How pornography can destroy your life or relationship

Pornography  can said to be any form of thing design to cause any forms of excitement. It can also be said as the portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement. It is words, acts, or representations that are calculated to stimulate sex feelings.  Independent of the presence of another loved and chosen human being.

Pornography is one-sided, self satisfying relationship built on lust and immediate gratification. It devalues and damages the true meaning of sex. There is no way it will provide the relational skills and understanding that you need for relating to someone. Or for a life with your future partner.

Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry that like drugs, thieves on “addiction”. And has no concern for your well being. They only care about getting you hooked on their products. Bringing you down to their gutter level of morality and then persuading you to call it normal. So let now talk on how porn can cause damage to your brain and the solution to it.relationship pornography porn

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Causes of pornography to brain and life in general.

Seeing opposite sex as a sex object.

Due to all the videos and pictures both the books that you have read about it. You will have no good thought in your mind when you see your opposite sex. Instead you will be seeing the person as sex object. Because you have filled your mind and brain with all the rubbish that you have been watching. And that will makes it difficult for you to communicate or relate with your opposite sex. Due to they  now looks like a sex object to you. So why killing your mind with such act that contribute nothing to your life than to destroy your life for you.

       1. It makes you feel guilty or secretive

Due to influence of porn in your life. It will now make you to feel guilty or secretive. Because you are watching pornography you always want to be alone. Or always stay in a hideout for you to feel relax because you know that is not good for someone to see you in such act. Since you know all this and also agree with me that most of the things that are down secretly has only bad influence in human life. Why then are you still watching it.

       2. You will never be satisfy

No matter what your partner do you will never be satisfy with your sexual life. Because your brain is filled up with lots of pornography videos. With the eager to also try out new styles and things you see there. Because your brain and mind will feel that it only those ways will be the best ways to satisfy you sexual life.

      3. Living with memories that can scatter your relationship

Due to the bad memories of all the porn videos, pictures and books you read. You now expect your partner to act as that drug man or woman that you watch on the video. And if they can’t act such your useless ambitions thinking. You became sad and angry because they cant meet up with your sex expectations.

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      4. Making you partner uncomfortable or afraid

Due to lack of not satisfying you the way you want. Your partner will always be afraid or uncomfortable with you especially when it comes to sex time. Because they know that they cant satisfy you they always try to avoid talking about it or doing it.

       5. Drug addict

Due to the things you have seen, read or had about sex, you may end up becoming a drug addict in other for you to meet up with the things you saw them doing and that way you have started the journey of damaging your life.

       6. Sex addict 

Well this side is a major problem that porn causes in ones life due to the habit which it have form in you life.  You always have the memories fill in your heart or brain. Which can end up seducing at times, which is not good.


Solutions that can help you are

  1. Be Yourself

You need to always try to be yourself, and make a strong decision to stop it and stand by it and not just saying it and tomorrow you end up doing it.

       2. Don’t be idle

Always try to have something keeping you busy or entertaining you at a particular time because it is said “ an idle mind is a devil workshop” now take it like this “ an idle man is a erotica fan” it will always be in your mind and always try not to be idle to avoid been erotica fan.

        3. Avoid internet when you are alone

Try to always avoid the internet when you are alone because erotica will always come to your mind to enter the web, and you may not resist it when the temptation comes so try all your best never to access internet alone.

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         4. Avoid things that makes you remember erotica

Always make sure to avoid all sort of things that can make you remember porn , in that case you need to burn or remove porn magazines that is around you, delete porn pictures and videos from your phone and laptop and even the video plate you bought. So that you will always have chances of avoiding pornography at all cost.

          5. Try to always win its temptations

porn may be really very tempting and hard to avoid but you need to always try at your best to resist the temptation in other for you to archive your aim of avoiding it. pornography           6. Explain to your partner

At this time the only person you have now that can easily understand you and always try to help you is your partner. so try talking to your partner because your partner will be the one to help you and fight it for you to be able to secure your relationship or marriage.

          7. Never give excuse

At time when the temptation of porn comes try to always control yourself from giving any excuse that will make you fall for pornography. Because you will find out that if you fall for it, you will always regret it at the end so in other for you not to regret it you need to advice yourself and avoid any excuse.

          8. Try to always take it as serious problem to solve

Always have in mind that is a big problem that you have wish you really need to solve, so that you won’t have any problem in your life and your relationship, having this in mind will help you in a great way of removing yourself from pornography .

          9. Uproot this habit from it root

Since this is a big problem to you try to always cut it off totally than having the stupid idea that you can stop it gradually. Because such act is not what can be stop in a gradual process instead is what you need to cut it all at once and say in a loud voice enough is enough porn!.


Having know what pornography is all about, and the problems involves in it, why can’t you now make a strong decision today to stop it. And apply the above listed solution and end all it problem and leave your happy life and enjoy that beautiful and handsome partner that you have or you will soon have!


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