How To Satisfy A Woman Emotionally

To satisfy a woman is very important that every man should know and practice it, because if a woman is not emotionally satisfy then bear in mind that you may end up losing her love and hurting her. So in other to avoid that here are things to do to emotionally satisfy a woman.

Communicate well with her.


When you are discussing with her try to pay attention very well, or try to focus on what she us saying. A woman hates it when their man takes less important or concern to what they are saying, it makes them very unhappy.


Help her in house work.


Try to go close to a woman when she is doing any house activities and help her out. Don’t say no this is her work, or this is meant for her to do as a woman. If she is your wife you can always help her out in anyway, if is also taking care of the kids and sending them to school is something too, but just try to help out in house work.


Don’t have sex but make love.


To have sex is for someone who maybe a prostitute, which you pay to sleep with her of which you know she is not such type of woman. So take your time to add fore play and deep romance when making love to her. And don’t make the mistake of sleeping immediately without been sure she is okay, for you not to hurt her if you do so.

Buy her gifts.


No matter how small the gift is, just make sure you buy something for her, because a woman love gifts especially from the man she loves.


Surprise her.


Try to surprise her at times for they love it very well, you can surprise her with anything good whether gifts or vacation. With anything at that you know she will love.


Compliment and admire her.


Try to show her some compliment and also admire her either on the clothes she is wearing, or on her beauty. Women love compliment no matter the age the woman is, so show your woman compliment and admire her too.


Make her laugh.


Try to be funny at times and try as much as you can to put on a smile on her face, because the more you do so the more you are always one step closer to her heart.


Show her your affection.


Women love it when there man shows concern and care towards them. So try to show her how much you love and concern on things about her. Never have you tried to neglect anything about her.


Put her first before anything else.


Try to put her needs and anything about her first, before anything because she is part of you that required attention at all time. So make sure you put her needs first before anything else.


Focus on her when on road.


Try to put all your attention and focus on her when walking on a road with her. No matter how beautiful the lady that passes you is, control yourself and don’t look at her or turn to look. Before you decide to do so put yourself in her shoes if a man pass and she start looking at him, how would you feel. So think about it and control yourself when walking with her on a road.


Take her on a date.


Women love it so much to go out on a date or vacation with their man only. So try at times to save and plan on how to go on a date with her at times.