When A Girl Is Hurt Emotionally

So many girls are asking this particular question, and we are here to answer that. Many things hurt girls emotionally, but we will discuss what girls do when they are hurt emotionally. 


Ten things can happen when a girl is hurt emotionally.


  1. When a girl is hurt emotionally, she will be quiet. No amount of things are happening there that will interest her, especially when she is alone. She will see everyone around as the people that are contributing to her problem. She will be calm. She won’t talk to anyone unless she decides to.
  2. When a lady is hurt, she will like to be left alone. She will be indoors throughout that period and will avoid any visitors in her room.
  3. If a woman is hurt emotionally, she loves to be reading motivational quotes, and she will also listen to music on her phone and her phone will be her companion.
  4. When a girl is hurt, she will nag everyone around her. It will be hard for you to impress her. She will find it hard to accommodate jokes, especially those jokes that involve the use of a person’s mood. 
  5. When a woman is emotionally hurt, she will be easy to provoke. She can easily pick up an argument, an unnecessary argument.
  6. If a girl is hurt emotionally, her mindset will reset; all she feels are full regrets. If it is a guy that caused that, she will regret ever associating herself with such a person. She will angrily delete the guy’s number from her phone and throw away things that belong to him.
  7. When a girl is hurt, she will wear a frown. She will be outraged, and there will not be a bit of a smile on her face. Her face will show you that she is angry, and her reasoning will always be against men or against the things that caused her pain.
  8. When a girl is hurt, she will be absent-minded. She will be present, but her mind will always travel far from her thinking. Her thinking will not be straight. She will have divided attention.
  9. If a woman is emotionally hurt, she will forget her make-up. She can quickly go out without make-up.
  10. When a lady is hurt, she will be eager to hurt the person that hurt her, no matter how long it may take.

Signs a woman is hurt emotionally?

  • She will be feeling in denial.
  • You will see her look very depressed.
  • There will be a lot of nagging.
  • Complaining about any little thing.
  • She can’t understand anything at that point.

How do you tell if a girl is hurting inside?

  • Anger will be her close friend.
  • You will see her shouting always.
  • She will look very restless.
  • Unless her emotion is calm, she will always quarrel over every little thing.

How do I know if I hurt someone’s feelings?

  • The person will look very disappointed.
  • Will Be very mad at you.
  • The person will be full of tears.
  • There will be much pain and betrayal on his or her face.
  • The person will tell you.

What do you do when you hurt a woman emotionally?

  • Apologise to her.
  • Take all blame, even if you are right.
  • Pet her and buy her gifts.
  • Show her that you are truly sorry.
  • Make her smile and ask her to forget everything.

What does being hurt emotionally feel like?

  • You will like there is no more hope.
  • You will feel as if the whole world is coming to an end.
  • Nothing may matter to you anymore.
  • You will be in a quiet mood.
  • There will be a lot of thoughts in your mind.


We believe you can now understand what happens when a girl is emotionally hurt. Drop your comments if you have any.