There are so many ways to tell if you are ovulating, but first of all we will discuss on the meaning of ovulation before going to the ways you can tell you are ovulating. Read and understand it. “How Can You Tell If You Are Ovulating?”

“How Can You Tell If You Are Ovulating”


Ovulation is the act or process in which a matured egg is released from one of the ovaries. It happens every month in a woman’s body. And that period a woman is said to be most fertile, the probability of getting pregnant is very high.


Below are the ways you can tell if you are ovulating.


  • Around the period of ovulation, you may notice that your cervical mucus is wetter, clearer and also more slippery or sticky.Colorless mucus that may be somehow stuffy or watery may be coming out from your vagina.
  • Temperature of your body will raise small after ovulation takes place. You may be experiencing a little rise in your body temperature during the period of ovulation. And it can be detected with thermometer.
  • The level of hormones will increase around the period of ovulation and it can be detected using an ovulation predictor kits that measures the level of hormones in your pee. Ovulation predictor kits – hormone.
  • Levels increase around the time of ovulation and this can be detected using ovulation predictor kits that measure the level of hormones in your pee.
  • There are other things that you may notice during ovulation, which includes.
  • Breast tenderness, mild stomach pain, bloating. But all these ones listed now are not the major way of predicting ovulation.
  • Again during ovulation, your body is more sensitive to arousal, you can be easy to be aroused whenever you are with the opposite sex. And breasts can react fast to emotional arousal.
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These are the ways in which you can tell if you are ovulating.

“How Can You Tell If You Are Ovulating”

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