Is It Possible To Get Married Online?

I decided to write on this and answer this question because many have been asking this question, so today I decided to treat these issues, is it possible to get married online? For those of you asking about this to see my views and thought about this. So if that is why you are here, relax then for you are in the right place for it. We will talk about this today.


It is said that marriage is the legal union or agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Now, it is so, how then will there be online marriage since there is no legally acceptable law on this that is online.


How can you also do the traditional wedding, religious wedding, or court wedding online? How can you invite people, friends, and family to witness the ceremony and celebrate it all with you?

You getting marry online means you can’t meet and celebrate with your in-laws to be. It is so how can there be the family relationship that exists between the couple’s family. Try to read what are the 3 most important things in marriage to understand things you need to look into.


Now before you ask or think about doing so, try to know how you can handle or do something about this that I listed above. Only then will you ask this question and think about it. Because with all this, I don’t think there is a way you can get marry to someone online.


So you can also tell me your opinion or thought on this so that others, too, can learn from your idea or views. Because what I explain now to you is my personal views and opinion on this, I will like to hear about your point of view on this topic. So let us know through the comment section.