October 17, 2021
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8 thoughts on “How To Stop Being Shy

  1. It is your nature and normal to some people, so it is not a problem. You are shy because you have not had anything to do with the person before and have not understand his or her character. So for you to stop that and be free from it, you need to learn how to be bold in any place that you are.

  2. one thing that really helped me overcome this was.
    1,at times i imitate others,
    I ormally after watching them participate
    i will go back and try what did, and believed in my self.

  3. This article is wonderful

    Also another reason why we are shy is.. Low Self Esteem/ Inferiority complex per say.

    We need need to always believe in ourselves no matter the level of our lives. Never give up on realistic.

  4. Thank you all for these I’m so happy of seeing site because when ever I met with someone or people I don’t know I always got shy I don’t know why

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