Things you can do at 18

If you are not sure about your rights or things that you need to do when you turn 18yrs old, well relax I got it here for you. So that you will know the rights or things that you are allowed to do at your 18years old. Because there are many rights and things to enjoy more on your 18yrs. So here are some of those things below. “Things you can do at 18”

Things you can do at 18

1. Getting married

At this your 18yrs you are allowed to get married without the permission of anyone or your parents.

2. You can vote

Now that you are 18 you are allowed to vote or participate in elections.

3. Change your name

If you don’t like your names you can now change it at this stage.

4. Adopt a child

You now also have the right to adopt and take care of a child.

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5. Be independent

You can do your own things on your own or take care of yourself now on your own without been dependent of anyone. “Things you can do at 18”

6. Buy a car

If you have always wanted to have a car, now that you are 18 you can freely have a car of your own.

7. Issue a cheque

You now also have the right to issue a bank cheque to anyone.

8. Have a credit card

You can also get that credit card of your own now that you are 18.

9. Open a bank

You now can freely open your own bank account without any restrictions.

10. Watch or buy porn

At this your 18 you are allowed to enter to any shop and buy porn and even watch it

11. Work more hours

If you want to work more, you can now freely decided to work more hours.

12. Play lottery

Have you been wanting to participate in playing lottery, then you can now go ahead and try your luck. “Things you can do at 18”

13. Be a stripper or go to a strip club

Now that you are 18 you can now freely go to a strip club if you want and you can now also be a stripper if you want.

14. Join the military

Have you been dreaming of joining the military, then you can freely do it now.

15. Go to jail

Being adult doesn’t involve only goodies and enjoyment because you can go to jail if you break the law.

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16. Sue someone

Now you are an adult you possess the right to sue someone in court and also to be sued.

17. Buy cigarettes or tobacco

You have the right to now have cigarettes or tobacco, and to also buy it from shop.

Other things that you can do at 18 are listed below.

Buy a spray paint
Donate blood
Draw tattoo or piercing
You can drive
Buy a pet
Sign a contract
Book a hotel room
Enter adult stores
Work in a bar
Have sex legally with someone
Apply to find biological parents if you are adopted
Rent an apartment of your own
Go on vacations alone

These are things you can get involved with once you enter the age of 18, take note that some of these activities can be a reality depending on your background or tradition of where you are from.

“Things you can do at 18”


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