100+ Sexy Text Messages That Will Make Him Crave You

There are thousands of sweet and sexy text messages to send to your man and make him go gaga, but we are going to give you the most hundred hot and sexy text messages that will make him crave for you even more. Although the format of the text has changed to DMs and texts in recent years, the intention is the same: make our partners crave us. Modern-day romance is all about being able to send a flirty text message whenever you feel like it.

100+ Sexy Text Messages That Will Make Him Crave You

Get Him To Sexy Text Messages

Realize that sexiness does not always look the same everywhere. There are several ways to achieve sexiness, which text messages are included and we have broken down our list into categories for you to understand the ways of being sexy.

Each category can be used to turn him on in various situations and when you have different intentions. These are the categories we have:

  • To convince him to hurry, send him texts
  • Sexy messages for long-distance lovers
  • You can tell him things when you want to tease his little side.
  • These texts for him to be impressed by your sense of humor and turn you on.
  • Send him messages if you’re going to get his attention and start sexting
  • You can use these texts to get straight to the point.

Texting can be difficult even with all the templates available.  This program is designed to help women from all walks of life learn how to communicate with men using text messages.

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Texts to get him to hurry…

  • “You know what the best thing about being home alone? Being able to walk around naked.
  • “I cordially invite you to my shower tonight.”
  • “I have been a very naughty girl today…I believe I should be punished.”
  • “I wish I wasn’t alone in this bed …”
  • “I am thinking of buying a mattress. Can you help me to break it in?
  • “I feel so stressed… I need a full-body massage.”
  • “You are welcome to come over, but you must touch me.”
  • “I heard that chocolate is an anti-depressant. Would you like to share some with us?
  • “I assure you you’re wearing too many clothes wherever you are.” If you’re interested, I can help you.
  • “Let’s skip tomorrow’s work and spend the entire day in bed together.”
  • “Would you like to have a sleepover? You can wear whatever you want.
  • “I want to be with you right now.”
  • “I have some ideas for a delicious dessert tonight …”
  • “I have a lot of food tonight… I wonder if it’s possible to keep up with me.”
  • “Let’s stop texting and get to the point. Let’s do it in person.”
  • “I’m considering doing yoga. Would you be willing to watch me and give me your opinion about my form?
  • “Uh-oh…I accidentally spilled some cream on my chest. It looks like I need help cleaning it up.”
  • “Let’s get together and let our wildest dreams come true.”
  • “If you come to see me tonight, I will give you 69 reasons for spending the night with you.”
  • Let’s have some fun tonight. You can only bring one item to my party. Which should it be?
  • “I would love to see the encore from last night’s performance. Are you up for the challenge?
  • “Wanna meet up at my bed tonight?”

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Messages to turn him on long-distance

  • “I’m about to jump in the shower…just to give you something to imagine.”
  • “My new underwear makes me feel so beautiful. Let me know your thoughts. *send him an image*
  • “Want to see what I would do to you if I were right there with you?”
  • “If you were a photographer, which subjects would you like me to photograph?” ;)”
  • “Send me a photo of something you would like me to kiss if you were here.”
  • “I had a crazy dream last night about you. Call me, and I’ll tell you all about it.”
  • “You have the unique ability to make me lose control …”
  • “Would you like me to send a video of my current activities?”
  • “If you could touch me now, which part would you touch?”
  • “Tell me a photo of any item you’d like to see, and I will send it to your address. ;)”
  • “I’m just pretending that this lollipop is from you …”
  • “What do your thoughts about my new bra?” *send him an image*
  • “Show me something sexy, and I will return the favor.”
  • Please send him a photo of you chewing on something hard. (For example, a banana.

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Messages, make him laugh if you want him to smile a little.

  • “I ? ‘d buy new lingerie to show you, but I don’t know how long it would last.”
  • “Let’s put that silver tongue to good use!”
  • “I believe we should exercise together… and I don’t mean going the gym.”
  • “If you only knew what I was thinking about right now…you would be blushing.”
  • “I wish I could stop fantasizing about you while trying to work …”.”
  • “Did I cast a curse on you or something?” I have these horrible dreams about you …”
  • “How can you turn me on so well?”
  • “What is your favorite part about my body?”
  • “Are your fingers cold? “I know how to keep your fingers warm.
  • “I believe your lips need a workout, and I know how.
  • “Sometimes I pretend that my hands are yours by putting my hands on my body.”
  • “I feel so turned on when I take charge.
  • “Is it okay for me to get a little turned on when your name appears on my screen?”
  • “Do you think that I should be spanked?”
  • “I have a confession to make. Just thinking about you makes me hot.
  • “My bed is missing something… I think it’s me.”

100+ Sexy Text Messages That Will Make Him Crave You

Sexy text with a hint of humor

  • “Fun fact: My gag reflex has been completely tamed.”
  • “My birthday suit is my favorite outfit.”
  • “Tell me about your secret and fantasies. Don’t mind me taking notes.”
  • “I think about how amazing you looked last night in that shirt…and out of it.”
  • “I just had an excellent shower. You never knew that you could get so dirty and still be clean.
  • “Is it normal for me to get so thirsty whenever I see a photo of you?”
  • “What does hot chocolate have in common?” “I’m hot, sweet, and wet.”
  • “Hm…do you sense someone thinking dirty things about me?”
  • Orgasms have been proven to be a great way to relax and relieve pain. I can help alleviate some tension, which is a related topic. ;)”
  • “I love to sit on your lap…and possibly on other things.”
  • “I would not mind a long, hard surprise.” Do you have any suggestions?
  • “It must be illegal to be as sexy …”

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When you want his attention…

  • “I stayed up all night thinking about …”
  • “There is a side to my bed that I need to be filled by yours…and another that you must be filled by me, too.”
  • “When I think about you, I get so hot I want to take off my clothes.”
  • “Guess what? “It’s laundry day, so I’m not wearing underwear.”
  • “Where did your tongue learn to behave like this?” I have been thinking about it all day.
  • “What is your favorite color?” “I’m looking for new underwear. I want something you will love looking at before I take it off.”
  • “Every time I look in your eyes, I feel hot …”
  • “What can I do if I can’t help but think about you?”
  • “What do you have in mind for me to wear tonight on our date?”
  • “Have I been thinking about you today?”
  • “Do you have any secrets or fetishes that you haven’t shared with anyone?”
  • “I give you three bedroom wishes…what would your wish be?”
  • “What is your favorite memory of you in bed?”
  • “Imagine how many calories you’ll burn if you make out together.”
  • “Imagine all the places my lips could go on your body.”

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If you are looking to get to the point…

  • “I have this new flavor chapstick…want it to taste?”
  • Let’s play Simon Says…tell us what you want.
  • “I swear I taste as good and as healthy as I look. Do you?”
  • “What would you think if I told ya I was naked right now?”
  • “Want to play dirty games of truth or dare?”
  • “What is one thing I could do right now to drive you insane with desire?”
  • “You make the sexiest sounds when you’re with me in bed.”
  • “The way your lips are used makes me weak in the knees,”
  • “Have any of you ever played with someone outside?” “If not, you might like to.”
  • “My toys are no good substitute for the real thing …”
  • “I am taking control now. Tell me what you should do, and I will tell you how you feel about it.”
  • “Sounds like you’re dirty today. “I think I may have to punish you.”
  • “I love how much you turn me on,”
  • “Pleasing me while thinking about you is rapidly becoming one of my favorite pastimes.”
  • “Does it make you happy to think about me pleasing yourself?”
  • “Wouldn’t you love to be in a trio?”
  • “Are there any jobs you would love to take on?”
  • “I keep replaying what you did last night to me over and over in the back of my head.”
  • “Would you like to skinny dip with me sometime soon?”
  • “Sorry for the dirty words I screamed last night with You… it’s difficult to keep clean lips when you make me feel so dirty.”
  • “Your bed, mine later – I don’t care, so long as clothes aren’t involved.”
  • “Let’s exchange nudes.”

100+ Sexy Text Messages That Will Make Him Crave You

Sexting Tips for Guys

Create suspense

The buildup is one of the best things about sex. Foreplay is a great way to get in the right frame of mind and prepare your body for sex.

There’s another advantage to this: it makes everyone want more. When a movie has a suspenseful plot, you get more excited about the ending. It happens in your bedroom.

Don’t rush to the end and ruin everything. Take your time. Teach him. You don’t always get a response in a matter of seconds.

This strategy will make him beg for your help in no time.

Get descriptive.

Although you don’t have to be a writer to sext, you must know how to describe. By describing the experience in detail, you can make him feel like he is a part of it. This is especially important for long-distance relationships, as you may be unable to compensate for your lackluster sexting with the real deal as often.

Are you unsure how to explain things? It would be best if you told him the basics.

You’ll be able to tell him how you feel, look, think, and what you’re doing.

Send pictures and videos if you feel comfortable.

You can add illustrations to your story, just like in a book. As long as it is easy, you can illustrate your descriptions with photos and videos.

Are you ready to jump in the shower? Please send him a photo of yourself in the bathroom to prove it.

Did you tell him you were using a toy? Please send him a video and ask for one back.

You will both be involved in the enjoyment. It’s even more critical if you are in a long-distance relationship. Pictures and videos can compensate for what you can’t do in person.

You don’t have to send him videos or pictures if you are still in a new relationship. With very descriptive text, you can make up the difference.

Do not be afraid to lead.

Let us tell you a little secret. Many men love it when women lead in romance and the bedroom. It’s irresistible to find a woman who knows what she wants.

You can let your man take control. If you’re lucky, the right guy will take control.

You can turn up the heat occasionally and take charge of your affairs. You can be the one to start sexting him in the evening. Surprise him with a sensual picture. Tell him exactly what you want.

Your satisfaction and his will be almost guaranteed. He’ll also appreciate your willingness to show him exactly what he needs.

Check out the room.

There is a time and place for everything, even sex. There aren’t many men who want to start sex with them, even if they’re physically motivated.

It’s essential to learn how to read his mood. You don’t have to be a mind reader to know your man. Just use common sense.

You probably won’t want to sext while he’s at work or with his family. (At the very least, you shouldn’t do it until you know him better and understand his boundaries. You may also want to offer another way to help him feel better after a terrible day or when he has had an emergency.

You’ll eventually develop a sixth sense of the best time to tempt him.

Please take note of his favorite things.

Most men won’t hide their desires from you. If they do, it’s a sign that something else is happening. He’ll tell you about his interests, even if they’re shy.

Pay attention to those hints. You should pay attention to those things that most likely make him smile. For example, he may be unable to keep his hands away from you when you dress in a particular manner… or he might bring up something you have done to him every night.

These are his sexual weaknesses. These are his weaknesses in sexual affairs.

Are you having trouble understanding what your husband wants? Ask him. It can be awkward, but mature men will openly tell you their fantasies.

It can also be quite entertaining. We are confident. When you ask him about his bedroom fantasies and secret fetishes, you may see his eyes lighten up.

How to make him love you more than anything

Your relationship will benefit greatly from your ability to sext. He will be a sexter if you are strong.

We understand that learning to text well can be challenging. You need some writing skills, and not everyone can do it well. While How a Man Can Text has some helpful tips, you might still need more guidance.

We’d be happy to refer you to other experts in this case. Our program can help you learn more about men’s needs. You’ll then be able to understand men better and know what to text them.