What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Mommy?

This is how it looks. Imagine you are having fun with your boyfriend. Then, suddenly, he calls and tells you to get your mommy. What??

At first, you might find the term offensive or negative. Is it possible that you are calling yourself mommy because of some weird mommy issues? Is it a sign he is still obsessed with his parents or mother?

Another part of you may find the nickname a bit too hot. It’s a little more taboo to call someone mommy or mama than your typical pet name. This is a sexual thing?

It turns out that when it comes down to your relationship life, the title of your boyfriend calling your mommy can mean many things. Here are the facts.

Is Mommy a Complement?

Men compliment women in many different ways. They call them beautiful, sexy, or hot. They call them sweethearts or babies.

It’s almost a guarantee that he will call you mama or mommy. He would not use that term just with one girl.

For a long time, men called women “mama” (or mamma) for their affections. This doesn’t hold for romantic relationships.

To keep things simple, a doctor may refer to the mother of a child patient as “mom” to avoid confusion.

In large families, one woman may be called mom by all because they perceive her to be a mother figure.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Mommy?

11 Reasons a Guy Calls You Mommy

What reasons does a man call you mama or mommy? Does it matter in your relationship? These are just a few of the reasons you should consider.

1.  Remind him of his Mother

Perhaps he views you as a positive figure, like any good mother figure.

This isn’t something to be ashamed of. He may already view his mom in a positive light if he is close to her. He has probably been searching for a woman similar to you for some time.

How a man treats his mom will tell you everything about how he will treat you.

2.  He is telling you that you are hot

Hot mama Hot mama! Mama, look at you!

It’s a sign that he finds you attractive if he uses such phrases. It’s a sure sign that he has s*x on his mind, and that he hopes his compliment takes things to the next level.

3.  He’s Just Teasing You

Sometimes, guys try different nicknames to see if their girl responds. Teasing can be another form of flirting.

4.  He Thinks it’s a Sexier Twist On Babe

Babe is secure. It is easy and predictable, especially for young couples.

If he calls you mama and takes the leap, it’s because he is being intentional about his word choice. He wants you to notice the changes and maybe even ask questions about them.

5.  He Will Honor Your Pregnancy

He might use the term mama if you become pregnant to make sure he is comfortable with you becoming a mother.

This is a sweet way to let him know he’s getting used to the idea of having a child and to show his gratitude for the adventures you’re about to embark on.

Important Roles The Two Of You Need To Play In Your Relationship

6.  Already Have Children

Because he is so used to hearing your children say it, he may call you mommy. He may be trying to model healthy behaviour at his home.

Mama is therefore more pragmatic. He might not even realize it, but it’s your name at the home.

It could be affection or a sign that he loves you as a parent.

7.  He’s Just Being Sweet

It’s easy to spend hours trying to figure out why he calls you mommy. But maybe it is quite simple.

He simply finds it sweet and likes the sound of it. You may not know the whole story.

8. He Thinks You Are Perfect

Many men idolize their mothers. It’s part of our human nature.

If he uses that term, and you are either his girlfriend/wife, he likely sees you in a different light than any other woman.

9. Consider it a compliment!

Men sometimes use the terms mommy or mama to affectionately refer to their younger partners. Motherhood is often associated with youth and vitality.

If you have a significant age gap between you and your partner (and he is much older), you could use the “reverse” phrase to call him baby.

If you’re not that young, If he calls you mama even though you aren’t that young, it could be a sign that he considers you playful and youthful (even if that is not always the case).

10. He Wants To Be Your ‘Daddy.

He might call you mama by throwing a bone to see if you will respond.

He might get a little bit enthralled by being called dad.

11.  He Condescendingly Treats You

Rarely, a man might use the term mama if he is annoyed or frustrated in a relationship.

Let’s take, for example, that you have asked your son to help with the dishes once in a while. Instead of taking over, he might turn his head and say something like What are you saying, mama?

This isn’t a healthy way to express his emotions. He may be trying to poke fun at you if he uses the term “mom” in this situation.

He is comparing you with the negative aspects of motherhood.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Mommy?

What does Momma mean in a relationship?

Momma is often just another slang word for mama, mammy, or mamas.

It all boils down to personal preference. This word may be used if the guy finds it more attractive, sexier or cuter.

Momma doesn’t always mean you are just friends. Momma doesn’t like casual relationships.

A would not use this comment if ‘A’ wasn’t completely serious about you or if he wanted to make a lasting impression.

Momma tends to have undertones of romance and affection. Sometimes it’s a romantic way for him to show how much he loves you.

To him, you are more than just another woman. He considers you as special as his mama, and that’s quite a deal!

What do you do when someone calls you mommy?

What should you do if your man calls you mama? The context of the conversation, your relationship with your man, and your feelings about him will all play a part in your response.

Here are some tips.

Ask him what he means

You heard him calling you mama. You might want to clarify what he meant when he called you mama before you reply.

It is much easier to get an answer immediately than to spend hours trying to decode his body language or figure out his intentions.

Use it as a compliment

  • We are grateful! You are my hero.
  • You’re so romantic!
  • This is so sweet, baby!

It is easy to thank him and compliment him.

Tell him it makes you uncomfortable

You don’t have to be called mama or mommy, but it’s okay. These terms don’t suit everyone. It’s okay to feel how you feel.

It’s important, to be honest, and upfront with your partner.

  • That word makes me feel a little weird.
  • Sorry, that’s not what I find romantic.
  • I get that you want to be romantic but I prefer not to be called that.

Offer Other Terms

It’s okay to not want to be called mama. It can help to offer your boyfriend other suggestions that make you happy.

You can also ask him to call you by your name. You, as a woman have the right to choose what you feel most comfortable being called.

Call Him Daddy

Many guys love it when a woman calls them by their pet name. This is true even if your relationship is long-term.

You can play your own game if it feels right. He might love to be called papa or daddy.

If the thought of him as a father figure appeals to you, don’t be afraid or hesitant to create that fantasy.

Final Thoughts

How he addresses her is one of the best indicators that a guy is interested in her.

While a friend might use nicknames to describe you, someone who is truly interested in you will be more flirty.

In a relationship, the word mama can be used to mean many things. It’s a good idea to clarify what the person meant, especially if it is your partner.