Things every relationship needs for it to last

In every relationship there are things that you will see or that are needed for that relationship to last and am going to point out those things for you to know them and understand it all. So if you are having hard time understanding what is needed for your relationship to last just relax for you are in a good place to learn it.


Things needed for a relationship to last


  1. Attention.
  2. Understanding.
  3. Appreciation.
  4. Endurance.
  5. Communication.
  6. Trust.
  7. Avoid nonchalant attitude.
  8. Avoid Nagging/Argument.
  9. Full Commitment.



There is much need for attention in any relationship, for it strengthens the life span of that relationship. A relationship that lacks attention is bound to collapse at any given time.

You should be able to care and have concern towards your partner whom you are in a relationship with.

For instance, if you are a kind of person that always care for your partner, like being by his or her side in time of needs and good times. You should be able to know what he or she wants from you. Your partner’s fear towards life, every challenge he or she may be facing at any due time. You should be concerned of his or her welfare. It is not usually all about money or financial support. You may not have to give but that little care and concern you rendered to him or her is enough to count your relationship healthy. Be at a time he or she needs you the most, don’t do those things for your own selfish reasons, instead do the things that may benefits both of you.



This is another stronghold of any relationship, if you can’t understand your partner whom you are in relationship with, who then will you understand.

Understanding gives room for explanations and solutions. If you are able to understand him or her, it will be easier to explain better for you in details, thereby finding solution together.

A relationship that lacks understanding is bound to be a lot of fighting and quarreling due to no one is able to understand each other’s complaint.


Appreciate the little thing that he or she may do for you. Do not complain in any little thing that he or she may have done.

Even though he or she may have made mistake, while trying to make you happy, try finding it simple to appreciate him or her and if you have any correction to give, do that later and in a romantic voice so that it won’t hurt him or her, in case of next time. Do not take whatever he or she may do as if it’s too cheap or simple. Appreciate his or her effort towards you no matter how cheap it may appear in your eyes.



Your relationship is supposed to have endurance in it. So if your relationship is lacking it, you need to build it up. For without endurance in relationship can not last long, a lot of challenges and misunderstanding will be occurring and no one can be able to control his or her own anger. Everyone will like to show up his talent without minding how it may affect the relationship.



An effective communication is another stronghold of a relationship. An effective communication includes both listening skills and observation.

You should be able to give ear to whatever he or she may have to say. Listen to your partner and understand his or her language so as to know what is bordering him or her in order to tender an appropriate advice to that. Do not just call him or her once in a while, check on your partner anytime, no time is mapped out for reaching out to the person you are in relationship with. And not only one person has to be pushing to communicating with the other.

Anybody can do that, so don’t just sit and wait for him to call you always, try calling yourself to maintain that union. And you as a man try picking up her calls whenever she calls, even when you are busy, instead of hanging up on her, try to tell her to give you some time so that she can understand you.


Trust in a relationship is very important for it prevents third party interference in your relationship. You should trust yourselves and understand what you two are capable of. Do not listen to outsiders, for so many are out there looking for a relationship to destroy, so do not allow you own relationship to be destroyed by them for any reason. Trust yourselves at any time of troubles.



Avoid nonchalant attitude

I don’t care life style should be eliminated from your relationship to enable it to last long. Do not act as if it doesn’t concern you. Living such life while in a relationship can only cause harm to your relationship, making it not to last long.


Avoid too much argument / nagging

Too much argument in a relationship is bad and it weakens the relationship, so as the nagging too can also weaken a relationship.

Do not be a nagging woman or a nagging man all the time. Control yourself and try giving him or her opportunity to speak and express his or her own view. Do not always be the mouth piece for it is one of the reasons why argument is becoming too much in your relationship.


Full commitment

Be committed to your relationship, avoid cheating and gossips. Do not be half inside and half outside.

Think positive towards your relationship. Do not just come to play with his or her feelings. Instead come to bring the best in him or her. With both of you together, you can get whatever you two are looking for.


We believed that you are able to understand the things needed for a relationship to last long. Drop your comments if you have any.