when should i lose my virginity

When Should I Lose My Virginity

Losing your virginity is a personal decision and there is no specific age mapped out for a girl to lose her virginity. “when should i lose my virginity

Keeping of virginity is an act that shows how responsible you are, and how well you are been trained. It’s your pride and your dignity, so no one will question you if you lose it and no one will question you if you keep it too. But its better you keep your virginity in order to maintain your respect and dignity, especially for your husband. “when should i lose my virginity”

If your husband happens to be the one to deflower you, you will notice that he will defend you at all cost and protect your safety. You will be happy and nobody will claim that he slept with you in the past, you will be free in the presence of anybody and people will admire you. Not that you will tell everyone that you are a virgin, but your character will define who you are, there’s some extent that you will harbor some certain things, and there are things you will do and things that you won’t do.

“when should i lose my virginity

Your do(s) and don’t(s) will be strict. But when you lose that your pride, you will feel happy and within you, thinking that you have nothing to lose again and that you are matured enough. And that may cause you to be misbehaving especially with the opposite sex, you will be easier to get and you might not call having sex with different men anything, you will feel that its big girl’s way of life and you are now a big girl.

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So many thoughts will distract you, and so many spirit might be following you, because whenever you start having sex with different men, you are automatically connected with the spirit of that person and it will be attached to yours and do many distractions may arise.

“when should i lose my virginity”

To lose your virginity has no definite age, it depends on the mind. If your mind is convinced to do it, fine if not fine, but it is better you don’t do it especially if you are still young, at least do it when you are matured enough to know your left and right, when you can Carter for anything that may rise, when you are capable of knowing when a guy is fooling you. A decision made with open eyes and matured mind is a decision that you are capable of facing at any time.

I believed that we have answered your question and you can now tell that there’s no specific age mapped out for a girl to lose her virginity, so do not listen to anyone that may tell you that there is an age for that. There’s is no side effect for anyone that keeps her virginity. Virginity is just your pride and dignity as a woman.

“when should i lose my virginity”

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