What To Do If A Guy Touches Your Breast

  1. As a woman, breasts are one of the beautiful creations made, especially for you. They give more figure and serves in many ways, especially in childbearing. Breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. Try read what does it mean when a guy touches your breast while kissing to learn about it too.  “what to do if a guy touches your breast”


To answer your question, what to do when a guy touches your breasts? This question has two different meanings, one is when you drive it to the positive part, and the other is the negative part.


So if you are interested to know what to do if a guy touches your breast, kindly read this article carefully as it is designed to give you the meaning. And the action to take both in positive aspects or the negative aspect of it.


What to do if a guy touches your breasts?

Positive Aspect

When you are in a relationship with a guy, and you both are into each other, both sharing of feelings, emotions and sexually attracted, it is possible that you guy may touch your breast because he is now more relax with you.

When your man touches your breasts, there are so many things it signifies. They are listed below 


  1. It shows that your guy got attracted to the looks of your breasts.

This is because both of you are in a relationship, and you both are very close to each other. So seeing you around him always will draw his eyes and mind around your body as well as your breasts, which will make him touch you.

What to do when he touches your breasts as regards this particular reason.

If both of you are in love and you also have the same feelings for him, there’s nothing else to do rather than comply. But remember, if you allow him to continue, it might eventually take another shape. So the ball is in your court.


  1. It shows that your guy is in the mood and want to drive you into it too.

When your guy starts to  touch your breasts, it shows that he wants to draw your attention towards his needs per that particular time. He is trying to make you horny to change the current mood to an emotional one only if you comply with him, then it will work.

At this point, you may not be able to resist him  because he is your guy, but always try to watch the manner to which he started the act so that it won’t be in any form of disrespect. So you also have the right to resist him if you don’t need him at that time. It’s a decision that you will make for yourself, and it will not be by force or by any means of fighting, it’s a matter of using your sense so as not to offend him, since he is your man.


So to answer your question, if your guy wants to touch your breasts or he already touched your breasts, there’s nothing terrible in it. He’s your guy, and you are the only person that is in the position to comply with him or not. But your actions should not be harsh because both of you are into a relationship.

Before being in a romantic relationship, you supposed to understand that such a thing is bound to happen at any moment. It depends on how you want it, and it will be known to him too, to know if to continue or not.

If you did not wish to have any sexual activities, you are supposed to tell him, and he will accept that so that when such a thing happens, you will be able to defend it.


Negative Aspect


What to do if a guy touches your breast

If a guy touches your breast without your concept and both of you are not into any kind of relationship. You have all right to react, and it may include- 

  1. You can slap him
  2. Caution him seriously
  3. Push him away
  4. Torture him
  5. Make him apologize to you.


You make this decision, any of these punishments that you may choose is right because it’s a disrespect to you and your womanhood. But you can do that if he purposely did it and you are sure that it wasn’t a mistake.


What to do when a guy touches your breasts by mistake

What to do when a guy touches your breasts by mistake


When a guy touches your breasts by mistake, there are things you may likely do to the person which are;


  1. Frown at him immediately
  2. Let him understand that he made a mistake, especially if he is claiming to be right.
  3. Slap him if he didn’t accept that he is sorry.
  4. Ignore him if you notice that he is not aware of it.
  5. Change position and move on with whatever you are doing.

All these are what you should do when a guy touches your breasts, knowingly or unknowingly.

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