What to do if a girl doesn’t like you back?

If a girl doesn’t like you back, here are the things that you should do, so that she can like you back. So relax if that is why you are here, for you are in the right place for that.

What to do if a girl doesn’t like you back?

Change pattern

She may not like you back maybe because the pattern you use does not please or fit her. For instance, some girls do not like guys that will just work straight to them and asking for relationship. Some of them like guys that act rather than saying it. If you meet such girl that means that it may not work. Try another pattern of approach, and check if you can get her likeness.

Again, if you are the type of guy, that will see a girl on the street, instead of you trying to come closer to her and in one way or the other, engage her in some neutral discussion, you just stand at a corner and be calling her to come, you will see that, it won’t work for that one you like, because she will take you as a lazy guy that has no useful thing to do.

Buy her some gifts unexpectedly.

If you are able to observe the kind of girl she may be and the things that is capable of making her happy, that means that your worries is less. If she’s someone that love flashy things, surprise her with something and never ask for something in return, just do it once in a while.

Try as much possible to get her number but don’t call her regularly, just be trying to win her first by your approaches and gifts, bet me she will give you a call one day, and she will complain that you are not calling. When she says so, just tell her that you were afraid that she may not pick your call, and she may be angry if you call regular, with sincere heart, she will feel for you.

Make sure to call her at least two times a day, and try asking her for solution on anything that you want to do, not everything I mean, you should try sharing things that borders you with her and always seek for her opinion on it, she will always feel that she’s very important to you and try make her understand that she is important to you, doing that will make her love you even more than you expected.

Appreciate everything she tells you, I mean the solution or the opinion she suggests, even if you won’t use them, just appreciate it so that she will not feel that she’s stupid.


Love her family.

Make sure to be in unity with her family, especially the last in the family and the mother, they will even be the one to convince her to like you.


Abstain from bad friends

Keep yourself genuine and do not be among the bad guys in town, even if you are trying changing your way and make her know that you are ready to change because of her, and don’t forget to put it in practice.

Work on your attire

Dress properly, look responsible in her eyes and speak responsibly, minimize the level of slangs you use, especially when you are with her family. Be loyal and never claim what you are not. Majority of girls hates that. Be yourself, remove pride and be loyal. Do not show the world that you are rich, even if you are, just compote yourself and remove pride.

Pride is no.1 one thing that girls hate in men. Try to remove pride and lower yourself so that you will get what you want.


Thanks for reading and make sure to understand every bit of it and try executing it, so that she can love you back. Thanks.

Drop your comments if you have any. But if you do all these and she doesn’t love you back, know that she doesn’t like you for any reason, and try letting her go, for love is not by force okay.