What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Hun

A man calling you hun could be meaning dozens of things. How can you determine what he means by calling you, hun?

Continue reading to learn what it means to be called a hun by a man, how to respond, and other frequently asked questions about the topic.

What does it mean when a guy calls you Hun?

What does a man mean when he calls you hun? There are so many possibilities.

To understand the man (or ask him), need to know his meaning when he uses a pet name like hun.

These 15 common phrases are what a man might call “hun”

1. He is attracted to you

A guy attracted to your pet names is likely to choose one or two of them to share with you. When they “woo” you, a man who is attracted to you will use the name, Hun.

However, male friends are more likely to share nicknames such as “hun” (with no sexual meaning).

2. He feels comfortable with you

Men are more likely to call female friends hun than men are to call them hun. However, if they are comfortable calling you hun, it is the same as when they call their male friends bro.

Sorry ladies, sometimes it just means he is comfortable with you (not because he wants to live happily ever after, drink coconut milk, and live happily every day on a beautiful desert island in passionate love until the end).

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Hun

3. He wants to be more than just friends

Sometimes, however, this is what men want (run away with them, get married and have a lot of kids). If that’s the case, he will show multiple signs of interest in you and the same body language.

When he calls you hun, it is a sign that you should ask yourself, “Could I live with him on a desert island drinking coconut water and eating hand-caught fish for eternity?”

4. He wants to make you feel good about yourself

When you’re feeling down, your male friends might call you hun to try and cheer you up. To make you feel better about yourself and your life, they may contact you, hun.

5. He’s just flinging with you

Most of the time, he is just flirting with your hun. However, “hun”, a soft flirt word, is more appropriate than “babe” and “sexy” and implies that he values you as a woman. He doesn’t want his words to come across as self-indulgent jerks.

6. It is a sign of his genuine affection

Hun can be used to refer to genuine affection for a person. It’s normal for a man to call his female friends “hun” as well as his partner. This is because it’s a term that expresses respect and affection, not attraction.

7. He’s just having a conversation

If you don’t know the guy and he calls you hun all of a sudden, it’s obvious that he’s simply making conversation. It’s not so obvious what is behind the conversation that he wants.

8. He Means “I Want You To Be My Girlfriend”

Sometimes, guys are attracted to you so if he calls you “hun,” he is saying that he wants to make you his girlfriend. However, he will only say “hun” when he speaks.

9. He doesn’t like the pet name “Honey”.

He may choose to use the term “hun” instead if he doesn’t want to call you something provocative, such as sexy, babe or sweetie or honey. Men who do not want to send mixed messages to their girl’s friends will often use words such as hun instead of words that could be misinterpreted.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Hun

10. He knows you don’t like being called “Babe”.

If a man respects you and doesn’t call you babe or sexy he is more likely to keep your real name or use safe words such as hun, sister or whatever you like to be called.

11. He makes fun of your clothes

“Hun” is a top comment that guys make when commenting on the clothing of a female friend. It’s the most frustrating thing about this though because you can’t determine if it’s positive or negative without looking at his body language.

12. He calls all his female friends Hun

As a nickname, some guys use the term “hun” to refer to all their female friends. These cases don’t involve any sexuality, but it sounds more like them calling you “bro” or “sister”.

13. He Respects Your Relationship

If a guy is aware that you are in a relationship and respects that fact, it’s more likely that he will stick with safe nicknames such as hun or use your first name strictly than call you something else. However, this not does mean he would not want to be in a relationship if given the opportunity.

14. He is trying to be supportive

Men who are truly your friend, such as your significant other, will use the term “hun” when they want to support you (rather that when they want to flirt with or be friends with you). You might be having trouble dealing with something recently, or he may just want to help you.

15. He wants your reaction

Men want to see how women react. It’s not surprising that men will sometimes call you hun to test your reactions. If you aren’t agitated, he may try babe or sexy to see how you react.

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How to respond when a guy calls you Hun

After we have discussed the most common meanings of why a man may call you “hun”, let’s take a closer look at the best ways to respond.

1. Smile and give him your attention

The best gift you can give your man is a big, beautiful smile and all her attention.

2. Tell him that you aren’t interested

If you don’t want to be called hun, it is best to let him know. This can be done with words (surprise surprise), or negative body language such as crossing your arms, looking away from him, and frowning at them.

3. Get to know him better

If a man calls your hun he should tell you right away. You can simply smile and give him your attention, and then follow up with trying to get him to understand. You can engage in deeper conversations or invite him to your home.

4. Place Him in the Friendzone

A strong sign is to put a guy in the friend zone if he’s growing too large for his britches. If a guy is truly your friend, he will understand.

If he is only interested in physical relationships, friend-zoning him (looking for a girl to share sex with) will be more effective.

5. Take it back to your place (or his)

If both of you are interested in one another and wish to develop your relationship beyond just holding hands and talking, you can always go back to his or her place.

Is Hun a Compliment?

Although hun can be used as a compliment, it should not be considered a compliment. If a guy calls you by your name or a pet name such as babe and suddenly calls you “hun”, it is most likely not a compliment.

What does it mean to call someone a Hun?

There are many meanings to calling someone “hun”, depending on who you’re talking to and what the situation is. You can use it playfully, or you can use it to be respectful and polite. To understand what the person calling you hun means, you need to get to know them or read their body language.

What does Hun mean by texting a Guy?

Sometimes hun, when a man calls you “friend,” is the same thing as them calling their male friends “bro” and it has nothing to do with being attracted.

What does it mean when a guy calls you honey?

You may interpret his call to your, honey, in different ways depending on how your relationship is with him. If you notice a gradual shift from him calling your name to using nicknames such as honey, he is likely attracted to you. However, if it’s sudden and sarcastic, he may be upset or teasing you or trying to pay you back for something that you did.