My Wife Hates Me

If your wife hates you and you are looking for what to do so that she will like you again, below are the tips on how to win your wife’s love back in your marriage for true happiness to reign in your family. Carefully read these tips and understand everything about it.


My Wife Hates Me


  1. Accept that you genuinely want her love back.

Your decision to win her love back will automatically give you the strength to do anything, just for her to love you again. That acceptance alone will help you work for it, but when you are not ready to do that, you won’t find anything that will encourage you to do so. Instead, you will be blinded by that character that is causing that hatred from her. So you need to accept within you that you truly want to win her love back for it to revive again.


  1. Check yourself to know if there is something you are doing before that you are have stopped.

Take time to study your life together and how happy you may be before or how much you will want her to love you. Then take note of the things you are doing before that made her love you and accepted to marry you, and then know if you are still doing those things or if anything has changed. Take time to note the changes in you and the character that she hates about you, to change them for her happiness. I believed that doing it will make her start loving you again.


  1. Make out time to stay close to her.

Do not always be away from her simply because you noticed that she hates you and you don’t want her problems No. It won’t solve anything. Make out time to be staying with her and play together even if she is avoiding you. Do not avoid her, too; instead, look for some things that will bring her close to you.


  1. Do not stay out late; come back as soon as possible after work.

Don’t take it that she hates you and start staying out late, or if you are staying out late before, know that it is time to stop that, it could be one of the reasons she hates you. Come back on time and stay with your family. No need of staying out late when you have a family to look after.


  1. Pay attention to her and the children.

Give your wife your maximum attention, including her children, do not be too busy to notice them. Your attention matters a lot in your family. It will make you understand everything that is going on and know where and how to help out, doing that will bring your wife’s love back to you.

  1. Buy her some surprising gifts that she likes.

While coming back from work or trip, try buying her gifts that she is not expecting. Give her some surprising gifts so that she will feel loved. Even if she is angry with you, try to persuade her romantically to accept your gift. I believed that she will ever cherish that gift and will feel guilty of hating you. At the same time, she will start loving you gradually. So play your cards well.


  1. Always praise her in the presence of her friends.

Praise your wife, let her friends know how lucky you are to have someone like her even in her absence. One day one of those friends will tell her how you are praising her, and that will make her happy. You know women like to be honoured by their husbands, so don’t miss this.


  1. Take one day to prepare a meal for the whole family.

Make out a day for you to prepare a meal for everyone. Let them know that it’s dad’s turn in the kitchen and make sure to develop a different meal. You can call your children for help or even your wife to be directing you while you prepare the meal. Let it be as she is teaching you, and with that, she will be seeing how romantic you can be.


  1. Shower her with love and petting.

Love your wife unconditionally, shower her with love and happiness. Let her feel the love of a husband; do not treat her anyhow. Appreciate her effort in your family, love her and give her the chance to be a loving wife to you. Let her understand your love for her.


  1. Stop keeping too many friends that will be taking you out from your family.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have friends or go out with your friends. But you know that some certain friends who don’t like staying at home with their families, please do not associate with such friends so that they won’t influence you. Friends that love staying away from their various houses to catch fun are not meant to be close to you. Avoid some guys that she may hate, go out with your friends but always know when to come back to your family. When coming back, buy them some packages.

  1. Be caring and monitor her needs to be ready to solve it even without her telling you.

Know her needs and wants so that you can get the ones that you can. Observe her worries and help to solve her problem. Be around her when she needs you and support her when she is in need. Do not be reluctant to her needs; don’t pretend as if you don’t know that something is wrong.


  1. Stop fighting with her no matter what.

It would be best if you didn’t fight with your wife. You should try to control your anger towards her. Even if it’s something that hurt you, instead of fighting with her find a way to move out and stay for some time to calm down, then come back after she must have calmed down, you two can settle your differences amicably.


  1. Take the kids out for work and come back with some packages for their mother.

Spend time with your kids, take them out for some work and make sure to come back with some packages for their mother. Doing that will make her happy because women love their kids, and she will be delighted seeing you making them happy.


  1. Don’t give up on fighting for your love.

Do not be tired of fighting for her love, never give up on her; it may take your time but do not be fed upon doing that. Continuously fight for her, and I believed that she must turn back to you and love you again.


  1. Take a day off from work to be together with your family.

A day off to be with your family is a lovely thing to do. And that will make her know that you truly want them to be happy, and you are truly ready for her love and affection.


All these are the tips on how to win her love so that she won’t hate you again. Please drop your contributions and comments on our comments section.

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