Although there are no specific sign that tells a woman had had sex few hours ago, but there’s a sign that shows she has had sex few minutes ago.

Sex is an activity that needs two person’s agreement before it can start. And it’s been nortured.
So, for you to know the signs a woman who had sex few minutes ago, you need to go through this article and understand what it’s all about.

what are the signs of a woman who had sex a few hours ago

  • When a woman had sex with another, few hours, some partners may experience a kind of burning or stinging sensation after they had sex.

If she’s your woman, and you both has been having sex and on that day she had sex outside, some men do notice it naturally. An awful feeling and negative thinking may be moving through your mind but to confirm it is when you may notice a kind of burning and stinging sensation.

After you must have have sex with her again, which you have not being having. It may be a sign that she had sex few minutes ago. You can ask her to confirm from her.

  • She may be feeling tired and a kind of slow in movement, depending on the nature of sex.

This one depends on the type of guy she had sex with and the nature of that sex. Because when she is roughly handled, she will feel weak and tired as well as changes in her movement.

Her walking steps will change and will not thinking properly as she used to. Call her in order and ask her.

  • Her pant which she wore as at that time may be wet or a kind of soak.
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The pant she wore will be soak and wet if you touched it. It will be so because if the earlier excitement she had.

What Are The Signs Of A Woman Who Had Sex A Few Hours Ago

  • If she’s your woman, you will be able to notice that her vagina taste different, especially when she didn’t shower after the sex.

If you both enjoy licking yourselves, you will notice that her vagina taste differently especially when she didn’t shower after the sex. Be observant about the taste of your woman’s vagina.

  • High lubrication.

If a woman have had sex few, her vagina will be lubricated for some time. And if a man ejaculated inside of her without making use protection, an internal exam may find spunk hanging around and sometimes it may reach up to 24 hours after getting it on.

  • You will notice a smell of sex because sex has a distinct smell.

Sex always has this smell that you can easily detect. Especially when it’s been done recently. So it’s one of the sign a woman had sex previously.

  • She may be experiencing lost of concentration when you both are together.

Her mind may not be relaxed, and some loss of thought will be occuring during your staying together that period.