10 Signs He Only Use You As A Placeholder

Are you worried and disturbed if he really loves you or Sees you as an ordinary girl. Did you want to know if you mean something to him? If that is the reason why you are here, relax then for you are in the right place to learn about that. I will explain things to you in a way that you will understand.


10 Signs He Only Uses You As A Placeholder

  1. He will always agree with anything you say since he knows that there will be nothing else that will be between the both of you. He will then say yes to anything you say without arguing because he doesn’t care, and maybe he also wants something from you. So be wise, my dear.
  2. He doesn’t ask you about your life. He doesn’t care to know about you or to know if all is okay in your life. Even when you meet him, he doesn’t show any concern or bothers to ask you more about yourself. The reason is that he believes that there is nothing more that will be between the both of you.
  3. He doesn’t open up well about his lifestyle. Suppose you are always confused about his lifestyle and activities or about what he does or wants in life. And he never even bothers to let you know or tell you about it. He doesn’t love you. That is the truth.
  4. He hardly talks about the future. He is not plain and open to you about the future and what will happen between you. If a guy loves you with his heart, he will not hide anything about his future from you. he will be plain and open to it all.
  5. He doesn’t bother to let people around him know about you. Suppose he doesn’t care about taking you or introducing you to friends and family. Or he doesn’t even like to go out together with you. Then there is something because you can’t tell me that he loves you when you don’t know his family and friends, and he doesn’t even care to introduce you to them, and you said he loves you. No, dear, he doesn’t.
  6. He normally just spends time with you only when he will be having sex with you. It is only when he knows that he must surely have sex with you that he visits you. That means you mean nothing to him; you are not just a placeholder but also his sex mate. So think about it, if he loves you will not just spend time with you without sex. Must everything be all about sex?
  7. He is not always there when you need him most if he is the type that always gives you reasons or the type that never bothers to check up on you. Or he never bothers to meet up with your appointments with him on time. Or he doesn’t even keep any of his promises with you. It is a red sign that shows he doesn’t love you but keeps you there for your sake because a guy who truly loves you will do all that for you.
  8. He doesn’t care about the relationship. Suppose you are the one working hard for the relationship to be strong. Or you are the only one sacrificing for the relationship. It is not a good thing because you two are in it together and not just only you. Any guy who loves you will try his best to keep the relationship strong.
  9. He hasn’t deleted his relationship apps. If he believes he is in a relationship, why is he keeping the dating and relationship apps on his phone? Or are they paying him for always installing the app on his phone? So please, my there, shine your eyes because I don’t think he loves and care about you.
  10. Your instincts are flashing warning signs your way. Everyone has his or her inner mind. So now listen to your own and know what it is telling you. Because if, after checking all these and your mind is telling you he is cheating, he is doing so. Think twice

How do you know if he’s using you as a placeholder?

  • Your partner lets you know that they’re not looking for anything serious.
  • It’s a rebound.
  • Your partner doesn’t make plans for the future.
  • The only date at times that are convenient for them.
  • Your spouse won’t invite you to people who are important in their life.

How to know someone is Using you as a Placeholder?

If the person you’re dating is unwilling or isn’t willing to discuss plans soon, You could be an intermediary. If you’ve been in a relationship for longer than six months and cannot discuss any topic that’s not directly in their presence, this is a serious warning sign.

How do you know when a guy is just using you?

When you and your partner meet, and it always is a sex-filled affair, this could be an indication that he’s not in love with you. If he’s making time just to have a sex session with you, he may be looking for physical intimacy instead of an ongoing relationship. If you both meet, and he is just looking to jump over your bones and then go away on his own, he’s probably seeking you out for sexual pleasure.

What does it mean if someone is a Placeholder?

As an intermediary, you’re your partner. You do everything you usually conduct in your relationship, but you’re only in the position for as long as someone “better” arrives. You could be in a relationship for a long time. However, your partner is aware that you’re not the most special.