stop asking why do all men cheat on their married women, and go talk to your husband in a good manner that he will understand that the friends he keep will destroy your marriage, or better still you think of a way to make him to stop keeping those friends.

Why do men cheat on their married women

The work or business he do

If you failed to understand that the work or business your husband do can make him cheat on you then know that you are making a big mistake. Don’t expect a politician or that your celebrity husband not to cheat on you, because most of men who do such work cheat on their partner even when they don’t plan to do so because they are always expose with women and you know that nobody will be given a sugar in his mouth and he remove it. So is better not to marry such man than getting marry to him and later come online instead of reading funny post to be happy, you will be searching why do men cheat on their married women because not all men do so and the man you marry to is expose due to his business. So if you love having such men who are doing business that make them to be more expose then know that he may cheat on you one day.

Backup or Plan B

By this I mean those men who always love to have another girl weather married or not. There are men who like to always have a second girl as a girlfriend, not that they don’t love you or trust you but just that they can’t just stay without having another woman or girl, and they don’t have much girls, just that one which he always love to go to. If your husband is such type of person know that is hard for you to change him and the best way to change such type of man is not by shouting or confronting the girl but just call him and plead always with her in low tune, he must stop it one day.

 Lack of trust

Some men find it hard to trust a girl so no matter he do he must always love to have another girl. He may love you but for the fact that he don’t trust you, he must cheat on you and if by a chance he has ever caught you cheating on him or hear that you cheat on him, either in dating time or now that you are married, then know that you are wasting your time asking why do men cheat on their married women. Better go and prove to him that you deserve to be trusted and you will see that he will change.


This one is a serious issue, because if your husband is womanizers then know that you are in big problem with him. The best thing to do is to mark and monitor him as a full time job and also pray for him to change because it will be hard for him but try also to be talking to him always in a cool way he will reason to you and also advise him to go for counseling.

Note: there is some things you do as a woman that will make a man cheat on you, read why do men cheat on their spouse to learn more on that  

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