Hottest Snapchat Girls To Follow Right Now

Twitter is a limited resource for many sexy moments and Instagram’s no-nudity guidelines make it difficult to view gorgeous photos. What can a person do? If you’re one of the majority of people who enjoy seeing beautiful women in all their glory and flirting with their fans and chatting with friends, you’ll end in Snapchat.

Hottest Snapchat Girls To Follow Right Now

The content is never more sexually explicit And Snapchat gives you an intimate glimpse of the women you follow. Are you looking to see some of the hottest girls? Take a look at this collection of most hot ladies who are on Snapchat for you to keep track of.

Daniela Tamayo

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Daniela Tamayo is drop-dead stunning. The daughter of Colombia, Daniela grew up speaking Spanish and most of her Instagram posts are in Spanish as well. However, don’t let that stop you from following her. Watching this Sports Illustrated model and the avid Snapchatter would like to wish that you “Buenas Noches!” in Spanish just makes her look even hotter, and is one of the hottest Snapchat girls to follow.

Jayde Nicole

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In 2008, Jayde Nicole received the award 2008 for Playboy Best Playmate of the Year. Jayde Nicole, a Port Perry, Ontario native was the first Canadian to receive the distinction for more than 25 years. In addition to being named Player of the Year in the past, she’s also been included on numerous reality television shows like The Hills, E! Girls Next Door, and Holly’s World. When she was in her early teens, one of the scouts saw her leaving the stage at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. At just fifteen years old, Jayde began modeling full-time and soon rose to the ranks of fashion magazines and shows. It appears that Jayde is a natural model. And even more impressive, Jayde is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Fitness Nutritionist through the International Sports and Science Association. Her website Jayde gives tips about workout routines, diets and supplements for weight loss, and nutrition. Being one of the top Snapchat ladies to be following She is not just gorgeous but is also extremely fit. Bonus points.

Toochi Kash

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Toochi Kash is an elite international model, who has been featured by Maxim and FHM. She is currently living in Orange County, this revered model has traveled around the world and has lived in Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates. With 861K followers on her account, Instagram has just one million followers. Find out more about what the buzz is about, and join Toochi today. She’s certainly one of the top Snapchat girls.

Ana Montana

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Ana Montana is a Portuguese-born model and social media star who has the perfect mix that is Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna. It’s not a surprise that she has accumulated over one million followers on social media. The 26-year-old beauty was featured in the rapper T.I.’s song video “Dope,” and it’s believed that the two are in a relationship. Ana Montana has also appeared in the music video of Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” and also in music videos featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. Undoubtedly, the sought-after Ana certainly is one of the top Snapchat ladies to keep an eye on.

Brittney Palmer

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Brittney Palmer is an incredibly talented model-actor, host of a TV show, UFC Octagon girl, and one of the most popular Snapchat women to keep an eye on. While she’s most famous as a ring girl for the UFC however, she’s also the host of Ultimate Answers, which is a show that follows the life of UFC fighters outside of the Octagon. Brittney has also been a playmate on Playboy. If that wasn’t enough she’s also a skilled painter. Talented, indeed!

Anastasia Kvitko

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The slang term for her is “The Russian Kardashian,” Anastasia Kvitko has curves that rival any other member of the famous family. What do I mean by, “curves”? As per Maxim who is an Instagram handle, she “has one of the most amazing curves in the world.” I’m sure her two million users on Instagram will like to agree. The 22-year-old social media star says she’ll one day become even more famous than her fellow KUWTK celebrity. With a stunning physique and a huge following and followers, this Russian beauty could be on the right track. Visit her Snapchat page to see in real-time what makes her so captivating.

Janey B

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Janey B is a Filipina model who lives in Southern California and is one of the most sought-after Snapchat models to be following. A very athletic woman who excelled in hurdling and volleyball, Janey always looked sporty. The pages of Super Street, Import Tuner, DSport Magazine, FHM Philippines as well as Recoil Magazine, have all been graced by Janey B’s beautiful body. Janey B has also been the ring lady for numerous fight clubs and has appeared numerous times on the infamous program Tosh.0.

Khloe Terae

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Khloe Terae has all the right characteristics She’s blonde, sexy, and stunning. This stunning Canadian-born model, with green eyes, is a wonderful mix of Dutch and Italian heritage. She’s been featured in five Issues of Playboy as well as in the Black Tape project. She is a firm believer in the saying “Take the most advantage out of each opportunity that comes your way since you don’t think about if you’ll get the same opportunity again.” Follow her tips and make use of her Snapchat videos right now. For all we know, in just 24 hours you’ll never have the same thing ever again.

Laura Lux

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Laura Lux is an Australian DJ who’s currently in West Hollywood. Laura Lux an Aussie DJ who is the king of the L.A. music scene thanks to her colorful hair, bold tattoos, and dazzling good look. Laura is not only the king of Instagram with 1.1 million followers, but Laura has equally large Snapchat fans. One of the most vibrant and quirky of the hot Snapchat ladies, Laura is not to be overlooked. Here’s an interesting fact about her: Laura “craves Vietnamese food every day.”

Amanda Cerny

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Amanda Cerny came of nowhere to become the king of Vine amid a rout on Vine Snapchat. The sexy babe was awarded the highly sought-after Playboy Playmate of the Month in October 2011. She was just twenty years old at the moment. Since that time, Amanda has achieved Vine celebrity status after accumulating more than four million users. In the present, Amanda is called the “Queen Of Snapchat.” This is for the right reason. Since Vine has ended you can only follow Amanda on Snapchat. So, get on it.

Emily Sears


Emily Sears is the pride of Australia and is one of the hottest Snapchat girls around the globe. This stunningly curvaceous beauty has been making heads turn at jaws, causing jaws to drop, and amassing Instagram followers for decades. A plethora of magazine covers have posted Emily’s sexy body and including her favorite Australian male magazine Zoo, British FHM along with Maxim South Africa. If her cover images are this gorgeous, you are sure to find her Snapchats are as hot.

Luciana Andrade

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Luciana Andrade is a lethal combination. Not just is she among the most beautiful Snapchat ladies to watch, but she’s also got the brains to prove it. A recent graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in Brazilian Law, Luciana has the intellect and beauty to reach her dreams. At present, the Octagon Girl is part of the UFC Beauties team. Shortly, Luciana hopes to model more. Luciana is also open about her love of fitness and healthy eating. Her slogan is “Healthy body Healthy mind, healthy body.” It appears that’s working for her.

Abigail Ratchford

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American model and actor Abigail Ratchford is a stunning green-eyed beauty who is famous to have taken the Internet to the forefront in 2013. At 3.3 million followers on Instagram, Abigail doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Like many of the top Snapchat women, Abigail has appeared in bikini photos and boobpasties. Recently, Abigail appeared as the female-centric Snow White you’ve ever laid eyes on. Go through the pictures on her Snapchat for a glimpse of what outfit she’s wearing shorts.

Sara Underwood

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Sara Underwood needs no introduction. She’s one of the most popular Playboy playmates ever. If you’re not aware of who she is, you’ve been living beneath the rock. The good news is that Sara is a lover of rocks and hiking. The year 2015 saw Sara publish a set of naked hiking photos from her trip to Arches National Park in eastern Utah. Sara was named Playmate of the year 2007 and in March of 2008, Playboy Magazine placed Sara at number 25 on their “25 most hot Playboy Celebrities” List. She co-hosted Attack of the Show! on G4 earlier in the day and was a guest on the E! network’s show The Girls Next Door. On her website, Sara has a 2017 calendar that is available for sale as well as T-shirts and skateboards. Each is adorned with her infamous figure, which frequently appears in a stunning scenes of adventure in the wilderness. It’s no secret the fact that Sara Underwood is one of the most sought-after Snapchat women of all time.

Tianna Gregory

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Tianna Gregory has a charming mixture of Italian, Hispanic, German, and Russian roots. This energetic and outgoing model attended two years of college before making the move to Los Angeles to pursue a model career full-time. She’s since collaborated alongside photographer Van Styles to produce some stunning photos that are available. The quality of her Snapchat is equally impressive and makes her one of the most popular Snapchat ladies to keep an eye on. Tianna declares, “I love interacting with other people. I live my life to the highest degree. I am a lover of challenges.”

Ana Cheri

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Ana Cheri is a California-born model, TV star, and former Playboy Playmate. Ana Cheri is a hot blend of Native American, Mexican and Caucasian roots, which gives her an exotic look. She’s very active as well; Ana loves to play soccer, skateboard, and travel. A healthy lifestyle is an integral aspect of her life and this has led Ana to be the Brand spokesperson and Motivational Speaker of Shredz Supplements. Following her modeling stint for Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Ana created the gym of her choice within Orange County called Be More Athletics. Ana Cheri continues to stun both on and off social media as one of the most popular Snapchat girls.

Arianny Celeste

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Arianny Celeste is adored all over the world due to her gorgeous beauty, which makes Arianny one of the most popular Snapchat ladies to keep an eye on. Popular for her role as the UFC Ring Girl, Arianny is among the most consistent characters of the UFC She’s been the Octagon Girl since the year 2006. Arianny has been featured as a guest in Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated, and many more. As if that weren’t enough for you, Arianny hosts the successful Velocity television series, Overhaulin’. Originating from Las Vegas, Nevada, Arianny Celeste was an active and hard-working young lady. In high school, she was a star in dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. After attending UNLV, she excelled in dance and cheerleading. University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) earned an education in fitness Management along with Nutrition. Her website Arianny has a year-long calendar with stunning images of her travels across the gorgeous Island that is Puerto Rico.

Bri Teresi

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Bri Teresi has been dubbed the “Snapchat Queen” because of reasons. One of the most talked about Snapchat girls the self-proclaimed enthusiast and Los Angeles-based model lives her life to the fullest, wearing bikinis. She has nearly 240,000 subscribers on Instagram. Bri has also been featured on sites like Chat Sports, RSVLTS, and Every Joe. An interesting fact about her: Bri is also a fitness vegan expert. It’s safe to say that the world will be better because of this girl.

Denise Schaefer

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Denise Schaefer came on the radar in the year 2013 and has since grown into one of the most popular Snapchat girls. She was born in Lima, Peru, Denise began her modeling career after being “discovered” while on vacation in New York City. Her gorgeous Instagram pictures brought her more modeling gigs and her popularity grows with every hot blog post. Her dream job? is to model for Victoria’s Secret. Let’s hope that happens.

Dolly Castro

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Dolly Castro is an actress who also designs as well as a fitness model. The hip-hop model sporting an impressive physique has been featured in a variety of magazines. At the age of 16, Dolly began her modeling career and hasn’t let it slow down since. Dolly, herself stated that she’s “focused committed, focused, outgoing…achiever of everything I have set my heart on. She’s a down-to-earth person and not conceited.” This suggests that she’s not only gorgeous and successful, but she’s with a great personality which makes her one of the top Snapchat women to follow.

Helen Owen

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Helen Owen has become an Internet popular model. British beauty is among America’s most sought-after imports. She was born in Bristol, UK, and brought up in San Francisco, Helen now is studying at UCLA in Los Angeles. It’s not easy to learn with her in classes, would it? But, despite her recent popularity, Helen says, “I remain hesitant to label myself as a model.” She appears charming and modest. Her most favored things are John Muir wilderness as well as hot, long showers and Pinterest.

Jessica Cribbon

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Australian Model Jessica Cribbon is one to be watching. The glamour-loving model was the star of Zoo Weekly Cover Girl 2012 and also appeared on Maxim as well as the UK-based Nuts magazine. It also announced her as the Official 2012 Monster Energy Girl in Australia and is the face of Fathom Swimwear’s “Desirable & Adorable” campaign. The campaign was honored with the title of Top Photographic Model for the 2011 Kitten Awards and was the finalist for “Cebiche swimwear” in 2011 and was a Miss Universe WA Top 50 finalist in 2009. Wow. What an impressive list. It’s clear that the judges agree, and we do too. Jessica is among the most talked about Snapchat girls.

Jojo Skriver

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Danish fashion model Josephine (JoJo) Skriver made her Victoria’s Secret Angel debut in 2011. From then on, she’s been a part of more than 300 fashion shows and has modeled for some of the biggest fashion houses. International magazines like Vanity Fair, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire as well as Harper’s Bazaar have featured JoJo’s stunning looks. She has 2.6 million Instagram followers in addition to her Snapchat is exploding becoming one of the hottest Snapchat girls. Keep an eye on her because she’s a Danish beauty who is growing.

Joan Smalls

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Joan Smalls Rodriguez is a supermodel in every sense. Joan Smalls Rodriguez the Puerto Rican fashion star became the first Latina model to endorse Estee Lauder cosmetics, in the year 2011. A year later, Joan debuted at #8 on Forbes magazine’s list of “World’s most expensive models.” From September to September, she’s been named the top model worldwide by Not just Joan is Joan an icon amongst the top Snapchat girls, but she’s also one of the top names in the world of fashion.

Laci Kay Somers

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Laci Kay Somers has been a popular American performer, actress, and fitness model who has an enormous following. No wonder. Laci sports the curvaceous look and the charm that has earned her nearly 5.5 million people on Instagram. Laci began her modeling career as a model, and later worked as a ring-girl for MMA fights, as well as appearing as a model in GlamRock Magazine as well as Playboy magazine. YouTube where Laci posts weekly workout videos and has gained 3.4 million subscribers in eight months. The huge number of followers allows Laci to earn a staggering three million dollars per year. She’s wealthy and beautiful, and she’s hot in an American flag-print bikini. If you’re not already following Laci and her gang, you must. It’s a patriotic duty.

Niykee Heaton

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Niykee Heaton is the king of the Internet She’s one of the top Snapchat ladies to keep an eye on. She has amassed an astounding 1.5 million Instagram followers Instagram and the number will certainly increase. After it was aired on WorldStarHipHop Niykee’s YouTube clip of her singing the song ‘Love Sosa’ by Chief Keef became a viral hit and garnered more than three million hits. As a singer who has one album, she now showcases her songs on a website she created herself, dubbed Natural Born Killers (NBK). Apart from performing, Niykee loves exercising, acting, traveling, and sharing her posts on social networks. On her website, she says, “If you ever see me at night, please don’t be afraid to meet me and say hello and you could end in Snapchat! Snapchat!”