100+ Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh Easily

Can you send him flirty messages to make him smile and laugh (and get his motor going)?

You’ll love our large collection of flirty text messages.

Continue reading to find over 100 text messages that will make him smile!

100+ Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh Easily

Flirty text to make him laugh

It’s not always easy to make a guy smile, especially if he’s a charming and sexy man who’s heard it all before.

You’ll be able to score if you have the right funny texts and a little flirtatiousness (either outright or implied)

These are our top picks for flirty and funny text messages (broken down into sections for your convenience).

Innocent, but flirty funny texts

  • In a joke or flirty message, use his full name.
  • You can say something more sensual to him than you would normally.
  • Give the man some information about what makes him sexy.
  • Ask him more questions than you would normally.
  • Briefly mention sexual positions/things you are interested in trying (or would like to) but keep it civil.
  • He will believe you are busier than you are
  • Over time, reveal more embarrassing stories and sexual facts about yourself.
  • Give the man time to return your messages. Don’t respond quickly.
  • Ask him a very innocent, but flirty question such as “How’s it hanging?” and “What’s up?”
  • Ask them to rescue you from your miserable home life and to grab you up
  • Tell the guy to send you a funny cartoon of your favourite animal, and that it’s your imaginary friend
  • Have some fun with your guy and start a competition over something innocent and amusing.
  • As if the topic were serious, deepen your discussion with them.
  • You can playfully tease the man a bit about their name, job or other personal matters.
  • Ask the man if they missed you and then ask them to explain more in detail.
  • Tell them what you would like to do on your first or next date.

Flirty Messages with a Personal Touch

  • Together, you and I make things difficult… and that’s something I love a lot.
  • I think you remind me of my next boyfriend. Isn’t it interesting?
  • It’s hard to believe that I am telling you this, but speaking with you is always the highlight of my day.
  • I’m willing to bet that if you were a triangle, you would be an acute one
  • What do you think about my appearance? How do you feel about the way you see me? I want my friends to know…
  • I have dreamt of you every night this week and I don’t know why.
  • I wanted to send you a poem, which would explain my feelings right now. Here it is: Violets are red, Roses are Blue, and I get horny just thinking about you.
  • If it was possible, I would love you more on days that end in “y”, but it isn’t. You are the best thing I love.
  • When I get your body, I won’t want anyone else (insert the name in the song lyrics here).
  • Although I am not a professional photographer, I can still picture us together.
  • You just came home from Walmart with a brand-new mattress. Come over immediately
  • Are you more fond of brunettes or blondes? I need a friend…
  • Your beauty is amazing, but your smile is what makes you shine the most.
  • I had never believed in love at first sight. But then I met you.
  • Hello, Mister. Are you from Tennessee? You’re the only ten that I see.
  • Everyone disappears instantly when you approach them. Are you a magician?
  • I have had many naughty thoughts about Mister Man today… want to hear the best?
  • Just knowing that you are the hottest song right now, I know it.

100+ Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh Easily

Romantic Funny Texts

  • I tried to write something romantic for you, but the message was too long.
  • Are you connected to Google? You have everything I need
  • You were showing off whatever Gods gave you, and I’m a huge fan
  • Are you ready to believe in love after the first text? Or should I send you several hundred times more?
  • Just wanted to let you know that you are my favourite distraction of all time
  • Do you want to be free for the rest of your life, Mister Because I sure am
  • Could you send me a photo? I would like to show Santa what Christmas I want this year
  • Are you related to Siri? You auto-complete me
  • Baby, there’s no sunshine after you’re gone
  • My heart feels locked down without you, baby.
  • I would love to be a cat so that I could share my nine lives with you.
  • I believe I am addicted to you. I feel like I need a fix right away.
  • It’s a pleasure to get to know you and all that goes inside of your head.
  • I’m so cold in my bed. I wish I could have a cuddle buddy to warm me up.
  • Although we only saw each other last night I still miss you so much.
  • I keep counting down the seconds until I see you again ….. Does that mean I miss you?
  • Let me ask you a serious question: On a scale from one to America, how free are you tonight?
  • You are my sunshine. When I think about you, my day is brighter
  • I want to let you know that I treasure all of the memories we shared and it’s time for us to make more.

Flirty texts that are centred around your non-existent love life (and song lyrics)

  1. Hi, Mister! Would you be interested to explore some sexual positions and make some emotional investments?
  2. This song makes me think about you and I keep it playing on repeat
  3. Your love is more than my favourite ice cream (up to now, eating ice cream was the definition of love).
  4. Smile and the world stops to stare at you for a while.
  5. Would you believe me if I said that you have a beautiful physique?
  6. I’m sure you live at home with your parents. Call me if there’s nobody else.
  7. We should both be dancing in our sheets.
  8. I will be your baby tonight (or whatever you wish me to be)
  9. Are you smart, too? You’re my new boo! I want my men to be smart and sexy.
  10. It’s sometimes called a one-night stand but it can also be called an all-night-we are-can stand.
  11. I hope that you won’t mind me putting down in words the wonderful life you have had while you’re here.
  12. You’re so contagious. It’s too much. Let’s make it happen, my baby.
  13. We’re already together in my head
  14. Everything you say can and should be used against you. Please only use my name
  15. I want to take you on a walk through wildflower fields. I also want to check for ticks.
  16. It was a feeling that you were missing me.
  17. Finally, my love is here. My days of loneliness are gone. Life is like a song.
  18. I love you so deeply that you can feel it inside.
  19. My peace of mind is yours.
  20. I wish every kiss could never end.
  21. Bring me to your heart. It’s there that my heart belongs
  22. You make me feel at home when I’m just you and you are my only companion
  23. My heart is broken and I am all strung out. I just can’t get you off my mind
  24. I am attracted to you because of the way that you move.
  25. I feel so thirsty… Isn’t your entire body made up of water? -smile-
  26. I have been so busy today that I feel like I am going insane. Do you want to distract me?
  27. Although texting is excellent, how can you see those muscles in person?
  28. What would you print on your warning label if people brought in a warning label?
  29. I can’t wait for you to have me back again. Would you rather I will be at the top? I love both!
  30. I look forward to seeing you tonight…
  31. I have been thinking about you… but it has been far away from PG. -wink wink-
  32. You’re adorable even over text. I want to squeeze your cheeks and fust the crap out of it.
  33. Which spoon do you prefer? Asking for a friend…
  34. It’s only 8 AM and I have been thinking about you constantly.
  35. Would you rather I wear a very short skirt or a skirt tonight?
  36. Aren’t your charm just too charming? Just thinking about you brings a smile to my face
  37. Waiting for the woman’s first move is a good idea.
  38. One way I would love to make my day more enjoyable is with you and me on all fours.
  39. You would be amazed at the sexy outfit that I am wearing right now.
  40. Congratulations, young padawan. Congratulations, young padawan! Brace yourself! I won’t stop unleashing my full power on thee when I see you next!
  41. Last night, I had a vivid vision about you… and I woke up sticky.
  42. I could text you all night… *cough*…
  43. I can promise you that I will always be there for you, except when I am underneath or on top of your head (but you won’t mind, right?)
  44. I still have the big, goofy smile that you put on me last night, Mister… I also smell exactly like you.
  45. I wish I could be there to press the snooze on my alarm clock in the morning… then hit all your buttons.
  46. A serious realization occurred to me: My bed is always more comfortable when I am in it. So why aren’t we?
  47. I cannot sleep… my muscles hurt… I blame YOU for all that.

100+ Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh Easily

Flirty Dares

  • Good morning! Good morning!
  • I challenge you to take a selfie in your most sexy outfit and send it to meow
  • I challenge you to get in my bed naked, waiting for me when I return home today
  • Imagine all the fun and flirty times we could have if I were at your house or mine (I dare you to quit what you are doing and come over).
  • I challenge you to send me a photo of your favourite body part… nude… and then delete it (so that I have the original).
  • I challenge you to choose a food item for me to eat… then, make me a full plate
  • If you kiss me tonight, I won’t be responsible for what happens next. (I dare you to kiss me and find out).
  • I challenge you to send me a photo of yourself wearing your favourite underwear.

How can you make someone smile over text?

It’s not difficult to make someone smile via text. Send a few selfies to make a guy smile or laugh. This will do the trick. You could also send a smiley message by focusing on something that you are passionate about or find funny.

How can I make my boyfriend blush over text?

Are you ready to make your boyfriend blush? Take a selfie and lift your shift. Are you going to make his cheeks blush red or purple? Snap a selfie with the “down there” goods and drop your britches. His whole world will be rocked, forget blushing.

Are Dares a Good Way to Flirt With A Guy Through Text?

A flirty dare text can be a great way to flirt with someone you like. A dare is something that guys will accept by their nature. Make sure you choose the right ones. If he isn’t used to the opposite sex, he will notice that you are flirting with him. You both decide where things take you.

What are the best funny things to say in flirty texts?

It all depends on who you are sending flirty messages to and how close you are to the person. Sometimes a simple joke or inside joke can suffice. Other times, it may be necessary to send your crush hilarious texts.

What are some hot, sweet, funny and flirty texts?

This list contains lots of flirty, but not too sweet, text message ideas. You might also like our 101+ Spicy Dares for Him post.

Dad jokes are a way to flirt with guys who have kids.

If he is a father, dad jokes are a great way of getting into the heart of a man. However, not all men like to be reminded they are dads (if they don’t have custody of their kids – or feel that being a father makes them feel old).

What is my boyfriend’s idea of “Flirty texts”?

Your boyfriend may have a different idea of flirty texting than yours, especially if you express yourself to other men. Many guys are protective and/or jealous. Ladies, choose your battles well.

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