What Does It Mean To Emotionally Cheat On Someone?

To cheat on someone emotionally is the worst thing to do to someone because the person will feel so hurt and unhappy.


What it means to emotionally cheat on someone is when you know that the person needs you at a particular time, instead of you to attend to him/her you will come but feel reluctant.


For instance. Your girlfriend or boyfriend, may want you to call and gives some love talks, or even tell him or her how much you loves him/her, but instead of you to do that, you may call partner but speaks another thing and may be dragging you to the direction he/she wants, maybe by words, but you may not be able to understand or you may understand and ignore that feelings, it’s an example of emotional cheat on someone

Emotional cheat on someone can also be, depriving someone the right he or she has on you, and giving it to someone else unknowingly, you may not understand what you are doing, but the person you are offending is feeling the pain.


For instance, your girlfriend, boyfriend or even your family or partner, may wants to spend some time with you, which is their right on you, but instead of you to give them chance to feel your love, you may prefer to spend that time with your friends, those people that are very close to you that needs that affection will feel cheated and you may not or may know about it. It’s another example of emotional cheat on someone.


Emotional cheating can also be, taking what you are supposed to give to the person that share some bond with you, maybe by blood or by love, you will hide it or you will give it to other people that just come to you within a very short period, even attention.

For instance, your beloved ones or your partner may need something from you, it can be anything, but instead of you to give them that, you will give them to other people, thinking that that you partner did not need it or that they may not be good for them even without asking them if they need it, you will give it out to someone else, it’s an example of emotional Cheating on someone. Spending time with others but limiting your time with the people that deserve you most, it can be your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, spouse, family, friends.


Again, emotional cheating on someone can also be when you partner, is not yet satisfied on bed, but you at already satisfied, instead of you to help him or her be satisfied so that both of you will be happy together, you will leave your partner on that unfinished condition and sleep off, emotionally you are cheating on that person, even though you are not seeing any other man or any other woman. You should always see that both of you are satisfied from the help of each other, so that everyone will feel relaxed and happy with each other.


And all these means that there is low level of communication in that relationship, and their understanding are not at equilibrium, they lack understanding and communication, such relationship is hard to last and if it does, one must be feeling cheated and it must create room for third party.


It also shows that that relationship will collapse one day, they must one day regret ever knowing each other.


It also means that the two are not practically working together, and that they are not compatible.


These are what it means to emotionally cheat on someone. Drop your comments if you have any