Who Do I Share A Birthday With?

A birthday is one of the most important and special day in every one’s life and it is worth sharing, inorder to make it colourful and memorable. Few days before your birthday, you get to notice that you are wondering or contemplating who do i share a birthday with.

Questions like “who is the most important person in my life?, “Can I share it with my best friends, school mates, church members or peers? These questions keep on going on in your mind, that most atimes you forget to share it with people that matters most in your life. These are the set of people that is advisable for you to share your birthday with.


Family they say is always a family, no matter the misunderstanding, dispute, crisis or whatsoever, family remains a family, because blood they say is thicker than water. They are the first people to welcome and celebrate your birthday before you begin to associate with the world.

They gathered together rejoiced, dance and took you to church to be prayed for. You came to know your name first from their lips. They are the people who can tell the history of your birth or how you were born. Sometimes, they are even the ones to remind you of your birthday and also remind you of how old you will become.So, family is the first people that should come into your mind to celebrate your birthday with. Members of the family like:








*Nieces and


These includes both from your maternal and paternal side.



This was where you started besides your family. They are the set of people you know after your family. They know you, what you like and what you dislike, they know your strength and your weakness. Sometimes, these set of people can tell more about you than your family.

So, if you can reach your school mates or class mates, reach them, invite them and share your birthday with them, because they were once part of you and you were once in life, a part of them.

Who Do I Share A Birthday With?


These are another set of people you should share your birthday with. When you started growing up, along the journey of life, you began to make a lot of friends, you meet both the good and the bad ones, those who abandoned you along the way and those who  continued with you.

Now listen, when I said you should share your birthday with your friends, I don’t mean any friend. The friends you should share your birthday with are those who has encouraged, motivated, inspired, and believed in you. Those who has stood by you despite the storms of life, are those worth sharing your birthday with.



These are people who you should share your birthday with. People working with you in the same office, company, factory, school, organization, department, shop and so on. These are people you get to see almost every day, you compete, you work, you chat, you struggle, you dialogue and you talk with them on daily basis. They are also part of your life, as long as work or your job is concerned.



You were taken to church after your birth for prayers, dedication and baptism. It is very important that you share your birthday with your church members or your department in the church, for instance, if you are in choir department in church, you can share it with them, if you are in ushering department, you can share your birthday with the ushers and like wise the same if you are in any of the departments in church.

It is said that those who share their birthdays in church always have many more years to live. These set of people prays for you to live long and fulfill your destiny on earth, which is your main purpose of coming into the world.



Children are wonderful creatures and their prayers and wishes goes faster to God than any other person on Earth. They are also symbol of strength, someone once said that strength nowadays resides in children. You can share your birthday with children, gather them, buy the things they like, they will pray for you, dance and celebrate you. Since children are agents of blessing, you activate your blessings when you share your birthday with them.



You can share your birthday with your neighbours(people you live in the same yard or compound with). These are the set of people you wake up to see every morning. They know your best and worst sides. Whether you admit it or not, your neighbours tells more about you more than any other person out there.

They are your mirror because they know your attitude or character more than you do. You can pretend to other people outside, but no, not your neighbours, because they know you with the lines of their palm. You can as well share your birthday with them and I tell you, you might be surprised of how colourful your birthday will turn out to be. Sharing your birthday with them will also enable you to find out what they really think of you and how they value you.

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