Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

Safe journey messages. Prayers for a safe journey and journey SMS. Your love is back home after a long absence. Your long-distance relationship will soon end and your beloved is extremely near to you. The best thing you can do is wish them a safe trip and send them a safe journey home via text messages, and make them understand that you cannot be waiting to see them again by sending the safe journey messages to them. Your prayers for safe travels could make a difference and can mean many things to the person you love. Send him a message saying Have a safe journey my girlfriend or boyfriend and let them know that you’re thinking of them.

The prayers for safe travel shouldn’t be restricted to just your loved ones. You could also share your prayers with your colleagues at work who are travelling between countries. After you have been praying for their safety, you are also able to show concern by sending your prayer of security and guidance to them. It makes sense to show concern for their well-being and they will certainly appreciate it.

Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

I hope you have a safe trip praying for you and your heart

  1. I am sure you are scared of lengthy-distance travel But be sure that God will be with you every step of the journey. He will be there to protect you and guide you as you travel to Nigeria. Wish you a safe journey, my love!
  2. I’ve waited many years and am so glad to see you soon arrive back home. Everything is set to welcome you. All that is left to do now is to hope for a safe trip to your new home, sweet baby. God will be with you all the journey.
  3. I’ve missed you for a long time and I am so excited to welcome you back. My prayer for a safe journey for you has not gone to waste. Therefore, I am sending you this Safe Journey SMS to send you a safe journey home. God can be there for you throughout the journey.
  4. I pray that God keeps you safe. Let him help you. Your journey should be secure and easy. Have every reason to be grateful to God upon your arrival. Enjoy your journey with safety. God will be with you throughout the journey. Cheers
  5. The plane you are flying on will not crash. It will not crash land at all.

The journey will be comfortable and secure for you as well as all passengers on the plane

Take your time and rest, and ask God to bless you before beginning your journey

Have a safe flight dear

My best wishes

  1. You won’t travel if your feet are watery

The world’s population will never require your blood.

You’ll enjoy a safe flight and be able to experience heaven and the glory of God

We will be able to praise God for your safety on the road

Enjoy your journey with me, my heart

  1. I hope that the sky will be crystal clear and that there will not be clouds or rain. I hope that the pilot has clear eyes and that the flight is smooth and easy. I wish you a safe journey, my dear. I pray that God’s hands are with you throughout the journey. Enjoy a safe trip back home
  2. I’m sure the aircraft is comfortable. I am confident that the engines are in good condition and running properly. I am confident that the pilots are safe and sound. I was assured by God who informed me to trust him. I wish you the most secure journey back home. Your safety is assured, my dear. God bless you. God be with you.
  3. They will surely tell you to buckle your seatbelts but you might not have an excuse to buckle them unless you’re landing after an accident. I pray that God keeps you safe, my dear. Make sure you are safe on your way home!
  4. Thank you Father as set out on this new journey. I pray that God is with you and let his angels be with you every moment of the journey. Safe journey my dear

Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

Prayer for a Safe Journey

  1. God will be with you and guide you when you enter the air. God will be watching over all you perform. He will shield you from all kinds of incidents. He will safeguard your body and your soul from all dangers. He will be there for you all the journey. Enjoy your trip safely!
  2. He sent his angel down to guard you. I am sure of this. He will safeguard you during this journey that you are about to embark on. He will help you navigate and prepare your body and soul to stand up to any storm that could occur on the way. He will bring you peace, as the journey is going to be long. He will help you make the right choices on the air. I pray that God keeps you safe. Enjoy your trip in peace.
  3. The Lord of all The creator of all that is within. We pledge (mention the name of his creator) to your hands. You will be his companion for the journey. Wear him your protective armour. Guard him safe from dangers that might come. Shower him in your safety as he begins his journey with Jesus Christ. Amen
  4. You are the Lord of Heaven, of land, and the seas. You are the Lord of the old and the young. The Lord of children and the old. The Lord of humans and animals who walk, as well as birds in the air. We ask for your mercy and protection, God, in this adventure and pray that you grant drivers the strength to endure this journey. Amen
  5. Dear Lord, protect us Be with us, help us and shield us when we begin this journey. Give us your love and guide us on the air, the roads and the water.
  6. Bring us to the place of peace, O God. We pray to you through your plan to help us to navigate our journey. Our prayer is that the traveller will reach his goal. We pray that his journey is safe and smooth. We pray that the traveller can navigate through the risk during the journey. We ask that you be generous and allow grace to allow our travellers to be able to see the journey through until the very end. We pray for the blessings that you will grant us. We pray that nothing bad will happen to our travellers when the journey begins. We are grateful for everything.
  7. The road will be ablaze and become your friend.

The winds will blow and will direct your direction.

It will be dawn, and illuminate your way

The rain will fall , and give a reasonable amount of road friction

God is in charge of the wheels

Then he’ll step onto the acceleration, and then the break

My prayers for a safe journey for you

Take care to travel safely                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  1. My prayers for a safe journey for you

Let the angels guard you

Today, be with me.

Every instrument I have used in the journey

Do your best to work in your favor

The heavens are with You

When you begin your long journey

I wish you a safe journey. you

Have a wonderful time!

  1. Dear God

Pay attention to my voice, I ask you to hear my prayers.

Safe travel is everything. I ask for.

To my amazing friend

Please extend your arm in security and guidance

To ensure that they arrive safely at the journey’s conclusion

Let him be able to see the road ahead

Be blessed by his ability to handle the conditions of the weather

Your angel will be escorting him

And we will forever be thankful to you in your name.

  1. I hope that you will travel with the great God

Be sure to pray prior to boarding the plane

Take a safe trip, God will be your guide

  1. I am certain God will send angels to guide and guard you.

All throughout your journey

Have a safe journey

  1. in the name of Jesus when you embark on this journey. God the Father will give his protection over you. God is the Son who will ease your anxieties and soothe you. God and his spirit be with you all the process
  2. You are the Lord who is always present

The air and the on the water and on the ground

I am sure that you will be able to cover me.

Through this rainy, dark night

I’m sure you’ll come back at dawn

I’m sure that you’ll be with me to support me throughout this journey.

  1. Dear God

Please take care of my friend as the day begins.

Let your guidance guide the pilot as well as the members of the plane crew.

We ask you to protect each living thing on the planet today.

My friend may find peace while he makes the process

Your joy may never end in the life of your son

Keep him safe in your protection

In Jesus Christ our love


  1. I want to thank you for your unending love for each of us

I ask for the hand of God for your journey today, when you set out today

I’m sure the trip isn’t very long however, anything can happen at the shortest distance

I hope that God who has begun the journey will finish it for you.

Follow God

Take care to travel safely

  1. Best wishes for your journey

I wish you all the best for every moment

Always remember that I’ll be there to be your host all day long

Enjoy your trip with a safe and delicious one

  1. Tomorrow will be better than the present.

Your day will be just like never before.

I wish you a safe trip today

Have fun while you’re traveling

Safe journey dear

  1. The road might be rough

You could feel your legs shake

I love you dearly and I pray that you get home safe

I love you dearly.

Enjoy your journey with me, my heart

God will be your God.

  1. You’re here now

Only difference the plane that will land at the airport

We’re waiting for your call already

You can rest sure that God is thinking of you

You’ve worked hard lately.

You’re entitled to every bit of the resources you’ve got

I pray that God assist you in your journey as you begin your journey

He will be with you throughout the air and the water of the Atlantic

Enjoy your trip safely my loved ones.

God is with you

  1. God is with you every day and always

God is with you in all of your choices

God will be your God while you’re heading your way

God be with you , baby!

Enjoy your trip in safety

  1. I’m usually nervous about flying, but I take comfort in knowing that we are serving an eternal God and I am sure that the God who has always been our protector will continue to safeguard us in all of our actions. I’ve missed you so much that I want to be with you as soon as you are here. Have a safe trip dear.
  2. I am unable to join you from here until there. All that I have to do is hope that you can safely get here from there. I’m sure that, when the time comes when you arrive, you will be with me in my home upon arrival and share with me the tales of your journeys as well as the gifts that you bought for me. Be safe on your trip!
  3. I can’t get you safely back from that. My only option at this moment would be to wish you a safe trip and Godspeed. We will be here in safety. Be well rested as you journey and keep in mind that God is there with you. Safe journey!
  4. When family members have travelled for a long period and the time has come to go home, they return home. I’ve missed you so many times and I am satisfied that you were capable of achieving the goals you set out to do. It’s a wonderful achievement you’ve accomplished and, as we asked for your prayers, you accomplished the feat too. Now it is time to return home. Make sure you travel safely, my dear.
  5. God is close to his beloved people. He is never absent or forsakes them. He stands by them and guards them no matter where they are. He has been there for you throughout the years, and I am certain he will be the same for you when you journey down to visit us. Have a safe trip dear. I pray that God is there with you!
  6. Let us, with a joyful heart, sing praises to the Lord because he is kind. His mercies endure forever. He is always reliable and never fails to be sure. He has promised us that you will arrive here safely, and we are thrilled and eagerly waiting for your arrival. We have all long since missed your presence. Enjoy your journey.
  7. I’m sure that you have plenty of stories to share. I’m sure that you’ve got plenty of stories to tell. We are delighted to see that you’ve decided to move back home. We are very grateful to you that you’ve accomplished more than we ever thought you could. We are incredibly grateful to God that we will get to see each other again. Be safe on your journey, my dear. I pray that God keeps you safe on your journey.
  8. Your closet was suffused with dust from years of neglect. Don’t fret I’ve cleaned your bedroom for you. Your room misses you and I’m certain that you will too. While you travel down here, I’ll be waiting in your room for you. Have a safe trip dear. The blessings and protection of God be with you throughout your journey.
  9. God’s direction for us is evident. The decisions of God are apparent. God has chosen the choice for you. I am pleased to have embarked on this journey in the guidance that is the direction of God within your own life. I wish you a safe journey throughout your journey and I wish you all the success in the course of your life. Safe journey dearie!
  10. You’re a safe driver, I am sure of that, but I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I will keep you always in my prayers and thoughts. We wish you a safe trip and a wonderful time in the car that is less stressful and much more enjoyable. We’ll see you once you arrive home. Keep yourself in peace!
  11. I’m sure you’re secure already. I am sure I will be seeing you soon. I am sure you cannot be waiting to go back home. It’s been a long wait and I am glad that you’re returning, finally! Please be a safe sweetheart and will God help you along your way and your path!
  12. Whatever the hardships of life can be I would like the world to understand that person has never made it to the threshold towards success and has not had to walk through failures. You’ve had plenty of obstacles and struggles and I would like to ensure you that you are safe when you return home. Have a safe trip dear.
  13. I consider you my friend and I will always appreciate your friendship. While we may not have the opportunity to talk and chat each day but you’ve remained a constant within my soul. I am concerned about your journey which is why I send you my best wishes for a safe journey to Nigeria. God will be with you and shield you when you travel to Nigeria.
  14. I am thrilled to hear that you’ll be visiting shortly. I am truly happy I will be able to chat about your career and life. I am missing your intellect and hope to see you again soon. Have a safe trip dear.
  15. You promised to achieve it, and you’ve accomplished it. You’ve achieved something unattainable. You’ve achieved the unimaginable and you’ve inspired me to believe that wherever you have life, there’s hope. As you set off on the journey of your life today I would like to ensure you that your journey is safe and I hope you make it there in good spirits. Godspeed dear!
  16. Your trip should be a relaxing one. Let your day be blessed with many joys and plenty of reasons to be grateful to God as you arrive. Have a safe trip dear. God keep you safe!
  17. Let the heavens roar and let the sun shine so shining. This is your homecoming, and I am so excited to be with you at my with me. We’ll talk about the good moments and reflect on what the future will unfold. We’ll be satisfied and reflect on the exciting times we’ve had in the past. In the end, we will be grateful to God for allowing us to be here today and to have a reason to be alive. Be grateful.

A prayer for safe travel to your loved ones shouldn’t be absent from your lips. It doesn’t matter how far or the method of transport, water, road or air. Always ensure that you speak your safe travel message to them, even if you make sure to send a safe journey prayer text message to them.

Safe journey prayer messages

Safe journey prayer messages

  1. When you begin this journey, I’m praying that the road is cleared of bad people and road accidents. The Lord will be with you throughout the journey until you reach home.
  2. Thank God Lord for all He has accomplished in your life. May He never fail to see you through all your journeys and never let you feel ashamed to even once.
  3. I am devastated that the person I love the most is leaving, but I hope you find peace during this journey. Let your dream come true with peace and harmony.
  4. I’ll miss your smile, laughter and play, among other qualities about you. You are special, and that is why I am so in love with you. Safe journey.
  5. Concentrate on what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ll never fail in whatever you are doing And the Lord will protect you throughout the process.
  6. Thank Lord for the gift of life. Lord has given me life and I’m putting my family’s future in your care, and pray that you ensure their safety throughout the process.
  7. Let the Lord be with you on this journey. He will protect you from high road rubbers, or any other accident until we come back.
  8. I wish you a relaxing journey. May the Lord connect your heart with peace and direct your driver to be at the fastest speed that gets you to the destination.
  9. We wish you peace on this wonderful journey. It will make you better and your success will be with you. You will be greatly missed here.
  10. The reality is that I’ll be so sad because I don’t have another person like you. You are truly special and my joy comes from being with you. Safe journey.
  11. God will always be with you and give you a healthy and sound body. There will always be peace within your heart. While you are on the journey of life, ask that God will through the Lord allow you to realize the conclusion of your journey.
  12. You’ll always be content in your life and the Lord will make sure you are with joy in this amazing adventure of your life. Take a wonderful journey.
  13. As you get ready for your journey I pray to have you will have the Lord give you unending happiness and give you enjoy a serene journey which will yield the success you desire.
  14. Thank God for having spared our lives until now We are about to begin the journey that you knew about before you even thought of it. Lord take us in the right direction.
  15. I hope you have the best for this memorable voyage, may you be able to fulfil your goals and return to your home with wealth and abundance.
  16. The Lord will guard you, and provide you with all the strength you require in this journey. I hope that your success on this journey will bring plenty of happiness to you.
  17. You’ll always be blessed in whatever you do and the Lord will make it easy for you. I am so happy for you. Safe journey my dear.
  18. Being loved by you is a wonderful joy for the heart. Wishing you a happy day ahead and hope you will be in great shape as we expect of you.
  19. I will forever miss your presence. You are a wonderful person, and that is why I’m ready to live my entire existence with you. Be safe on your way.
  20. Since the day you parted ways I’ve been sad for the one I love for the rest of my life. I love you with all my heart and hope that you see me soon.

Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

Long paragraphs for a secure trip for lovers

  1. I am very happy to learn that you’ll be visiting shortly. This news has truly been a blessing to me that I am unable to talk about you with all my acquaintances. I’m sure you’ll be with my dear daughter. Is dad okay? you’re fine? I’ll be waiting for you when you get ready for your visit. I am so grateful to you. This is why I pray to see you succeed in your life forever and always.
  2. Baby, I love you so much. From the time you left, I’ve struggled to sleep well. All my thoughts have been running through my mind. I often think of you when eating, sleeping, or doing anything else on this earth. Your love for me has filled my heart. I cherish you and hope for your safety.
  3. If I gaze at you with my eyes, I can see your love burning like a fire. Your eyes are filled with a burning desire for me to spend time with you. I am here too, lady. I’ve missed you and in reality, I’m sad and would love to meet at any time in the future. I cherish you with all my heart. Safe journey.
  4. Thank you for all your help I was so pleased to hear that you’ll be heading home shortly. I wish you a safe journey. I pray that the path towards your goal is protected by the angels who are merciful your journey will be more relaxed and you won’t be able to feel regretful about your journey.
  5. You are unique and that is the reason I cherish you more than any other person on earth. Your beautiful smile always captivates my spirit and helps me to feel at ease to be around you. I cherish you with unending love. This journey will be a blessing more than you could ever imagine.
  6. I’m not sure how I can thank you enough to let you know how you have impacted my life has truly transformed my life. Your words of wisdom will never cease to be a part of my thoughts. I hope that you are safe and pray that your accomplishments will increase by the end of time.
  7. I’m hoping to see you soon to be a part of this amazing celebration together. I’m so excited to be reunited with you. I pray that God the Lord be with you with a lot of affection and help you become one of the top individuals in the world. I love you with a lot of love. I wish you a great journey.
  8. Every time I gaze into those eyes I can see the children of my family and mothers. I am hoping to meet you soon, and I pray that the Lord keep you safe for the remainder of the time. I love you as the king loves his queen. I would sacrifice my life for you all the way that your life is at risk from anyone. I wish you a safe journey.
  9. I am so attracted to your life. You are very special and loving. I hope you have the very best in the world and hope that everything you require will be in your fingers. My wish is to be with you soon to ensure that we come together again and never leave. Be safe on your way.
  10. Thank God Lord for all you’ve accomplished in my life. you gave me an amazing woman who is taking care of me and my children. She is amazing and gorgeous. Her personality is among the most impressive that I have observed in the world. Enjoy your journey with safety.

Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

Prayers for a safe journey someone you love

  • If I had known you’d be arriving shortly I would have announced to the world that a magnificent man is set to come to my home. In reality, I am overwhelmed with happiness that we will be reunited. I love you.
  • You are my most trusted friend, the most incredible one I have ever had in my life for me. Thank you for all your assistance when I needed it most. You’re simply the most fascinating friend I’ve ever met. Safe journey.
  • This trip is going to be a huge benefit to you, and you will not regret it. The vision and purpose for this trip will be fulfilled effortlessly, and in the end, you will have your smile back on.
  • I would like to wish that I wish you a safe journey with my dear friend. I hope you have a safe journey on your way to where you are. I pray that God will protect you on your return journey.
  • I cherish you as a friend and it’s my delight to hear that you’re travelling to conduct business. I hope you have a safe trip and have a lot of luck when you get there.
  • I am constantly thinking about the fact you’re on this journey at this moment. However, I have confidence in you. I pray to the Lord to lead you on your way back home.
  • Thank you so much for attending my wedding. If you weren’t there at my wedding, what else can I say or do other than say that you are a friend and care about me? You travelled from a distance. Your journey is safe my dear friend.
  • I will never forget to thank God for the opportunity to meet a wonderful person like you You will never get bored of this world. Safe journey my dear friend.
  • You’re the most reliable friend I’ve ever had in my life. That is the reason I picked you to be my most trusted friend. When you embark on travelling through this life I hope that you are healthy all the way.
  • Thank you for all your help at the recently concluded wedding. I wish you a safe return safely to your loved ones. You are very special, and my wish for you is longevity and success.

Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

Prayers for a safe and long journey for girlfriends

  1. I’d like to be able to be with you all the days of your lives so we could spend much more quality time. I’m not sure how I can say thank you enough for being there for me when I needed you the most. I love you beyond words and pray that all you want will be given your way by God. Be safe on your way.
  2. You are a wonderful person, a lovely lady and my number one among millions of ladies. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I’d like to meet you shortly. I would like us to hold hands, and experience the love of the love that is between us. I wish you a safe journey.
  3. I’d love for you to look into my heart to discover how much I love and am completely in love. If there’s another woman who is more caring or loving than you I can’t imagine her replacing me with my love. You are the most valuable value in my life, and I will cherish you throughout the rest of my life.
  4. The thought of you is always a wonderful moment in my life, but to be able to meet you before I do is the most beautiful thing that fills me with joy the most. I hope you have the best on this journey you begin. Do you wish that the Lord accomplish your goals for you?
  5. You’re the kind of woman I would like to live my entire life with. You’re cool and the most beautiful woman around. I would have loved to be there with me. Perhaps I’d be the most content man on earth. I am waiting for you and hope for a safe trip for you.
  6. Thank God Lord God for your gift to us. and may you have peace of mind in all you do? You are truly the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I pray to the Lord to help you fulfil the goal of your journey and keep yourself from the evil people who could cause trouble for you.
  7. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you are blessed with wealth and good health. There will be no regrets during this exciting adventure you’re on. You will be blessed in the end, and a smile will appear on your face as if the light of an enthralling lamp.
  8. Thanks for sharing with me wonderful appreciation and compassion. It has given me strength joy and joy. I will not stop loving your unconditionally until I am gone from this world. I will cherish you forever regardless of any situation that could occur between us. Safe journey my dear angel. Let your face be loved by a smile.
  9. An accident-free trip to my dear partner, a positive journey to the woman I cherish from the corners of my heart through the nooks of my innocent mind. I hope you have a safe trip and hope you will meet the most wonderful person that will alter your life and mine for the better.
  10. There are criminals on the road. I pray that your car does not come across them. I hope to the gods that angels as guardians will accompany you throughout the journey. I would like to wish you the very most success in your life.

After you’ve read my selection of safe journey prayers for your loved ones. Choose a few and send them a message with a wish for a safe journey!