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60 Names Men Like To Be Called

60 Names Men Like To Be Called
60 Names Men Like To Be Called

60 Names Men Like To Be Called


Well there are many names you as a woman can call your guy even if he is your husband. So if you are troubled or disturbed on the kind of name you can be calling your man, then relax for I got your back with the list of names that interest men most, and makes a man feel to be loved or understand how much you love and care about him. So without wasting much of your time here are the lists of the names guys love to be called.


What names do guys like to be called?


  1. My love
  2. My own(you can also translate it in your language)
  3. My heart
  4. Mine
  5. My lord
  6. My Soul-mate
  7. Juicy man
  8. Honey
  9. Cupcake
  10. My King
  11. My endless love.
  12. My world best
  13. My sugar baby
  14. My special one
  15. My world
  16. Heaven sent
  17. My Everything
  18. My Treasure
  19. My Darling
  20. My Irreplaceable Darling
  21. My Crown
  22. My better leaf
  23. My Choice.
  24. My jewel
  25. My Tom-tom
  26. My heart beat
  27. My Sweet
  28. My Joy
  29. My happiness
  30. Your Majesty
  31. My better half
  32. My body
  33. Sweet pie
  34. My hero
  35. My oxygen
  36. My charming
  37. My desire
  38. Sweetheart
  39. My lollipop
  40. Sugar berry
  41. Sweetie
  42. Sweet-pie
  43. My Favorite
  44. My heart code
  45. My super light
  46. Prince Charming
  47. My sweet candy
  48. My hubby
  49. My cherish
  50. My Creamy
  51. My Beholder
  52. My comforter
  53. My Angel
  54. My life
  55. Cuddle cake
  56. My beloved
  57. My prince
  58. Credible
  59. My all
  60. My beauty


All this names above are the names that men love to be called. So look through them all and choose the one that your husband loves most to be called. But remember that at times men use their hand to tell you the names they also love to be called, so don’t change it if he already told him unless you want to call him sexier name of which you will be testing until you see the one he will also love to called.

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If you have any contribution or suggestion to make on the names you think we are missing then let us know through the comment box, for others to learn too.

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