Physical Attraction In A Relationship

Physical attraction in a relationship has Todo with the necessary things that you need to maintain to keep your partner madly in love with you.

The attraction is not always the sexual attraction you may have on someone. The attraction has so many meaning, and anyhow your dictionary explains it to you. You know that physical attraction in a relationship does not only goes to his body and skin or even the sexual part, but there are others things that it had to cover to get a good and healthy relationship.

Before we proceed, let’s touch on the roles of attraction in your relationship, with that you can understand the hints.

What role does attraction plays in a healthy relationship?

Attraction plays a significant role in a relationship, which helps to overcome romantic adversity. When both partners are attracted to each other, they are more likely to forget each other’s shortcomings and errors, because there is an attraction between the two.

For instance, when you are attracted to your partner, you know there’s no way he or she will forget you because your affection and appearance will always be appearing before him or her to as long as you both are together. When I mean attraction, I mean a genius and an authentic one, not just body and skin attraction.

What are the fundamentals of physical attraction in a relationship?

Apart of the lust you may have on someone’s body or skin, there are these few things that describe attraction, which is the way you are attracted to someone non sexually, as well as their physical appearance and personal qualities that the person possess.

Fundamentals of physical attraction include_

1. Rate of closeness

Rate of closeness - Physical Attraction In A Relationship

It is the level of closeness you have with that person, which got you Tobe attracted to him or her, whether romantically or non romantically. The closeness that both of you share in that your relationship. The way you handled things together and other means of getting closer. It is the beginning of the attraction.

2. Beauty

Beauty - Physical Attraction In A Relationship

Is another major o physical attraction, for it’s not just the mere look of that person but the inner character of that person. His or her attribute. The things that he or she is capable of doing. The beauty of a person lies in his other characters, which is the primary thing that brings and retained a physical attraction in a relationship.

3. Crushing on someone.

Crushing on someone - Physical Attraction In A Relationship

When someone is crushing on you, or you are crushing on someone, that feeling that you got within you without even speaking or getting closer to the person is playing a big part in physical attraction.
The observation that you are interested in someone or that someone is interested in you gives you a real feeling of attraction, not a sexual attraction but neutral.

4. Arousal

Arousal - Physical Attraction In A Relationship

Arousal is also an attraction, but in this, it is not sexual arousal but a physical attraction.
For instance, you see someone that your heartbeat for, you will be tensed and also this feeling of nervousness will someone envelop you, not because you are aroused but because you are physically attracted to that particular person.

5. Personal similarities

Personal similarities - Physical Attraction In A Relationship

It happens when the two partners are having the same similarities and liking the same thing.
For instance, you found out that your partner also loves the same food that you like, or the same colour that you wanted, that feeling that occurs at that moment is not just a feeling, but it’s part of physical attraction in that relationship. The more your choice of things in life are similar, the more likely you will be attracted to each other. “Physical Attraction In A Relationship”

What happened when you force attraction in your relationship?

  1. Nagging/ fighting
  2. Double heart
  3. Lack of trust
  4. Lack of attention
  5. Cheating

When you force attraction in your relationship, you will end up nagging at each other in any little thing—a lot of conflicts and misunderstanding. You won’t stay for a second without fighting each other. It makes a relationship unhealthy and unenjoyable.

Forcing an attraction in a relationship will make you not to have peace of mind. You won’t relax with your partner, and your heart will be wondering at all time. Just as you don’t force love, you cannot force attraction either for both of them works together.

A relationship where an attraction forced lacks trust in it. There’s nothing that you will do to your partner, he or she will believe unless you show some proof to it. Remember if your relationship lacks trust, that means that a third party can quickly come in and destroy your home at any time.

Cheating is widespread to be in a relationship where there’s a forced attraction. Because as time goes on, you will realize that the place you are is not the place you supposed to be due you there is no atom of attraction talk more of romantic attraction. When such happens, the only thing you can think of is to meet up with another person as well as cheating in your partner.

How to make yourself more romantically attractive.

Nothing is impossible provided that you are ready to face the challenges. So to make yourself more romantically attractive lies on your hands, because being romantically beautiful means that you will bring out the best version of yourself.
Below are the ways you can be more attractive for your partner.

1. Be positive

Be positive

Being positive has to do with being yourself and do not live under the shadow of anybody. Stand firm and know yourself, know what you can do and say no to what you won’t do. Do not let anybody force you in anything you don’t want. Have a say to your life, and make your own decisions do not allow yourself to pushed around. Be authentic.

2. Be friendly

Be friendly

It would be best if you did not let yourself be known as someone who doesn’t play or smile for anything. It would be best if you didn’t use seriousness in everything that you do. Have time to play with others around, let them feel like a human like you. Don’t always treat people adit; they are nothing. Still understand that this life meant for everyone, and everyone deserves to give the same respect, whether old or young.

3. Truthfulness


Being truthful is one of the essential parts because, with that, people can trust you, including your partner. Your partner will have no reason to doubt you. He or she will have confidence in whatever you do or say to them.

4. Don’t be too demanding

Don't be too demanding

A demanding partner sometimes ends up in losing his or her beautiful relationship, because there are times that your partner may not harbour such character from you again, and he or she will prefer to be alone than to be with you.


Physical attraction in a relationship is not only the physical body and skin of a person. It’s not always the sexual part of it, but it’s also the things that you cannot be able to see with your eyes even if you wear glasses. So, buildup a romantic attraction in your relationship, to keep your relationship booming. Now read what does love feels like physically to get more understanding of physical attractions
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