What are the 4 types of relationships?

Relationship is very important in one’s life and, there are different types of relationship and it’s impacted in us. Read careful as we will be writing on the topic that says;

What are 4 major types of relationship?


1. Family relationship.

This is the first relationship that everyone is bound to have, whether your real family or not, provided is the family that gave you shelter and reason to live. Family relationship is the most important relationship because this is where you will find the meaning of life and what it means to be with somebody in life.
It is the relationship that one cannot run away from no matter what. It is a relationship that will give you the definition of yourself and the origin of your coming into the world. Family relationship is the relationship that involves your relatives, parents and siblings.

2. Friendship.

This are the second relationship that comes after family. It a relationship that you have with your friends, a true friends who will be with you in time of trouble and happiness. A true friendship who will always want the things that will make you happy.
A relationship that you cannot avoid in life. Even if you are very tough, rough or hard to be with, there’s always someone that will be there just as a friend that you can talk to.
This one’s are the next relationship someone is bound to have and it has so much impact in us. Friendship can start from childhood or from adulthood provided that you are alive.


3. Acquaintances (passerby).

These are the people that you will meet along the way, which may not actually be your friends but just that you encounter them along the way. The are just there for us to meet them. This particular one is the third relationship one will have, but sometimes it may be the fourth but it is usually the third relationship.
It is the relationship you have with people who you just met and don’t know anything about them. Some of them can be the good ones while some the bad ones, it depends on the one you meet.


4. Romantic relationship.

This another powerful relationship where you are bound to be with the person that loves you and you love too. It is a relationship that involves feelings of love and passion for a particular person.
Romantic relationship is an adult relationship and not for children. It is a relationship where you are in love with someone and both of you vow to spend your lives together. It is an amazing relationship whose love is very strong just like family relationship. It a relationship that involves intimacy. It can come as number three and not usually the fourth relationship.

These are the 4 types of relationship and it’s impact in us in this life. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any.