Pisces Compatibility And Best Matches For Love | Learn All

You’re a dreamer, Pisces. Your mystical world is a mix of fantasy and reality. You may dream of meeting your soulmate, the one true love, who will bring you the sensuality, intimacy, and grounding that you crave, along with the love for simple pleasures.

Compatible Pisces Chart

This chart shows how Pisces and other signs are related.

Love Passion Friendship Trust
Aries Fair The Poor Good Fair
Taurus Excellent Very Good Very Good Excellent
Gemini The Poor Fair The Poor The Poor
Cancer Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent
Leo Fair Very Good Fair Fair
Virgo Good Excellent Very Good Fair
Libra Fair Good Fair The Poor
Scorpio Very Good Good Very Good Excellent
Sagittarius The Poor Good The Poor The Poor
Capricorn Good Very Good Very Good Fair
Aquarius Fair The Poor Excellent Fair
Pisces Good Very Good Good The Poor

Compatible with every Zodiac sign, Pisces

You can’t match up with everyone, Pisces. You’re most compatible with people who are grounded in Earth signs, and emotional Water signs.

There can be passion and friendship with air or fire signs. It’s just possible that they lack the intimacy, trust, and friendship required to create a lasting bond. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will not make great friends or have an exciting time in the hay.

Pisces & Aries – Different approaches to life

Aries and Pisces isn’t the worst pairing you’ve ever had, but it’s far from being your best. This pairing has some positives. Both of you are social so you will enjoy hanging out with your friends and going out. You are likely to have some shared interests so you will enjoy each other’s company.

Your fundamental approach to life is vastly different. Aries can be a bit disconcerting because of their YOLO attitude. Aries tend to act and speak before they have thought, which can be upsetting. Their communication style may also feel aggressive. And Aries may find your less direct communication style manipulative or even deceptive.

You’ll have to learn how to overcome these communication gaps to build trust.

Taurus & Pisces: Stable and grounded

You and Taurus work well together because you both have strengths that the other does not. Tauruses are practical, stable, and down to earth. They can give you the stability, direction and consistency that you need.

You tend to drift in life as a Pisces. A Taurus, however, can anchor you at the core of your universe – and that’s the best possible way. Taurus needs your attention and affection.

Your connection with a Taurus may be hedonistic and a lot of fun. Both of you are introverts and appreciate beauty. You will have a lot in common. This is a great match for a lasting and long-term relationship.

Pisces & Gemini – Speaking a Different Language

You and Gemini could be speaking in different languages, even though you both speak the same language. You’re both flexible signs, but Gemini is more blunt. You may feel hurt by this miscommunication, while Gemini is frustrated because you did not understand their intent.

Gemini can also be very sociable, flirtatious, and unloving. Your emotional intensity could overwhelm Gemini’s analytical side. You can still make it work if you both use your differences to grow. Never say never.

Pisces & Cancer – Emotionally Engaging

Cancer will gravitate towards your artistic and sometimes mysterious nature, while you appreciate Cancer’s loving personality. Cancer is drawn to your mysterious and artistic nature. You, on the other hand, are attracted by Cancer’s loving personality. Cancer is the most domesticated and nurturing sign of the zodiac. This can satisfy your desire to feel supported and cared for.

If you can control your emotions, then a Cancer match can be a strong one.

Pisces and Leo: Introverts and Extroverts

You may be drawn to Leo by their charisma at first. Leo is attracted to your mystery. It can lead to an instant attraction and fireworks in the bedroom.

Even though the passion is intense, introverted Pisces may find it difficult to be comfortable around extroverted Leo. Leo enjoys being the centre of attention, but you need some time alone. Leos can be a great way to break out of your shell. But they can also exhaust.

This relationship may work but it is not ideal. Leo might not be the Mr./Ms. for you. Leo may not be your Mr./Ms. Right Now.

Pisces & Virgo – Great Conversations

Virgos are a good match if you want someone who will stay up late at night talking about deep, intimate matters. It’s important to maintain a high level of communication in a relationship that is likely to be volatile. Pisces’ analytical and detailed nature may be too much for you. Your mysterious nature could also aggravate Virgos’ inherent trust issues.

You’re both flexible and adaptable, which could be a plus in a relationship that lasts a long time. You can have a great relationship with Virgos, but both of you will need to put in the effort.

Pisces & Libra – Trust may be a challenge

You might find Libra’s social butterfly nature exhausting. You both want peace and harmony so you will both try to resolve any conflicts as soon as they arise.

You may not be able to communicate effectively or solve problems if you are always trying to make the other person happy. You’re more likely to avoid issues rather than face them. This can lead to resentment over time.

You’ll both need to communicate your feelings clearly to make this relationship work.

Pisces & Scorpio – Endless Attraction

Scorpio is intense and mysterious, which will draw you to him. This can lead to an explosive, passionate relationship. When you are together, there is a strong attraction between you and a sense of general well-being.

Scorpio’s intense nature is sure to fascinate. Scorpio will probably be your best match among the three water signs. Scorpio is dominant in this pair and can provide you with the stability that you seek. You can have a relationship that lasts a lifetime if you both work hard at it.

Pisces & Sagittarius: Commitment Issues

You and Sagittarius both have issues with commitment, Pisces. But for different reasons. Sagittarians like to explore and don’t like to be tied down. Your commitment issues are due to your high standards. Sagittarius wants freedom, while you’re searching for the soulmate of your life. This is not a formula for a successful relationship.

Sagittarius may be initially attracted by the love of freedom. They can bring you out of the shell with their sense of adventure, but you may miss home and family after so many years of being on the go. Their bluntness may hurt you. While this may seem like a great relationship at first, you will need to work hard on your part to keep it going.

Pisces & Capricorn: A Strong Match

It’s unlikely that a Capricorn will learn to relax better than by hooking up with someone like you. Even though a Capricorn is stoic, they’re not insensitive. And even though Pisces can be emotional, they still have a rational side. Capricorns and Pisces bring out the best in each other when they are together.

Together, Capricorns and Pisces can create a perfect mix of emotional excitement, stability and trust. This is an excellent match.

Pisces & Aquarius: Compatible Friends, Unexciting Lovers

You and Aquarius both have an open mind and are creative. This can lead to a wonderful friendship. While it is true that many of the most successful love relationships begin as friendships, you may have a tough road ahead if you want to be with Aquarius.

Aquarius may seem detached to you, but they are not. You lead with your emotions and heart, while Aquarius leads with their head.

Aquarius is a sign of independence and this could conflict with your desire for intimacy. Since you both derive your passions from emotional intimacy and connection, you’re unlikely to ignite in the bedroom.

Pisces and Pisces – A Capricious Couple

Pisces and Pisces are a combination that can be unpredictable, just like the sign. Both Pisces and Pisces may feel like they have a soulmate relationship because they seem to share the same emotional, dreamy nature. It could also be that the two begin to drift apart. You may feel that you have found a piece of yourself within your Pisces partner, but over time this trust can erode.

What Pisces Wants from a Relationship

The Pisces is dreamy and fantasia-oriented. They are incredibly intuitive, even though they may not be grounded in reality and bound by logic. They can pick up on the subtle signals of life.

Pisces is a water sign and seeks emotional connection in a relationship. You’ll have to satisfy their wants and needs if you want to pursue a relationship.

Emotional Depth & Connection

They are usually emotional and have a rich life. They value partners that can relate to them on this level. They want a partner that can offer emotional support and comfort.

Understanding and Empathy

They are very compassionate and empathetic, and expect the same of their partner. They want to be understood and valued for their kindness and sensitivity. They need someone who will respect their emotions and feelings, even if they seem complex or overwhelming.

Romance and Affection

The Pisces sign is romantic and people born under this sign are often attracted to gestures of affection and love. They are attracted to partners who express their affections openly and honestly.

Creativity, imagination and creativity

The Pisces is known for its rich imagination. They appreciate a partner that can support and share their dreams and creative pursuits. They are drawn to those who value their artistic and creative expressions.

Stability and security

Pisces, despite their dreamy nature, also craves stability and security. They need to be able to express themselves without feeling judged or rejected.

Partners with Pisces

Pisces has the best compatibility with other earth signs and water signs. However, compatibility doesn’t just depend on your sun sign. When assessing compatibility, all aspects of your chart are taken into consideration. Even if the sun signs don’t match, explore any strong attraction. There may be other areas in your chart that are highly compatible and give the relationship a long-term outlook.