Why Do Guys Like To Kiss Your Stomach( Reason Why Guy Die Die To Do So)

Why Do Guys Like To Kiss Your Stomach

Today we will be bringing to you the most reason why guys like to kiss your stomach. Kissing is one of the emotional activities that draws two hearts together, especially when it is been done with the person you love.

You may be wondering this, upon seeing the mouth, forehead, cheeks and other places like hand, yet he went too far to kiss you on your stomach. The reason for this act varies.

Carefully read this article for it is designed just got this.


Why Do Guys Like To Kiss Your Stomach 


  • Deep affection

A guy may kiss your stomach as a sign of deep affection that he has for you. Yes, you may be saying, is it only when he kisses your stomach then it’s a sign of true love. No, it’s not always like that, because it all depends on how far you guys have been together.

As long as the relationship goes, also the affection rises. So for him to kiss your stomach tells that your relationship has got some steps, and he now have deep affection for you.


  • He wants something more at the moment.

It is normal to kiss a woman on her stomach but when you notice that your man sticks his tongue out while kissing your stomach is a sign that he want something more than that, because getting it close to other regions is very intimate.

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Your response to his actions will determine the next action. Some guys do not have the courage to open up to their woman about his emotions, instead they may choose to start with this action and they will also make it to be more romantic.

Why Do Guys Like To Kiss Your Stomach

  • It makes them feel comfortable and secured.

For a guy to kiss your stomach, it shows that he is much comfortable with you. Some guys find it difficult to kiss a woman, talk more if kissing her stomach. So your guy is kissing your stomach so passionately that you are wondering why he chooses to do so, simply know that he is comfortable with you and wish you to be as well.

Always remember that in a relationship, both parties needs to agree so that things will move perfectly.


  • A sign of wishing you luck.

This one is so in the life of those who are expecting a baby or those women that are willing and waiting to conceive. It’s a sign that your man is wishing you best of luck. Or, if your guy does that, it may also mean that he wants a baby from you and by doing that, he is indirectly expressing his feelings.


  • A sign that indicates how much he loves and cherish you.

If a guy kisses your stomach so passionately, it shows that he loves and cherish you so much that he cannot control it. For him to go too far down to your stomach is a good sign of affection. Your response determines the next.

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