The Missionary Sex Position: How To Do It And Enjoy It

The missionary sex position is what we will talk about today. From the definition to the best way to enjoy it. So relax as you read and take your time to understand better.

The missionary sex position:

A sex posture that is face-to-face where heterosexual couples lie flat, with the male sitting on top or a couple who is same-sex in a similar supine-to-prone position.

However, any sex position can become boring if you repeat it repeatedly even missionary. If you’re a fan of missionary, but you want to shake things up a bit, a minor alteration to your posture could make a huge difference. If the person who will be receiving is familiar with having their legs in a straight line in the beds, they may try placing their knees in a tuck towards their chests. (If they have a vulva, this change can help activate the area in the inner clitoris which is known by the name G-spot!)

However, that’s only one variation on the traditional missionary posture–there are numerous many different options that place the penetrating partner in the front and the recipient on their back. These are our 16 most-loved configurations. (And when you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities on this list, your partner can get up there and test out one of these cowgirl sex poses.)

How to accomplish it The classic model of a missionary is that the person at the bottom (receptive partner) is seated on their back. On top, the other (insertive partner) sits on the top. The lower partner’s legs are placed on top of the top’s shins.

What’s so great about it: See the intro!

Classic Missionary with Vibrating Cock Ring

How to perform it It’s just like a regular missionary, but you’re elevated in a plank. You must have a strong core as well as shoulders to support this posture.

The reason it’s so fantastic The top can truly thrust through and out from this position. It’s great for hard sex!

How to use it To perform the spread eagle position the person who receives lies on their back with their legs extended and spreads out in the shape of in a V. The penetrating person erects the legs by placing their hands on the opposite side of the partner’s shoulders.

What makes it fantastic The spread eagle can be a great choice for couples who appreciate deep penetration. It also works well to penetrate the vaginal or anal area.

How to accomplish it The position is similar to that of the Spread Eagle, only the insertive partner is more upright (so the position is less “mounting.”) The top is also used to hold the legs of the partner in a V-shape to help them stay in place (and in order to hold their legs spread).

The reason it’s so amazing It’s actually the position of sex tantric which allows for excellent eye contact, vaginal penetration, as well as anal sexual sex.

How to accomplish it From a regular station, the lower covers an ankle over the back of the top.

The Missionary Sex Position

The reason’s awesome: This allows for more penetration. The bottom is able to position itself to ensure that the top’s penis dildo actually hits its G-spot.

How to use it From a regular missionary The bottom of the body covers both legs around the back of the top.

What’s the benefit? This permits even more penetration than the Jackknife! If you’re looking to get even more penetration from this position, you can try placing a cushion under the lower back of the lower part of the body. (This is especially beneficial in the event that the top isn’t well-endowed.)

How to get it done You must be in a vehicle for this! Start by putting the rear of your vehicle down, so that they’re flat. There’s room for missionary and if you need to your or your companion’s legs could be placed between the passenger and driver’s seats.

The reason it’s so fantastic It’s not always possible to have a bedroom to have sex in. In some cases, the sole location you’re able to do it is in the car.

What to do: In this missionary variation, the person at the top stands near the bed to get their partner’s attention. It is important to note that there are different variations in Stand and Deliver. Stand and Deliver, and the person who is being penetrated may opt to put one, zero, or both feet on the insertive partner’s shoulders.

What makes it amazing: This is a position that is great to use for manual stimulation of the clitoris. The lower partner is able to put a small vibrator on their clit to provide additional pleasure.

How to get it If you own a swing that is sex and you want to try it, you need to try reclining. In order to achieve it, your bottom is laid on the ground, and grasps the straps for support. The top is able to move closer to the bottom in order to get into. (The top can grab the straps to provide additional assistance and to keep the swing in place so it doesn’t move more.)

What makes it great for one reason: you’re using a sex shackle, and that’s awesome. You can also manually engage your partner’s clitoris by putting them in this position.

How to use It: This is just like Stand and Deliver, only the penetrative partner is held by the ankles of the lower leg during penetration.

What’s it good for Another very solid position to get deep penetration, making it ideal for those with smaller sizes?

How to accomplish it It’s just like the old-fashioned missionary, except that the bottom and top keep their legs in a pressed position and closed.

The reason’s so great: With your legs together the posture is not so much about in-and-out penetration and more about the partner who is receiving moving their hips, but being within. If the partner receiving the motion has a vulva, the hip wiggles will naturally stimulate the clitoris.

How to use It: From the classic missionary position, the lower partner puts their feet on the top’s chest.

The reason’s so fantastic: This position allows the bottom partner to regulate the depth of the penetration. If the top is too deep enough, then the lower partner will be able to simply press their feet into the chest of the top.

The Missionary Sex Position

The technique CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

How to do it: The CAT (Coital Alignment Method) could look similar to a regular missionary, however, it is different in important ways. Instead of pushing away, the upper partner should be more focused on rubbing their body against the receiving partner’s clitoris.

What’s the benefit? That direct clitoral stimulation can boost the chances that both of you will get off!

How to perform this: Make sure the partner who will be receiving the exercise stretches their muscles first! The regular missionary at the lower body leans back, to drape their legs across the shoulders of the top.

The reason’s so fantastic: This configuration allows for super-deep penetration as well as G-spot stimulation.

How to use it; The partner who will be receiving sits on their side, and the top is straddling their lower leg.

What makes it amazing: This one is entertaining because the top is able to have access to virtually all of the partner’s body. They can reach for the body, grab to the clitoris–you know what!

  • Start with an erotic game.

What many might call foreplay, Wise calls erotic play. Foreplay encourages the separation of the beginning of the occasion, when in fact it’s all sexual sex, as long as you’re enjoying yourself and are enjoying yourself, she adds. Do not minimize the excitement she says, as it’s essential for getting into the perfect headspace for the next phase.

Therefore, instead of relying only on the sensuality of missionaries to feel connected to your partner, try warming up with the slightest sexual penetration of your fingers or the partner’s, suggests Laino. If that’s not your style, consider oral sex to a way to transition to sexual intimacy to ensure both of you begin to build up your vibe from the very beginning.

“Erotic games are important for any job,” Laino says. “But due to the intensity of the missionary role, it’s beneficial to be able to incorporate it into your daily routine.” (Gradual is less awkward, particularly with a more recent partner.)

  • Give your nipples a hug …

Your nipples and breasts are among your most erogenous areas therefore, you should provide them with some love. Massage or suck, clamp or gently pinch the area during sex, says the therapist for sex Ian Kerner, Ph.D., the author of She Comes First. If it’s hands-free stimulation through nipples that you’re seeking place yourself under your partner’s chest to ensure that you are in contact. In this way, you’ll be able to eliminate fingers and toys from the equation entirely and let your friend’s shoulders rub yours while they push. It could even provide enough to stimulate the possibility of a kiss or gasp.

  • …And the other erogenous zones, too.

Be sure to stimulate any areas that aren’t between the legs or around your chest. Other areas that aren’t as obvious, according to Wise include your neck and your ears. Request your companion to gently rub their fingers against the neck’s back or place your tongue inside the ear of your partner after playing with pressing their earlobes against your teeth.

However, whatever may be a good fit for you may not be the right thing with your spouse, make sure you be sure to get their approval prior to your date or stop if they tell you that they’re not interested in it.

The Missionary Sex Position

  • Set your rhythm.

Sex isn’t an athletic event (unless you’re seeking a quickie). Therefore, instead of running to get an exhale, take your time and take your time, suggests Wise. Pay attention to your breath and attempt to match your exhalations and exhales with your partners. This will allow you to enjoy the sexual pleasures you’re experiencing together.

In a technique inspired by tantric sex, you may exhale and then put the mouth of your partner while they breathe. It’s not just hot and hot however, these deep breaths can also increase blood flow and blood flow to your pelvic region which will increase your pleasure Wise advice.

  • Have fun with angles.

The most appealing aspect of a missionary is the ease with which you can change the position and intensity of stimulation by changing the angle of your body.

If you’d like more access, put a pillow underneath your lower back, to prop up your pelvis, advises Wise. By tilting your pelvis upwards, you force your partner to pull downwards and, in turn, more deeply into you.

If you’re looking to increase the stimulation of your clitoris, try this slightly different approach to the missionary known as the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). For this, you must have your partner lean forward towards your shoulders, so the penis (or the strap-on) will exert more pressure on your clitoris than normal when they enter you. Instead of pushing through and out, you will see your partner press into your pelvis.

“CAT is the most effective position due to two reasons,” says Wise. The first reason is that it boosts stimulation on the external clitoris. This depending on what you’re doing, will make you feel chilly throughout your body…in an enjoyable way. The other benefit of CAT is its capacity to draw out sexual intercourse which means that you and your companion won’t gasp after just an hour of entertainment.

Because of the way in which your partner must position their body to prepare for the CAT (in order to highlight your body’s climax) the penetration will not be as satisfying to them, which could require more thrusts (at the very least) in order to get to the point of getting to the climax, Wise explains. This is the best option for those whose partners are known to stop at the end of the session and would like to hold the momentum for as long as they can.

  • Incorporate a vibrator in the mix.

To elevate things to a (literal) step take your vibrator to the bedroom. Apply it before a penetration — on your neck, nipples, back, or any other part of your body where you want to increase exhilaration, Laino suggests. If your partner is sitting on top on top of you, they could sit on their knees when they’re within you and utilize the vibration on your clitoris in an altered missionary posture she suggests.

Try putting the ring of a vibrating cock on the clitoris to focus them and make them stay longer, suggests sexual specialist Rachel Needle, PsyD, a licensed psychologist from West Palm Beach and co-director of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.

  • Provide feedback.

This is true for any sexual job, but particularly missionary because you don’t want your spouse to believe that you think¬†sexual relations are boring. “Take advantage of this chance to express your delight,” says Wise. If you’re not happy with the way they’re acting, tell your friend and moan (if it’s something that’s natural your way).

“By making yourself free to create noise, you will be able to enhance the sexual pleasure you experience” Wise notes. In addition, hearing your self-indulgent pleasures entice you to join however, whispering in your partner’s ear how great they’re making you feel will provide them with the motivation they require to become more adventurous or to stimulate the area you’re passionate about in different ways. Win-win!