12 Signs she love you for a relationship

I Know that you may have been wondering or looking for a way to know if that girl loves you?, or maybe you want to know or try to be very sure if that particular girl you want also love you. Do you want to know if she loves you like you do? If that is why you are here then relax and cool down because you are in the right place. I will try to make it quick and easy for you to understand it well, because is very easy to know the signs that she loves you and I believe that after reading this post, you will know the signs she love you and want to be in relationship with you.


These are signs she love you


  1. Makes herself available

This is very easy because any girl that love you, will always be available or like to be around you or in a place where you are at any time, as long as you two are in the same location. She will always be around where you can see her.

  1. She will always laugh at what you say

This is one of the signs you can use to know she love you. She will always find it funny and smile always at you. She will always laugh in anything you say, whether funny or not she will always laugh at it, and the laugh is not because is funny but due to the love she has for you.


  1. Eye contact

Any girl that loves you will always look at you, even when you are not looking at her, Sometimes it is called or said to be an expression or way girls use to get men attracted and the signs a girl use to show you she likes you. So if you notice this in a girl is part of signs she likes you.


  1. Talks about you with her friends

This is one of the signs she love you. It is found in almost all the girls, that loves a guy. The girl will always discuss about the guy with her friends. The truth is that any girl that love or talk about a particular guy with her friends love the guy.


  1. She will always make issues

This part is simple. If a girl argues with you or make issues with you at every small thing, then relax because is part of signs she likes you.


  1. He will invite you to a program

If a girl likes you, she will always invite you to a program or at any place, she will love to see you there with her. So if she is doing this to you relax and know that she loves you.

  1. She will love to take pictures with you

Any girl that loves you will always love to take pictures of you. She will also love to take pictures together with you.


  1. She will feel happy and free with you

Anytime that you are with a girl that loves you, she will always be free with you and there is a smile and happiness you will always notice or see in her, each time she is with you.


  1. She won’t lie to you

This is one of the signs she loves you, because any girl that loves you will not lie to you. She will always fee free telling you the truth about anything you ask her. Because she believe that her secrets is safe with you.

signs she love you


  1. She will always agree with you

This is also one of the signs she likes you, because she will not argue with anything you say. She will always agree with whatever you said and the trust you on that.

  1. She will take you serious

This is one of the signs for you to use and know a girl who loves you, because if she likes you she will take anything you say serious, and try to be mindful because she takes your word serious. Like for example, you may ask a girl on a bar or any place for a date and may be to you is a joke, you never mean it at all but to her, it is not a joke, she will try to go there and if you don’t come, you have broken her heart without you knowing, so take note of this.


  1. She will not request much from you

Any girl that loves you will not request anything from you. All she wants is just to spend time with you and at times she may even spend her own money just to be with you.