What Does Love Feel Like Physically?

What Does Love Feel Like Physically? Many things have been said about Love, what it is like and the way someone feels when the person is in Love. But the truth here is this when someone is in Love, there are many feelings and things the person will notice that are happening, but he or she might not know how the emotions came to be or the way to express them to the person that they love with all their heart.

So that is why I have decided today to write what Love feels like so that you will know what it means when someone says that he or she is in Love. And understand the meaning of Love, how the person feels, and what is happening in the person’s life; if you don’t understand it, you can’t know the true feelings of Love itself.

For this reason, I will go straight to the point instead of wasting much time explaining the true feelings of Love. But before I tell fully to you, I would like to let you know about the different forms in that Love exists.

There is Love that you can feel, but the person you love does not love you back or has not given you the chance to prove your Love. There is Love that you will fall for, and the person will also love and cherish you just the way you are. These two are the forms in which Love can exist, and I’m going to cool down and explain to you all these so that you will understand what Love feels like when you are alone, without the Love of the person and what Love feels like when the person you love also loves you back.


What Does Love Feel Like?

• Love feels as if everything is perfect.

• It feels as if you are in the perfect and the right place with your life.

• Love feels like you are the most favoured and particular person in the world.

• Love feels as if you have made the right decision in your life.

• Love feels as if nothing else matters to you than the happiness of the one you love.

• When you are in Love, there is nothing else that you think about except the one you love with your heart. When this person you love, in return, likes you back.

• In Love, you never blame the person for his or her actions.

All these I what Love feels like when you are with the right person. But when you are with the wrong person or someone who doesn’t care about or value the Love you have for him or her, you will feel lots of pain and disappointment as if the whole world is ending.

What loves it like when the person won’t love you back?

• You will feel like someone left in the middle of an ocean swimming for his life or her way out.

• You will feel like you don’t deserve to be loved or taken care of.

• You will feel as if the whole world is turning against you when the person doesn’t love you back.

• You will feel as if nature and humanity have cheated on you.

• There is much pain in the heart of the one who doesn’t have a love for the one he or she loves you.

• You’ll be left alone thinking without any solution, YES, and you will also lack concentration in anything you do because someone has already taken your heart.

• Your life will be empty, as if you have no reason to live on earth again.

• You will do whatever it takes to ensure that the person you love and care for we also do the same for you.

How Love feels like when the person you love disappoints you or hurts you

• Your heart will be filled with pain. There will be a massive disappointment in your heart.

• You will be hurt badly as if someone pierced a knife through your chest.

• You will be angry with anything that is around you.

• You will not find joy in anything that is around you.

• The heartbreak you will feel seems like a heavy stone was placed on top of your heart.

• The whole world will appear to be empty in your eyes.

• You will never understand things that are happening around you or with you during the time that you are heartbroken.

• If the person who hurts you never returns to apologize, you may find it hard to trust someone again.

• If the one you love leaves, you will find it hard to fall in Love.

• The feeling and the pains hurt more than losing a job.


What Does Love Feel Like Physically?

  1. It Feels Addictive: When you are in Love, you will feel addicted to that person. It will feel as if you are connected to that particular person only. That is why your partner does not seem to have enough of you, no matter how much you spend together.
  2. You Can’t Think About Anything Else. When you are in Love, your mind will always go to that person at any time. His or her well-being will always be your priority. You will always wish to be closer to him or her in whatever the person is doing.
  3. Full Happiness. Intense joy and happiness are physical examples of your Love for someone. You may find out that you are usually in high spirits and in a generally good mood. You will always be happy, especially when you are with the person you love. It would probably take something really serious to get you down. You are at your peak in the presence of your romantic partner.
  4. Your Heart Will Always Beat. Your heart will beat even on seeing the person. The very thought of being around the object of your affection can make your heart beat faster than normal. The bursts of extra energy that accompany Love and which cause you to be more physically and emotionally active also make your heart beat faster.
  5. You Can’t Stop Admiring Them. If your partner has ever caught you staring at them lovingly, it’s a sign that you’re head over heels. When you are in Love, you will always like to be staring at the person you love in a lovely way.
  6. Their Happiness Will Always Be Your Priority. Love is an equal partnership, but you’ll find someone’s happiness becomes important to you when you’re falling for them. YourYour intentions will always be the things that will make them happy. You can even put your happiness at stake just for their sake.


What does true love feel like?

True love provides the security of stability and safety. What it means to be in love will differ for each person, and in a love-filled relationship, true love can be easily associated with a stable level of confidence. No worry about breaking the ice or having your partner leave suddenly.

How do you know you love someone?

  • If you’re in love with one person, you’ll start to feel a strong affection for them. The intense desire to be connected with this person adds new elements to your love affair, including physical or emotional love, intimacy and a desire to learn everything about them and to be known by them in the process.
  • You’re content and anxious
  • Everything is fresh and thrilling.
  • The relationship is comfortable.


Finally, I hope that by now you understand, what love feels like and how painful it is in the heart of someone if the person he or she loves is to break up, hurt or cheat on him or her. So with this, I hope you understand that anyone that finds the perfect person to love and to be with should value it and respect the person because it is hard to find true love, but when you do find the one that is meant for you, you will enjoy the life and the desire itself and all the good things that come from love.

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