Love is said to be having feelings and affection towards someone. Which means that if you love someone you will care for the person, fight for the person, give attention to the person and will never think of hurting him or her? So now base on what love is and what you understand now about it, let now take a look at the question about the signs of love. “What are signs of being in love?”


What are signs of being in love?


  • If you are always happy seeing someone then it’s a sign of love.
  • You will care for the person.
  • You will try as much as you can to see him or her.
  • You will give your attention to someone you love.
  • You will try as much as you can to help him or her when in need of help.
  • You will feel a bit shy or short of words whenever you with him or her.
  • You will buy gifts for the person.
  • All that will be bothering you, if you are in love is nothing else than what will make the person happy.
  • You will fill pain badly, if you are hurt by the person who love you.
  • You will forget about your problem and think only what will make the person happy and how to solve his or her problem.
  • Anything that troubles the person will also troubles you.
  • You won’t be happy and comfortable staying alone without the one you love.
  • You will feel empty when he or she is not around with you.
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All these are things you will see in yourself and know that you are in love. So to help you understand better take your time to think if there is anyone that makes your heart feel happy, that you wish to be with, if there is someone you find it hard to hurt no matter what happens, because if truly there is someone you have all these signs, then know that you are in love with the person. Because all these are signs of being in love. Thanks.

“What are signs of being in love?”


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