Can separation save a marriage?

Can Separation Save A Marriage?
Can Separation Save A Marriage?
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This Yes” and “No” So if the question Can separation save a marriage? is the reason why you visit here today, then relax for you are in the right place to learn about it.


Yes Separation can save a marriage in a way, and No separation cannot save a marriage in another way.

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There are many ways in which separation can save a marriage likewise many ways in which it cannot. We will discuss on the both.


Yes” it can save a marriage on the condition that, one of the partner is acting but not in his/her right senses and the only way to get back your marriage is by staying apart. For example;

If a man’s character suddenly changed towards you, and all his efforts is to kill you and marry another wife, and in other hand, you noticed that there are sometime where he acts normal towards you as before. Maybe his character changing is not stable, now you have understood that, the spirit of killing you is another spirit that is not of him, in order to save your life and his life too, you have to separate from him for a while, not that you just go out and keep calm. You will separate and keep on praying for his revival from God, hoping that one day he will come back to his senses. “Can separation save a marriage?”


Again sometimes, a lot of things maybe going on in your marriage, and you found out separation is the only way to cool off your brain and reset what will happen next, but that one must be the agreement between you and your husband. He must support that separation so that when the problem is settled, you will move in. These two reasons is the reason why separation can save marriage.

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No” separation cannot save marriage.

No, it can’t save marriage because , a lot of thing is happening in the world today, a lot of people are out there looking for a home to enter, and once you move out from your home, immediately a replacement will come. So for you not to lose your marriage, separation will never be the option to save your marriage. There is never a reason for separation in marriage, because it only leads to divorce.


Separation doesn’t save a marriage, unless two agreed to be separated just for a moment in order to fix some problem or as I said before, if it involves saving life, because nothing is compared to life. Once you’re gone, the marriage is gone dear. Thank you.

“Can separation save a marriage?”

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