10 Signs That You Are Letting Him Play With Your Feelings

Are you troubled about his character towards you and want to know if he is playing with your feelings, relax if that what brings you here because we will le you know the signs that he is playing with your feeling so that you will be very sure about that guy.

10 Signs That You Are Letting Him Play You Like Anyhow


  • He refuses to define the relationship with you.

He doesn’t need to sense locked down with you. He doesn’t want to commit to whatever at all. He’s trying to absolve himself of the responsibilities involved in moving into relationships.

  • He still maintains his relationship apps on his smartphone.

He nevertheless maintains a variety of courting apps on his phone. He doesn’t need to be with you for the foreseeable future. Glaringly, what you have is just an informal and temporary fling.

  • He doesn’t take you too close to his friends.

He, without a doubt, isn’t interested in merging social circles with you because he doesn’t think that you’ll be sticking around lengthy sufficient to absolutely play a vital position in his life. He’s now not truely curious about having his buddies merge with yours.

  • He doesn’t make your experience valued or appreciated.

He by no means sincerely makes you feel like he’s thankful or appreciative of everything you do for him inside the relationship. You’re practically giving all of yourself to him and your romance. But he just by no means appears inclined to return the choice. It’s as in case you’re never going to be enough for him.

  • He always flirts with other girls in front of you.

He doesn’t care approximately the truth that it hurts you each time he flirts with other women. He doesn’t surely care much approximately your emotions. He’s just looking to get lucky. He’s nevertheless wanting to keep his alternatives open because he’s now not truly severe about being with you for the lengthy term.


10 Signs That You Are Letting Him Play You Like Anyhow
10 Signs That You Are Letting Him Play You Like Anyhow
  • He by no means fulfills his promises and commitments.

He in no way truely backs up the things that he tells you. Each time he promises you something, he will likely fall short. On every occasion he commits to you about something, it’s probably that he’s simply going to back down and completely depart you striking rather.

  • He by no means invites you over to his home.

He has never clearly invited you over to his vicinity. And the reason for this is that he doesn’t need you to be feeling welcome in his physical space. He doesn’t want to start up to you for an excessive amount because he fears you might be getting a bit too at ease with him.

  • He distances himself from you emotionally.

He attempts to distance himself from you on an emotional level. On every occasion you try to ask him about his existence, he gives you a few very vague and bizarre solutions. Every time you try and get to recognize him higher, he puts up a wall as if to keep you out and make sure that you don’t know an excessive amount.

  • He best desires to hang out with you if sex is involved.

The most effective time he ever wants to get out with you is if you promise him that he’s getting lucky at the night’s end. And that’s absolutely an awful factor. It will expose that he’s best after one component – and it isn’t your coronary heart.

  • He is inconsistent with you.

He doesn’t genuinely give you the consistency and stability you want from a companion within the courting. He’s usually hot and cold with you. It’s as though he best desires to be with you if it’s handy for him. He does not truly make your experience like matters will ever get solid even as you’re collective.


Signs he is playing with your feelings?

  • He don’t miss your or want you to visit unless he want sex.
  • No sign of seriousness in your relationship.
  • She is not consistent with you, the relationship is more like off and on type.
  • He won’t let you see his family and friends.
  • He only think on how things will favour him.
  • He still flirt and hang out with other girls.