How do I take care of myself

To take care of yourself, you need to follow every guidelines that we will be giving you accordingly so as to be happy.


How do I take care of myself?


  1. Take your bath regular.

If you really want to take care of yourself, you need to be taking your bath so as to smell good to yourself. So as to be neat and good Looking so that people around will appreciate you. Whenever you are being appreciated, you will definitely be happy.


  1. Wear nice looking clothes.

Make sure to wear nice and neat clothes so that you will appear neat and smart all the time. Do not always look tattered, it doesn’t mean that you will be putting on expensive clothes, NO. Everyone’s pocket may not be the same, so do as you can, cut your clothes according to the number of yards you have. Not when you just have three yards of clothes you will go on and choose a style that only six yards can sew.


  1. Be best of your kind.

Do not feel inferior for any reason, bring out the best in you and never stop just to seek for attention. Stand on your feet and do your best to be on top, so you will be congratulated at last.


  1. Do some exercise on your own.

Make a work out plan on your own to keep your body fit, so as to look younger and healthier. Exercise can also help you to be more active in anything.


  1. Do what makes you happy.

Do not displease yourself to please others, choose the things that make you happy and do not sell your happiness for any reason.

  1. Eat appropriately.

Do not eat food because you just came across it, but eat because it’s necessary to eat. Eat something that will contribute to you good health, eat to live and don’t eat to die. I mean, do not eat anything that comes across you, at least you have to say no to some certain food that you may see.


  1. Think positive and never think ill of someone.

Be a positive thinker, don’t just always blame others for your mistakes. Trust yourself and trust on the things you can do. Treat others the way you will like to be treated.


  1. Don’t be rude on people.

Speak responsibly, don’t approach anyone you may come encounter with some attitude that is not good in the eyes of even a little kid. Be a good gentleman or a responsible woman. As they said, first approach matters a lot, so let your approach be of a good one.


  1. Learn from your mistakes and other people’s mistakes too.

You should not allow yourself to repeat one mistake regular. Learn from any mistake that you may get yourself into and also learn from other people’s mistakes too for it will guide you not to make yours. Be fast to reason in any situation you may find yourself, do not take anything for granted.


  1. Make sure to be happy.

This is very important, make sure you are happy. Nobody has the right to take away your happiness, so Stand up to grab your happiness before it is too late.


In conclusion

Taking Care of yourself is a very nice thing you may do to yourself, only you alone has the key to your happiness, no one does.

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