What to Do When Someone Tries to Ruin Your Relationship


As humans, we are extremely protective of our possessions, food, family, and, most importantly, our relationships. For this reason we make efforts to discover what to do when someone tries to ruin our relationship.

It is obvious that a ruined relationship may take lifetime to reunite. Once there is a scar, it gets so difficult to remove completely. Standing up to obstruct anyone who is trying to ruin your relationship really worth it.

When someone tries to get between you and your most significant partner in love, the claws naturally come out. Unfortunately, you must accept that this will occur more than once in your lifetime. And you should definitely prepare for something of this type always.

When attempting to resolve a third-party issue, public humiliation is probably not the best relationship advice, but there are other options.

Rather than being lashed out and being in malicious situation, even if sarcastically, here’s what you can do when someone interferes with your relationship.

What to do when someone tries to ruin your relationship

Learn what to do when someone tries to ruin your relationship in order to protect and secure your love from danger of break up.

Examine yourself

One of the most common mistakes you can make when resolving a disagreement with your partner is failing to recognize how you contributed to the problem.

There must be a spot where you went wrong too. You have to ask yourself if you’re putting in enough effort, if you’re completely committed to him or her, and if you’re getting angry too often for no reason.

You wouldn’t slack off on a school project or an athletic competition, so why would you slack off with someone you genuinely care about?

Most of the time, when someone comes between you and your partner, it’s because one of you isn’t giving enough love, attention, or affection.

So think twice before allowing an outside force to ruin something wonderful that can also be called a treasure of life.


Face the perpetrator squarely in the face

People claim to despise confrontation, but it is the most effective way to deal with critical situations like this.

Rather than diverting attention and drama to your friends, family, and significant others, deal with the offender directly. Inquire as to why he or she is interfering in your relationship.

Find out what he or she stand to gain in such act. It is one of what to do when someone tries to ruin your relationship.

The worst that can happen is that he or she will lie right in front of you, but you will most likely detect it.

In fact, after the confrontation, and he or she lies to you, he or she will be afraid to intervene again.

Moreover, dealing with this person face to face demonstrates to your partner that you are fighting for your relationship and are courageous.

Mature confrontation will always aid in the resolution of at least a portion of the puzzle. Ladies and gentlemen, the truth will set you free.

Use communication as a supplementary tool

Another major blunder you can make when dealing with someone who is invading your relationship is to ignore him or her (or stay silent). Nobody likes someone who is afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Talk to your partner if you have a bad feeling about someone or something. Make contact with him or her.

Couples’ problems are not resolved by avoiding the elephant in the room or giving each other the silent treatment. Discuss what is going on, stay calm, and listen to each other.

You can even talk to your significant other’s friends or family to see if there is anything going on outside of the relationship. Utilize all of the resources and channels available for communication.

Communication really matters as far as “what to do when someone tries to ruin your relationship” is concern. Use it!

Recognize the true problem

When someone tries to swoop in on your relationship, there are probably a number of factors to blame — all the more reason not to blame anyone in particular.

Perhaps your partner has moved on but is unsure how to end their relationship with you. Perhaps his or her ex has returned to the picture, causing second thoughts. Perhaps you’ve had a change of heart, or you’ve met someone new.

Don’t automatically blame the person who comes between you and your significant other for something you or your significant other did that may have caused it to happen. If you want to make progress, you must openly discuss and analyze the issue at hand.

Continue your journey

When all of your options have failed and you have exhausted all of your resources, it is time to get back up and move on.

The failure might have originated from your partner. At times, your partner might have moved on silently and left you behind in the darkness.

You can’t forget that life doesn’t stop for anyone, whether you’re leaving your current relationship or moving on with your partner from the issue you’ve dealt with.

Certainly, you have to at least struggle for the relationship which why you have to know what to do when someone tries to ruin your relationship as the first step. You should not give up simply.