Why Do Men Cheat on their spouse in marriage

marriage mistakes women do


The reason why men cheat on them

There is something I want you as a woman or lady to understand about men, that you are married to a man don’t give you the chance or make you to relax and trust your man that he won’t cheat on you but instead see it as having more challenges or responsibilities for you to look more close or keep more eyes on your man remember that you are still competing with other women out there, for them not to snatch him from you, so because of that you need to still do that which you always do when you are dating him and even more than you do because most men believe that since they are married, that there is no girl again that will they will date that will ask them to marry her and again some married men who cheat on their wife or that your husband who cheat on you may be your fault as a woman because the truth about most men who cheat is base on the hands the woman they marry give them. I will point out to you some things you do as a woman that makes your husband cheat, so that you will know where you fail and take note of it and stop asking why do men cheat on their spouse because it may be your fault.

Why Do Men Cheat on their spouse

 Your Shape

If you as a woman or lady got marry to your husband as a slim girl and later allow your body to grow fat or bigger, without considering the fact that your husband marry you because you are slim or that the reason why your man got marry to you is because you are slim and now you allow that slim body to go and allow fat body or shape to now be in you, then know that your husband will be cheating on you because the slim women or girl he know is no more or that the slim woman or lady she marry is now a fat woman, if is you as a woman that is in his shoes what will you do, so please stop asking why do men cheat on their spouse and maintain your shape back to the way it is when the man meet you for the first time.

Why Do Men Cheat on their spouse

Your Dress

If you as a woman think that because you are marry all those sexy cloths and dresses that you put on those days when you are not married and of which may be the reason why your husband marry you or may be what he saw that time that got him attracted to you and you later stop dressing that way. There is something I want to remind for you today, there are also girls out there that still dress that way  and all of them are still ready to collect and snatch your husband from you, so for you as a lady not to allow them is better for you to start dressing that way you use to dress before he meet you, for you to remind him that you are still the smart and hot lady that he know, so stop asking why do men cheat on their spouse and go and start dressing fine and more beautiful for your husband.

Why Do Men Cheat on their spouse

Your Ordure

This is one of the highest mistake most married women do, allowing their body to have ordure and you still expect your husband to be happy and comfortable staying with you, most women find it very hard to take their bath, especially those women who do business and most of them who managed and take their bath don’t wash their private parts well and even their arm pits, which at the end will cause them to have body ordure and which can make the man to also run away from you, so try to first check yourself well and stop asking why do married men cheat on their spouse because the ordure in your body may cause it too.

Why Do Men Cheat on their spouse

You are Lazy

Some married women are very lazy to the extent that they can’t take care of their own body talk more of taking care of their man, some married women can’t even cook for their husband and some can’t even keep the house clean, not knowing that all these can make the man to start staying more of outside and at the end he may find another woman who treat him well more than you do, then know that is your fault, so if you are doing such mistake in your marriage please stop it and don’t ask why do men cheat on their spouse if all these said above are found in you!   

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