Don’t dress half-naked just because you want to impress or attract him. But try to wear decent and straightforward dresses that will bring out more beauty as a woman. Remember, by the way, you dressed determine the kind of people that will talk to you. That is why I said earlier that you should learn to show yourself and body respect too.

  • Show him that you care.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Initiates A Hug?

It very important for you to do things that will make him understand that you care about him and his feelings. Try to know when his mind is troubled and when he is not happy, ask him questions and do things that will make him happy. “What does it mean when a guy initiates a hug?”

  • Use your character to tell him you love him for who he is.

Yes, show him that all you want is him and not his riches or any other thing. If you only do things to him because you want something from him apart from him. Then know that he may even know about it but will keep calm and be treating you anyhow. So if you want to get him, show him real love and care.

  • Show respect to other people.

If you are the kind of girl that talks to people talk to people anyhow and as if they have no value or they are nothing, try to stop it especially when you are with him because such character makes him feel as if that you are someone who doesn’t respect people, and guys hate such girls.

  • Be friendly and free with his friends.

Learn to be free with his friends, and people around him don’t make him leave them or go far from them if you do so they will see you as if you are distracting him and they, of course, we advise him to leave you, and there are chances that he will do so because for now, they are still the one that has more ground in his heart that you. “What does it mean when a guy initiates a hug?”

  • I appreciate anything he does for you.

No matter how small the thing he does for you is trying to show some appreciation and be happy with the things that he does for you because doing so will make him do more and as you do more of those things that are indirectly having you in his mind. Of course, we make him fall for you quickly.

  • Show him that he can trust you.

Try to do some characters that will show him or prove to him that he can trust you to be his friend or to be the first to discuss something with.

  • Give him gifts no matter how small it is.

No matter how small the gift you have is, try to make sure you get something for him so that once you have those gifts or use the making use of what you gave him as a gift, he will always remember and have you in his mind forever. “What does it mean when a guy initiates a hug?”

  • Give him space.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Initiates A Hug?

After doing all these and showing all things to him is better to give him space for some time at least for him to understand the importance and your value in his life because if you don’t give him space, he won’t know that you mean a lot to him but once you give him space. He will now understand what you are doing for him, and he will see that you are important and will then miss you, and as he misses you, he will suddenly fall in love with you.

How to know if a man wants to hug you

How to know if a man wants to hug you.


  • He will always look at you
  • He will be short of words or distracted when looking at you.
  • He will come closer to you.


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What does it mean when a guy wants to hug you?

It means that he loves you and have feelings for you. Sometimes guys hugs you when you do something special for them that makes them feel happy.

What does it mean when a guy hug you tight?

If he hugs you tight, it means that he is very happy and very comfortable with you. A guy can also hug you tight when he is very happy or in a good mood, but all is a sign of happiness.


Do guys get turned on by hugs?

Yes guys get turned on by hug, especially if it’s a hug from the one they love and have feelings for. As a guy you can also turn him on yourself during hug by adding a little romance to the hug.


Is a hug a sign of affection?

Yes hug is a sign of affection, care and concern towards someone. It is only out of happiness and feelings you have for someone that can make you initiate hug with him or her.


Why did he ask me for a hug

He asked you for hug because he likes you and has feelings for you. If a guy likes you or feel happy with you, he will surely ask you for a hug one day or initiate the hug himself.


What does it mean when a guy hugs you goodbye

If he gives you a goodbye hug after staying with you or after a date with you that means there is a feelings in him about you. For some men it is also a normal thing they do to their friends when they want to go.

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When a guy hugs you with both arms

Hugging you with both hands shows that he loves you so much especially if he hug you for long time without letting you go. Hugging you with both hands is a sign of deep love and feelings that he had for you.


How do guys feel when a girl hugs them

Guys feel very happy when they hug a girl they love, but if you hug him first, he feel very excited about it if he loves you because you also sends a message to him that you love him too.


Bear hug meaning from a guy

It means that he wants to care and protect you. This type of hug is not a romantic hug but is a true sign from him as a way of telling you that he don’t only loves you but want to care and protect you.


Why do guys hug from behind

If he hugs you from behind it simply means that he don’t only love you but will care and support you now and in future. Such hug from a guy means that he is not afraid to take you and your responsibility as his own.


When a guy asks for a hug goodbye

If a guy asks for a goodbye hug it may mean he loves you or also a normal thing he do to any of his female friends when they want to part. These are the main reasons why a guy will ask you for a goodbye hug, unless he loves and value the time spent with you and out of happiness he ask you for a hug.

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Why would a married man hug me

A married man hugs you as a single lady is a sign that he loves you and cares about you. It can also be a sign or a way of him to show his gratitude towards you, but all depends on the situation or what triggers the hug. Apart from that it truly a sign that he loves you.

What does it mean when a guy initiates a hug?”