What a man wants in a relationship?

If you are asking about what a man wants in a relationship and still haven’t found out, we are here to help you and tell you the exact things that men want in a relationship.

What a man wants in a relationship?

• Freedom. Men like freedom from a girl in a relationship. What is meant is that. They hate it when their girlfriend or their woman monitor them and control their movement , suspecting their every move. Men hate to be monitored by his partner. They always want to be free and maintain a free movement.

• Understanding woman and less nagging. Men like to be understood by their partner not a girl or a woman that lacks understanding. They also like a nagging free woman, a woman who doesn’t nag or who just nags once in a blue moon. Men love to be in a relationship where understanding rule, where they will have peace.

• Commitment. Men like a woman who is committed to him and everything that concerns him, not a woman who is selfish. A man want it when their woman takes the things about them serious and as if it’s the best thing she wanted.

• Attention. A man want a woman that pays attention to them, a woman that is ready to sacrifice her time just for him. He wants his woman to be by his side whenever he needs her.

“What a man wants in a relationship?”

• Sexual satisfaction. A man wants his woman to be satisfying him in bed, he wants a woman who see sex as something that is capable of saving a relationship, not as just a fore play. Not that it will be all about sex but at least it will be at equilibrium.

• Neat and vibrant. A man wants his woman to be vibrant and neat at all time. So that he will be able to present her before his friends. They want their woman to be presentable at every giving time. They do not like a dirty and lazy woman .

• Happiness. A man want a woman that makes him happy. A woman that takes his happiness as his number one priority. A woman that he finds peace with. He want his relationship to be a good example to every of his friends. He want a woman who he can easily rely on and trust.

• Faithful and Virtuous. A man want a Virtuous woman, a woman who doesn’t cheat. A woman whom is faithful to him, a woman who he can easily defend at every giving time. He wants a disciplined woman who can always see flirting with another man as cheating talk more of sleeping with them. A woman that can have only him without meeting another man. A decent woman that is capable of making their relationship the best among all.

• Trust. A man want his woman to trust him in anything no matter the circumstances. A woman who can always stand by him and never doubted him. He wants a relationship that is built with trust.

All these are the things a man want in a relationship. We believed that you are able to grab something out of these. Drop your comments if you have any.