Cheating In Relationship

Cheating in a relationship is a very bad thing to do when you are truly in a relationship, there are many things that come after that, which you may not be able to handle. And also we will be writing on so many aspects of cheating and the possible things that may lead to cheating, and other things that are in connection with cheating. So understand as you read okay. “Cheating In Relationship”


Cheating in relationship


Cheating Definition

‘Cheating’ in a relationship is the act in which a man or a woman is out for another person, neglecting his or her partner at home. Cheating is not only when you meet an opposite sex that is not your partner for any form of intimacy or unusual communication, cheating can also be the act where you deny your partner his or her right over you, and it may not actually be sexual intimacy or you can call it sex. It can be a situation where you refused your partner to have his happiness or her happiness over something you know it’s necessary, but you denied her of that and yet, you are doing it simply because you think that you are the husband or you are the bread winner of the family. Any character that you do and it affects the other person, but your partner is unable to say anything because he or she is afraid of what it may turn out to be is nothing less than cheating.

Cheating In Relationship
Cheating In Relationship

Why do men cheat in a relationship?


  1. Lack of self control.

Some men have grown so wild to the extent that they can’t stay without tasting another woman, despite the fact that they are in a relationship already. They can hardly control their emotions and urges. These kinds of men need extra hand to be corrected and not something you will correct by force or my showing characters, but by showing your concern to work together in correcting it. In the next sub heading we will guide you on how to control it.


  1. Non-satisfaction from partner.

Most men cheat due to their partners are not good on bed, and also because their partners are too busy to know when their man needs their attention and intimacy, but due to the urge maybe too much for them to control at home, they can easily be attracted to any other woman that come across them. And they can’t hesitate to give in to sexual intercourse. “Extra-marital affair”.


  1. Lack of peace in their various homes.

This problem has being a trending issue that is very common to most homes. Some men cheat not because they want to but because they can’t find peace in their home, and in the process of going outside in search of happiness, they may end up in the hand of another woman who is very desperate of having a man beside them. They might not know what is going on till it gets out of hand, to the extent they cannot be able to go out or run from it anymore. Such reason is very common and it has being causing a lot of problems in the world of relationship today. “Cheating In Relationship”


  1. No sexy appearance from partner.

Most men cheat due to their partner is always on a wrapper or on clothes that covers all their body, just in the name of being religious. Most men like it when their partner is always at the peak of her sexy mood. So due to men are so much attracted to what they see not what they hear, they can easily get attracted to another woman outside who dresses sexy and sharp, and before they will control it, they are already hooked up in the game.


  1. Poor Seduction from partner.

Men like it when their partners seduce them into being emotional. In a relationship where the woman has no idea of Seduction or the woman finds it hard to romance her man or seduce him regularly, so that he won’t always be the one asking for it. In that kind of relationship, the man can easily cheat on the woman. Due to he may go out and meet some other lady who does that better to him, he may fall in because it’s what he has been longing for. Such things lead to cheating in a relationship.


  1. Lack of space from partner.

Men cheat due to their partner give them no chance or space to be with their fellow men or friends outside. She only wants to be around him every 24 hours. The little chance that the man gets, he might be trapped by another woman. Or even his friends may arrange another woman for him and he may not be able to resist it, thereby falling into the game and from there his gone.

Cheating In Relationship
Cheating In Relationship

Why do women cheat in a relationship?


  1. Non-satisfaction from partner.

Most women cheat due to their men are not good on bed and cannot satisfy them. Women cheat due to their man is too busy with his work and does not care about the feelings of their partner. That may lead to hunger of sex. When a man is unable to satisfy his partner, wife or girlfriend, it will be easier for the woman to look elsewhere which she might not even know when it all started, but she might not like to stop it.


  1. Lack of caring from the partner.

Women cheat when men are unable to care for them. Cheating starts if you can’t take care of your woman, it will be easier for her to accept another man, especially when that man showers her with a lot of Care and love.


  1. Too much of conflicts.

A relationship where the man always lay hands on his wife or girlfriend. That relationship is bound to collapse because the woman will be cheating on the man. A woman who is always beaten up by the husband or boyfriend can easily accept a man who can show her love and petting, by that she will continue to run into the hands of that other men for the rest of the relationship, no matter how much it takes her. She can even plan to get you out of the way to be with him forever, for the sake of her happiness. “Cheating In Relationship”


  1. Inadequate communication.

A relationship that is filled with arguments all the time, no time to play or have fun. Always serious and mean all the time, no one communicates with one another unless is just a usual communication, that relationship will collapse as soon as another man gains entrance into the woman’s life, with so much love and adequate communication. Adequate communication involves both body language and communication.


  1. Lack of attention from the partner.

A woman likes it when her man is always giving her attention no matter how busy he may be. But a man who fails to pay attention to his woman, to understand and know what her problems is and what her mood tells is bound to lose her at any time . Because when a man that know how to give quality attention to the woman comes her way, she might not even know when she gives in to that and from that you have started losing her.


  1. Unable to be romantic.

A woman likes it when her man takes her out at least once in a while to refresh their love again, and again. Buying good and nice things for her no matter how small it may be. Provided that it’s a sign of your love to her, just do it as your budget can provide. But when such is not happening in a relationship, and if another man introduce that to her, my dear you will automatically lose her in the hands of that man and it will be happening gradually.

Cheating In Relationship
Cheating In Relationship

Disadvantages of cheating in a relationship


It can lead to separation.

If the woman or the man cannot take it again, he or she may go for divorce. That’s if they are married. But if it’s just boyfriend and girlfriend they can decide to go on separate ways.


It leads to disrespect.

This is common to the women, when she starts cheating, she won’t find her man so important again. Her attitude will change automatically and will have no regards for her husband or boyfriend again. Same thing happen in men.


It increases the level neglect.

If it’s a man, he won’t care about anything that may happens around you anymore, he won’t correct you if you do something wrong. He will always ignore whatever you do and act as if it does not concern him. Same also goes in women.


It affects the people that are close to you. (Children and relations)

If the partners are married, that cheating of a thing will be affecting the children and their relations that live with them. Because things will not be moving as it was before and the children will only feels the love of one parent. “Cheating In Relationship”


Lack of trust in a relationship

No one will be able to trust one another anymore, especially when the other has noticed the movement of the other partner. And again, the cheater will not trust the partner if he or she does something that is unusual. He may think that she is planning something.


It may lead to murder.

Due to the pain of seeing your partner cheat on you, you may out of anger hit him or her with something that may lead to death. It’s an act that is not done intentional. But when ‘it’s done, it’s done’. No reverse.


It increases the rate of fighting in that relationship.

Continues fighting will be evolved and no one will agree to surrender to the other.


It affects your health in some ways.

As a human being, you will be disturbed if there is no more peace in your home or in your relationship, and it will affect your health in one way or the other. Either by emotionally, physically or mentally.

Cheating In Relationship
Cheating In Relationship

Signs of cheating in both men and women


  1. Less communication

The level in which he or she used to communicate with you will automatically reduce. Due to his or her time will be divided to the number of persons that shares the Love.


  1. Secretive

A person that cheats will not be open in whatever he or she will get doing. You will not have the right of his or her phone or access them. Whenever you know their password, it will be changed immediately.


  1. Denying you right to his or her phone.

You won’t have right to his or her phone, like I said before. Both the usage and access to his or her social media and messages.


  1. Too many excuses.

A cheat will always have something to say whenever you notice him or her. A lot of excuses will be made whenever you ask him or her out or time to spend together. He or she will find something to say so as not to be around at that time. Because he or she has another appointment to keep with another woman or man. “Cheating In Relationship”


  1. Lies

A cheat will always lie and he or she may not remember what and they said in the previous talk. There will always be different explanation in every issue.


  1. No deep conversations.

A cheat will have no time for a deep conversation due to his or her other schedule with others, and have lost interest in you.


  1. Conscious of his or her body.

A cheat will always go out for extra mile just to look good for him or herself. Having a closer look on your partner will give you a better picture of his or her looks before, to know their current outfits now which is to impress someone they are going out with. “Cheating In Relationship”


  1. Always frowning whenever you are together, but gets happy when alone.

A cheat normally find it hard to be happy with his or her partner, but will be happy when he or she is alone. He or she easily picks up an argument just to scare you away from them.


  1. Over caring

A cheat renders excess caring due to their conscience will be hurting them whenever they are at home. To clear themselves of their guilty, they will appear to be very nice to you. Especially that particular day they go out with the person.


  1. Give excuses in terms of sexual intercourse.

A cheat will always give excuses to their partner in term of sexual intimacy. He or she gives reasons not to have sex with their partner.


  1. Negligence

A cheat find it easy to disregard his or her partner’s effort on them.


  1. Nonchalant attitude

A cheat will not care if his man is okay or not, her mind will always be in favor of the other person. Likewise the man too. His attention will be divided.


  1. Too demanding.

It is normally noticed in women, a woman that cheats find it easy to demand some money from the man without minding how he will get it. And the worst part of it is that, she will give it to her new lover.

Cheating In Relationship
Cheating In Relationship

How to end cheating in a relationship


  1. Be a caring partner.
  2. Give maximum attention to your partner.
  3. Make sure to satisfy your partner no matter how.
  4. Give an adequate communication to you partner.
  5. Always update your love with your partner.
  6. Spend more time with your partner.
  7. Do not let your anger pass one day.
  8. Give correction when it’s necessary.
  9. Be his or her best friend.
  10. No matter what never you go into fighting.


Having read all these tips and aspects of cheating, we fully believed that you have understood what cheating is all about and how to stop cheating in your relationship. Also the signs in which you can detect a cheat. But do not forget to act wisely whenever you find yourself in such situation.

For more information, contact us for we will give you every guideline that you need.

Drop your comments if you have any. And for any contributions, you are free to drop too for others to learn.


“Cheating In Relationship”

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