40 Coolest Box Braids Hairstyles To Try In 2023

40 Coolest Box Braids Hairstyles To Try
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Of all the hairstyles that protect Black women go through hairstyles, box braids are among the most well-known. Not only are they elegant, but they also offer us the opportunity to let our hair relax. “When natural hair is overmanipulated, it tends to cause breakage, so a protective style like box braids protects it from being harmed,” says Ursula Stephen, the famous hairstylist who is also the world advocate for Suave, Tresemme, and Dove.

In the past few years, a number of our most loved stars have adopted box braids as their hairstyle of choice for red carpets as well as social media appearances. Its models such as Coi Leray Rihanna, and Zoe Kravitz, as well as Zendaya and many others, sport the style to protect themselves.

40 Coolest Box Braids Hairstyles To Try

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What is a box braid?

In essence, they’re braids that take their names from the form in which your hair is separated. They’re typically put in by extensions and are available in a variety of sizes, lengths and shades (as you’ll discover in the next section).

If you’re considering having the hairstyle for yourself, here are some points Stephen believes you should be aware of. First, you must trim and treat your hair before. Natural hair is usually dried before braiding to make the process of installation easier for your stylist. So, you could have your ends cut later. When it comes to hair stylists Stephen suggests that you investigate your stylist before your appointment and be aware of the delicate areas of your scalp when you are braiding process. “If you have a thin or weak hairline, then you shouldn’t put excess tension on those areas,” Stephen advises.

After you’ve put your braids in the box hair is easy to lose sight of your real hair from the roots, which, is still in need of moisture. “Products that have penetrating ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil are great to use while wearing these styles,” Stephen says. Stephen. When it is time to take them off, she recommends wearing them for a minimum of two months.

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After we’ve got the fundamentals in place We’ve put together a list of some of the most stylish box-braid hairstyles to think about. Beware it’s hard to pick only one. Check out our top picks.

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Bob Box Braids

1. Bob Box Braids

Take a trip back in time with a braided bob. This jumbo version seen on Jourdan Dunn is a perfect nod to the ’90s (especially the half-up, half-down style), and the hints of gold add an extra layer of fun.

Box Braids With Pearls

2. Box Braids With Pearls

When hair stylists Lacy Redway and Tessa Thompson get together, magic happens, as is evident by this braided hairstyle box with braids interspersed with multidimensional blonde strands and pearls suitable to be the Pinterest board.

3. Lob Jumbo Box Braids

“Twinnem” rapper Coi Leray is well-known for her signature style Jumbo box braids that have tiny spiral curls at the ends, causing the style to be seen on Insta feeds all over the world.

4. Small Box Braids

Our butts hurt considering how it took Laura Harrier to sit in the salon chair to get these box braids made in miniature the final result is beautiful. This particular braid is a knotless style, which is with no knots that is usually at the start of the braid. They’re generally more comfortable and have less stress over your hair and around the edges.

5. Half Head of Box Braids

Instead of having her entire head with box braids, Lupita Nyong’o opted to put the middle of her hair braided into braids in boxes and added a bigger braid in the middle. Cool isn’t even the best way to describe the look.

6. Medium-Size Box Braids

Zendaya’s simple auburn-brown medium-sized box braids are styled using an asymmetrical side part and a handful of braids pinched back to one side. Zendaya also brings us back to the joy of wearing box braids: being able to move them around.

7. Mini Blonde Braids

When viewed from a distance, Solange’s platinum blonde mini-box braids could appear like simple extensions or even hair, which is because of the size and design. The top section is braided and the bulk of the braid is left loose.

8. Braided Buns

Why settle for just one braid when you could have three? Box braids of medium size like those that are worn by Marsai Martin are simple for you to make twists and pin into different styles that you would otherwise wear with braids. In this instance, you just need to make sure not to over-stress the edges of your hair when taking your hair off.

9. Braided Box Braids

What’s better than braids in a box? Braided box braids. Look at how cool it looks you can find it from Storm Reid.

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10. Box Braids With an Undercut

Women with undercuts can join involved in the box braid fun as well. Ruth Negga’s minis as well as her high ponytails prove just that.

11. Jumbo Blonde Box Braids

Amandla Stenberg’s jumbo box braids are even more striking with different colours of platinum blonde. In addition to the dark roots and the lived-in feeling they convey.

12. Braided Bun

If you get bored of your braids falling through your hair (or simply want to change up the style) make them a chic, simple top hairstyle. Make sure you have an appropriate ponytail holder that is secure as well as bobby pins to keep your hair in position.

13. Purple Box Braids

There’s no age restriction on braids for box braids or multicoloured hairstyles like Regina King and her purple plaits remind us.


14. Imperfect Box Braids

The knotless, imperfect box braids are ideal for us.

15. Braided Beehive

For a braided style that’s a bit more vintage, we like the look of this Old Hollywood beehive done on Zoe Kravitz. It’s best done using smaller braids from a box.

16. Short Box Braids With Beads

We’re huge fans of the colour and design of this braided bob. We also appreciate the devotion to beads, particularly in the bangs.

17. Braids in a High Ponytail

To make it more appropriate for everyday wear it is possible to pull your braids from the box into high ponytails. Make sure to show your baby’s hair a hug. Two of our favourite edge stylists? Pattern Beauty Edge Control and Emerge Style Goals Gel.

18. Box Braids With Cowrie Shells

Jazz up a basic box braid with the random placement of cowrie shells. They’re perfect for an off-and-on style.

19. Blue Box Braids

The box braids do not need to be natural hair shades. These braids made of aqua make a perfect impression.

20. Box Braids With a Scarf

To ensure that your braids stay in place and don’t get frizzy and tangle, rest in the silk-lined pillowcase or wear a silk scarf during the evening (or either). However, as Jhene Aiko shows in this video that the scarf doesn’t need to be reserved for the bedroom. Take it outside of the house to add some style to your style.

21. Bohemian Box Braids

These goddess box braids include a mix of actual braids and wavy, curled hair in select spots which evokes a free-spirited vibe that’s–yes–stunning!

22. Box Braids With Color

Add a bit (or more) of colour to your style and grab some hair that is orange for your braids. Make the braids bob, and let the ends flutter out. Obsessed.

23. Space Buns

The 90s style is providing us with the most alien “Take me to your hairstylist” vibes. It’s totally out of the ordinary in the most excellent way.

24. Long Box Braids

We like the ombre look of the medium-sized box braids of Rapunzel’s length.

25. Fishtail Box Braids

A fan of braided braids This is Storm Reid again with her box braids that are woven into a beautiful fishtail. The braid rings elevate it to the highest level.

26. Pink Box Braids

In this scenario the pursuit of waterfalls is fine. If it’s done in the form of pink braids that spill out of the top of your head.

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27. Box Braids With Beads

Indeed, you do not wish for your hair to spell the word, Ivy Park, however, including beads in your braids is a possibility. They can be positioned on top of a braid such as this or (probably preferring) towards the ends.

28. Half-Up, Half-Down Box Braids

This retro style, with a scrunchie, is an evocative look that brings back memories of our youth.

29. Sunrise Braids

Who says that your braids must be in line with your hair? or be a real hair colour, to be honest? Make a statement and break outside of your comfort zone by wearing these bright orange and neon pink braids. The pom-poms at the end make the perfect final touch.

30. Big Box Braids

The benefit of large box braids is they don’t require a long time to put in. Also, due to their bulk, they will last less. If you’re seeking a more secure style for a getaway or special occasion, however, these are excellent alternatives.

31. Triangle Box Braids

The triangle braids in the box are precisely what you think they are. Instead of making the sections of hair create one square the stylist creates an arc instead. It may require some thought and ability on the part of your stylist however the results, as you can see.

32. Silver Braids

Are you looking to embrace your greys or just want to get your groove on? Storm in X-Men? You can try a silver-coloured hue.

33. Knotted Box Braids

A stylist should perform this look to ensure that you don’t make knots that are difficult to remove. The various colours give more depth to the distinctive design.

34. Loose Box Braids With Curls

To achieve this look, just ask your stylist to leave an adequate amount of ends of the hair out. (And should you wish to emphasise the curls you could always use an iron that curls them.)

35. Medium Box Braids

While not long, but not too short These medium-length braids are perfect. For the seals, you see here ensure that your stylist can safely touch the edges of the extensions.

36. Chunky Highlighted Braids

In a nod towards the early 2000s include some bright highlights in your braids for a pop of colour. the look.

37. Goddess Box Braids

Medium-length goddess box braids are more romantic in style with spiral curls that create a feminine, feminine style.

38. Box Braids Into Bantu Knots

This style is the perfect blend of both black and plum box braids adorned with wraps and golden clasps. They are then twisted to form spiral Bantu knots an old-fashioned style used by hairstyles worn by the Zulu people.

39. Rainbow Box Braids

These long, colourful braids make the perfect big and bold statement.

40. Box Braid Bangs

For those who love bohemian, This braided fringe is a must-have fashion statement for artists and free-spirited people. Silver beads at the end give a sexy edge to the already beautiful look.



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