How do you know when to let him go

To know if he doesn’t want a relationship, a lot of things needs to be observed, and those things are the things that we will be discussing, so read carefully and understand what we are about to say. “How do you know when to let him go”

How do you know when to let him go


1. Lack of interest. If doesn’t want a relationship, he will not have any interest in you especially when you draw the topic indirectly, he will always find a way to cover it up. He be playing with you, talking with you but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. To confirm it, watch him, as soon as you draw a relationship related to him especially that which concerns you, you will observe that he will not stay long in that conversation, he must divert to another topic as soon as possible.

2. Lack of intimacy. If he doesn’t need a relationship with you, he will find it hard to come very closer to you. He will not give you his complete attention and time. Whenever you needed him most, he may not be there. He may like you but he will not want to have any relationship with you.

3. Lack of concentration. Whenever you are with him, he may not be able to concentrate on you, something may be keeping him busy from paying attention to you.
His mind will always be somewhere that you don’t know. You will always be the one to be forcing yourself on him.

4. Lack of appreciation. He will not appreciate whatever you do. He will always see your kindness to him as if you are chasing him. He will misunderstood your motive and he will easily turn down your offer.
He won’t like it if you render some help towards him. He will always feel that he may not be able to pay back tomorrow. Although he will thank you, and be happy that you did it but he won’t accept it.

5. Lack of sacrifice. He won’t be able to sacrifice anything because of you. He will always see his sacrifice as foolishness, and that will make him not to do any sacrifice for your sake. Like giving up his happiness because it’s you, or giving you something that he may need tomorrow.

With these we believed that you are able to know how to observe if he doesn’t want a relationship. Drop your comments if you have any.

“How do you know when to let him go”

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