Is Flirting Healthy For A Relationship?

Flirting is healthy in a relationship only when you are flirting with that person that you are in a relationship with.But flirting is not healthy in a relationship when you are flirting with another person that you are not in a relationship with.

For instance, you should ask yourself, if your partner is to be flirting with someone else that is not you, how you will feel, if you feel an atom of jealousy in you that means that flirting is not healthy in a relationship. No matter how hard you may try to avoid the feeling of jealousy, it must surely find its way out without you noticing it.

There is no how that you will see your partner flirting with another person and you will feel less concerned. You can only pretend to be okay but deep inside you are not, it’s natural.

As a woman, you see your man flirting with another woman and claiming that nothing is going on between them, you as a woman can never believe that, and it may cause your relationship to be collapsing gradually.

You see that it must surely hurt you seeing that. That feeling is what makes flirting not healthy in a relationship. And you as a man, if your woman flirts with another man and claim that it’s just fun, how will you feel.

You will notice that a full of jealousy will envelope you and you may be acting silly towards her, accusing her of seeing another man, and you can see that your relationship may crash because of that. That feeling alone is what defines that flirting is unhealthy in a relationship.


I believed that I have answered your question, that flirting is never healthy in a relationship. So be wise and stop flirting, instead flirt with your partner, the person that you are in a relationship with.

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