Sweet Last Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

It’s rare to choose our first Name, much less the final. However, if you get a chance to do it, you must consider a shortlist of interesting names for your last name before choosing one.

If it’s for you or your baby or a character from the story or to have fun, you can pick a name from a variety of cool names available and with an appearance of authority. This list contains a range of names suitable for boys and girls and their significance. Go through the list and select one.

Sweet Last Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

Cool Last Names for Girls

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1. Abella

The word Abella is derived from Galician; Abella means a bee. The Name Abella was typically applied to those who were a beekeeper or perhaps as an informal name for a smaller active, active person.

2. Amana

Amana is a well-known female surname with a Hebrew source. It is a reference to faith, trust, or loyal.

3. Ashley/Ashleigh

Ashley It is an Old English last name. It comes through Ashley, derived from the Anglo-Saxon words aesc, Leah, and ash. The combination of these two words means “someone living in the meadow close to the Ash trees.” It is feminine. The version that is used for surnames is Ashleigh.

4. Bardot

Bardot is an elegant surname that comes from France. The family’s name is rooted in the French town of Perigord in the latter part of the Middle Ages. Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot was an actress, singer and performer, and a well-known French animal rights advocate.

5. Barlowe

Barlowe (Bahr-Loh) Barlowe (bahr-loh) is a habitational surname that refers to the town of Derbyshire named after the same. It refers to someone “who is a resident of a flat hill.” Emilie-Claire is an internationally renowned Canadian voice musician and jazz singer.

6. Bassey

The surname Bassey is suitable for a short person. It’s a fusion of the Old English words, ‘bas and basse’, meaning low or short. The word’s root originates from”bassus,” which is the Latin”bassus,” which means low or short “bassus,” meaning the thickset. Shirley Bassey was a famous British singer in the mid-20th and early 20th centuries.

7. Beaumont

Originating from Norman English and France, Beau refers to beautiful, fair, or beautiful, while most refer to the hill. Beaumont is a reference to a beautiful hill.’ Andrea Beaumont, or the Phantasm, was a fictional villain of The Batman series.

8. Bennet

Bennet, in Latin, means “one with a blessed life.” A well-known reference to Bennet can be found in Elizabeth Bennet, the leading woman in the novel that is widely read “Pride and Prejudice.’

9. Caddel

As a name for the last name, Caddel originated from the Welsh surname “ap Cadell.” The surname is a reference to “battle.” A well-known female with Cadell’s surname is American model Ava Cadell, born in 1956.

10. Cadieux

With origins in the past of France, Cadieux is derived from the Old French word cad, which means “a small, but strong combatant.” A Breton surname originates in Brittany as a family with lands, manors, and estates.

11. Cassidy

The well-known Irish surname is “Caiside’s descendants.” Some famous women bearing that surname comprise Elaine Cassidy, an Irish actress, and Eva Cassidy, an American singer.

12. Cromwell

Cromwell is a geographic surname from the Parish location (or village) of Cromwell, in Nottingham shire. Adelaide McGuinn Cromwell, an American sociologist, founded the African Studies Center at Boston University.

13. D’Angelo

A surname with a Greek source D’Angelo comes from the Greek word “angelus.” It is a reference to an “angel” or “messenger (of God).”

14. D’Arcy

D’Arcy comes from”O’Dorchaidhe,” the first Gaelic namesake “O’Dorchaidhe,” It roots in the word Dorcha which means dark. It could also be a name for a place of residence from the town of “Arcy” in Normandy. The female protagonist in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is Elizabeth Darcy.

15. Ellis

Ellis is a family name. Ellis has its roots in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of ancient Britain. The first recorded mention of the surname occurred in Lincolnshire, England, in 1202. Adrienne Ellis was a famous American-Canadian actor in the early 1900s.

16. Elsher

The Name Elsher is a Russian name most often found in Egypt.

17. Fox

Fox is an abbreviation that means people who are “cunning.” The name was first used within Ireland in Ireland and England and is derived from Old as well as Middle English and was first recorded in the 13th century. Vivica A. Fox is a well-known actress in films such as Independence Day and Kill Bill.

18. Francis

The word Francis is a reference to freedom. It’s an English family name that has Latin roots. Anne Francis was an award-winning American actress famous for her Forbidden Planet performance.

19. Gardner

Gardner is an occupational surname of Irish, Scottish, and English origin. It is a reference to someone who is employed at the Garden. This Name is used to refer to both boys and girls. Catherine Gardner is an American actress who was born in 1982.

20. Gomez

Gomez is a Portuguese surname dating back to medieval times that has likely Visigoth roots. It is also a common surname across the West Coast of India. It is of Spanish roots, referring to the son Gomesano, who chose his own journey. A well-known woman who has this surname is the singer Selena Gomez.

21. Gonzales

This Spanish surname is also known as Gonzalez. Gonzalez is the 2nd most well-known Surname in Spain and a popular last name across the entire Spanish community.

22. Green

The feminine name originates from the Anglo-Saxon period and refers to people who resided in an area greener than the village. This is typically the main square or central area. In other instances, it could refer to people who are awash in lots of green.

23. Guiliani

Guiliani is a surname that has Italian origin. The word is used to describe one with the title “youthful.”

24. Hansley

The surname was first introduced to England during 7th-century England. It is rooted in Old English and is a local surname from Han’s or Hanna’s “Leah.”

25. Harper

In England, Scotland, and Ireland, this name was a surname used in the workplace by those who played the harp.

26. Hart

The surname originates from Old English, German, Dutch and Swedish traditions. The person named was believed to possess the characteristics of”stag. “stag.” The name was believed to be courageous and strong.

27. Hendrix

The last Name is Hendrik, the “son of Hendrik.” The patronymic surname has its roots in the land that are part of Dutch and German. The Name can also mean “home-ruler.” Amanda Hendrix was an eminent American planet scientist who was born in 1968.

28. Hope

Hope means desire. Hope is a word that means desire. English Name – Scottish Name is topographic and is used to describe people who live in an enclosed area or a valley. The word “Scottish” is used in Middle English; it is a habitational name and one of the commonly used surnames found in Ireland, Scotland, and Northern England.

29. Jenkins

This surname comes from Cornwall However; it became popular throughout Southern Wales. Jenkins is a reference to “John’s child,” also known as “small John.” The term “kin” comes from “kin,” derived from the Dutch word kijn, which was widely used in England. Kathryn Jenkins was a famous Welsh scholar and hymn writer.

30. Katz

Katz families are believed to be originating from their home at Katz Castle. The common German Name is common in the Jews and is characterized by the Hebrew abbreviation for the word Kohen Tzedeq which means “priest of justice” or genuine priest.

31. Kaufman

It’s derived of it being derived from the Jewish individual Name Kaufman meaning merchant.’

32. Keating

The name was originally a nickname for an individual who is courageous and fierce. The name is taken from an earlier 7th-century English patronymic title, Cyting, which means kite. John Keating was a famous fictional character who was played in the film by Robin Williams in the classic Dead Poets Society.

33. Keller

The Name Keller has many roots. In contemporary writing, Keller refers to a cellar or basement. Helen Adams Keller was a deaf and blind American writer, lecturer, political activist, and disability rights activist.

34. Kemp

Originally with Norman roots, this name comes from the English word ‘cempa meaning warrior or champion. In other civilizations, the Name was popular for women during the Salem Witch trials.

35. Knox

It is believed that the Scottish surname Knox was derived from Knox, the Gaelic term “cnoc,” which denotes the hump or hillock. Knox might also refer to a derivation from”cnoc,” which is the Old English “cnocc.” Myra Knox was an American physician and was the first woman from California elected to the school board.

36. Langley

Langley is a reference to Langley as a “long meadow.” It is an English surname with a geographical connection to Langley and the Dioceses of Canterbury, Worcester, Bath, Norwich, and Wells.

37. Laurier

The Name is often used as a surname as well as it is also the first Name. It refers to “Of Lauriere,” meaning belonging to a commune within the Haute-Vienne region. The surname is a reference to an evergreen tree or bay leaf.

38. Levine

The surname Levine is a well-known and revered symbol of Jewish tradition. Levine is derived from the masculine Hebrew first Name Levi which means joining or being attached. The Name is patronymic to the Hebrew family name.

39. Lopez

A Spanish heritage surname, Lopez was initially considered a patronymic name meaning “Lope’s child.” Lope is derived from the Lati word Lupus, which means “wolf.” Jennifer Lopez is an internationally renowned American singer, actress, and dancer.

40. Macklin

Macklin’s patronymic title is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name Mac Gille Eathain. The surname is a reference to Saint John’s son. The Name is also used to refer to women in the present. Carmel Macklin is a famous American actress.

41. Madden

Madden is a very popular Irish surname. It has roots dating back to early in the 10th century. The Olde Gaelic name O’Madain is an infant dog or descendant of a dog. People with this name are believed to possess the qualities of a hound: loyalty, speed, and endurance.

42. Madison

Madison is a name with roots in English history. Madison is also well-known across the US as an initial name. It’s also spelt Maddison, a variant of Mathieson that refers to “Matthew’s daughter.” Bailee Madison and Martha Madison are famous American actors.

43. McKenna

The surname is a variety of names. McKenna is spelt as MacKenna, Makenna, and Mackenna. McKenna is the anglicized form of Mac Cionaoith, a Gaelic Irish surname. It is a reference to “Cionnaith’s child.” It’s also a Scottish surname concerning Galloway. Christina McKenna is a famous Irish writer.

44. Monroe

A Scottish-Gaelic surname, Monroe refers to something from “a mouth of a river.” Monroe is derived from two words: ‘bun,’ which means “mouth of,” and ‘roe,’ which means “river.” American actor Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous people to bear the surname.

45. Nadir

Nadir signifies “rare” and is often used as an initial name and surname. Nadir is a variant of”rare” and is a variant of the Arabic term Nader which refers to scarce or precious. Kermie Nadir Azrak is a well-known Turkish female novelist and author.

46. Raven

Rooted in Middle English from Scotland and England, Raven was initially employed as a term for a thieving person. The term also refers to those with dark hair similar to the raven bird.

47. Reyes

The Name Reyes is derived from the Latin word’regis’, which means “royal” or “regal. But this Name doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is part of the royal family.

48. Rhodes

The variations of these names are Rhoades, Roads, and Roades. It is a surname with a geographic meaning, referring to a person who lives close to the “rod,” a tiny clearing in the forest.

49. Sloane

It was originally found in the Scottish tribe of Strathclyde Britons. Sloane has been a patronymic name.

50. Solace

Solace means comfort. It is a Latin name introduced into English during the 14th century through Anglo-French. It is derived from the Latin word solar, meaning “to play.” In the middle ages, the surname was usually used to identify a child born following a sibling’s death.

51. St. James

The first signification that this surname is a given was located in Surrey. The surname St. James was a migratory name out of Normandy in the form of Fitz James.

52. Thatcher

The former Premier of The UK, Margaret Thatcher, popularized this surname. It was originally an occupational name that referred to someone who was a tinkerer on a roof.

53. Tilly

Surnames like Tilly is a common name that is of English-Norman as well as French sources. The Name comes to Tilley from Shropshire, a variation from The Old English word ‘Helga, meaning wood or bough or branch. It also is the feminine diminutive of that of the German word Matilda.

54. Tuffin

The Name Tuffin was introduced to England following the Norman Conquest in 1066. The Name originally originates in the Greek term Theophania. It’s a mix of theos, meaning “God,” and painting, which is “to show up.” Tuffin means “for God to appear.”

55. Villarreal

Pronounced bee-AH-reh, this last Name translates to “royal settlement.” It is a habitational name that has Spanish roots. It is a reference to “farmsteads located on the fringes.” The places with these names are connected with the crown and are considered royal.

56. Westbrook

A surname that has English origins, Westbrook refers to the west side of the river. It is a place-specific family name that is that was used by families who resided in the area.

56. Wolf

The surname Woolf is a descriptive surname from the ancient English word Wulf, whichWulfWulfns Wolf. Some variations of this Name comprise Woolf as well as Woolfe. Virginia Woolf, a famous British author, had this last Name.

58. Yang

Yang refers to the “aspen tree.” The Name originated in South Asia and is mostly found in China, Japan, Indonesia, and its surrounding regions.

Sweet Last Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

Cool Last Names for Boys

59. Abraham

A surname is a name that can be used as a reference. Abraham could have many sources. Originating by his Hebrew name Avraham Abraham, this biblical patriarch was revered as the founder Father of all the Jews. Abraham is a reference to the “Father of all nations.”

60. Abbot

The Name is derived from England and Scotland. But, its meaning could be traced to the ancient French word ‘abet which means priest.

61. Adler

The surname Adler is derived originally from Yiddish and German roots. The word means “eagle” and is a common name in the UK and the USA. It’s also a very popular surname among the Ashkenazi group of Jews in the United States and is a reference to the Psalm.

62. Agassi

Ethnic groups popularly use the surname from Iran, Persian Jews, and many Persian Muslims. It’s also an anglicized form of the Armenian surname, ‘Aghassian..’ Andre Kirk Agassi is a well-known American tennis star.

63. Allen

Allen is a name that is of Irish origin. The Name is used to describe an individual who is “handsome. It could be a variation of MacAllen or Ailin, which means peace and harmony. A different source explains the meaning of the word in the form of “little stone.”

64. Arden

The Name is from an English source and is a common surname in the local area, referring to the “valley of Eagles.” Three areas within the United Kingdom by this Name.

65. Ashford

Many places are called Ashford within England. The Name is a habitational surname that originates from Old English and combines “ash” and “ford.” It is a reference to the sword’s edge.

66. Augustus

The word “royal” refers to “majestic.” Augustus is an ancestor name with Latin roots. Its fame with Caesar Augustus, the very first Emperor from Rome, Caesar Augustus.

67. Benjamin

Benjamin is an acronym that combines two words from Benjamin, a Hebrew word. “Ben” refers to the son, and “denim” refers to the right hand.

68. Bexley

Bexley is a surname that has English roots. The Name is composed of two parts “byxe” means box tree, while “Leah” refers to clear space in the forest.

69. Bond

Bond refers to bindings as well as “tied to the ground or the soil.” Bond refers to “tied to land or soil.” English Name is well-known because of its connection to the iconic film character James Bond.

70. Boone

This English Name has Norman origin. Boone is a blessing. The word comes from the Old French pet name ‘Bon boon,’ which means good. This could also be a name for a residence that refers to Bohon in La Manche, France.

71. Byron

Lord Byron was a well-known English poet. The Name Byron refers to “belonging in the barns” and is of English origin.

72. Castellan

A well-known male last Name. Castellan can be an English name that refers to the “keeper of the castle.”

73. Channing

It is an English family name that references the “young Wolf” and is rooted in England.

74. Chrysalis

Chrysalis is a reference to the “butterfly’s pupae.” The Name is of Greek origin and was drawn from Chrysafenios, the Greek word that means golden.

75. Collymore

Collymore is thought to have been an English household name that comes originated from Collymore Farm in Oxfordshire. It could also be derived from a town called Colmore within Dorset. The surname could be a derivative from Colmore, an Old English word “col-mera,” meaning cool or clear lake.

76. Curran

The spearmen’s descendants clan were referred to as Curran. The Name of this family has its origins in Ireland.

77. Cyprus

Cyprus is the Name given to an evergreen tree. The surname has its origins in English culture.

78. Dagon

This Arabic Name refers to “rain cloud.” Dagon is a well-known surname for boys.

79. Damaris

It is believed that the Greek final Name Damaris refers to gentle. It is also a reference to the Calf.

80. Diggory

Diggory is a French name and a variant of the word ‘egare. The word refers to a misplaced.

81. Disney

Everyone has heard of Walt Disney. The English surname originated from the French word, ‘D’Isigny meaning “belonging in Isigny,” a place in France.

82. Donahue

Donahue can be described as the Americanized version of the Irish Name Donohoe and is an Anglicized variant of the Gaelic word O Donnchadha. It is a reference to “Donnchadh’s descendants.” Donahue is the surname that signifies the person wearing brown hair. It could also refer to the chieftain.

83. Donovan

Originating from Ireland, The surname Donovan refers to the concept of a “dark prince.” This is a well-known Irish, American, and Australian last Name.

84. Duke

A Duke is one of the nobles. The surname “Duke” has an English heritage and is used by those who are Royals of England.

85. Dumbledore

Dumbledore can be described as an Old English surname that denotes the word “bumblebee.” Albus Dumbledore is a well-known character from the Harry Potter series.

86. Elrod

The Hebrew name Elrod references God as King of the world.

87. Elliot

S. Elliot was among the most well-known essayists and poets of the 20th century. His Name Elliot is of English origin and is a reference to the Lord in the form of our God. It is also among the most sought-after last names.

88. Emerson

Emerson is a surname of German origin and is a reference to the son of Emery. Emerson is also an English last Name with an Anglo-Saxon origin, which comes from Emacs sun, the son of Emar or the son of Ethelmar.

89. Fernandez

“The Spanish surname is among the most sought-after names for last names, and it means “Fernando’s Son.”

90. Ferro

The Name Ferro is of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian origin; the final term Ferro refers to an occupation title used to describe those working with iron or who produced iron. Its Latin Name is Ferrum.

91. Frederick

Fredrick is a name that has origins in Germany. The surname is a reference to a “peaceful leader.” The English origin is a mix of Frid or Fred, meaning peace, and Ric, meaning power. Augustus Frederick knew a Duke from York and Albany. Augustus Frederick.

92. Ford

For Old (or Middle English, Ford was a habitational name for people who lived close to the Ford. Harrison Ford is a famous American actor.

93. Gaumond

The Germanic term Walmund is the most likely basis for the surname Gaumond. Wasmund is the combination of words that refer to “protector” or the death of a soldier on the field.

94. Gilbert

The origins of the last name Gilbert are traced to French-Norman culture. The word translates to “bright.” This surname is also of a Germanic source. In English, the word “Gilbert” is a derivative of Giselbert.

95. Granger

Granger is an occupational name with French or English origins. It is the Name of the role of a bailiff from a farm. A well-known fictional character by that Name was Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. Harry Potter series.

96. Guiliani

Giuliani is a prestigious surname born in the Papal States, Italy. It comes from the initial surname Giuliani (or Julian. The surname translates to “youthful.” Rudolph William Louis Giuliani is a well-known American politician and one of the 107 mayors of New York City.

97. Hale

The family name has its roots in the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. It signified a family who lived in an isolated valley or nook. It is also believed to come in it being derived from the Old English word ‘half.’ Hale means “hero” or “from the hall,” which means Hall of Fame.

98. Harington

This is a common English surname used for a habitational person from Cumbria, Lincolnshire, and Northampton shire. English actress Kit Harington is a famous person who has this Name.

99. Hawk

The family name traces its roots to the earliest times of England’s Anglo-Saxon culture. Hawk originates from an Old English name Havoc, meaning a bird called a hawk. The surname is a reference to someone wild and hawklike.

100. Hendrix

Son of Hendrik was called Hendrix. The surname is of Dutch origin and is popular in the music industry with the famous artist Jimi Hendrix. It is a well-known last name across Western nations.

101. Hillary

Edmund Hillary was the first man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. The Latin-Greek Name signifies happy, joyful, and joyful. It can also mean cheerful, happy, or joyful.

102. Hogwood

The Name Hogwood refers to a tree that Hawks often frequent. Hogwood is an English surname with Anglo-Sussex roots.

103. Holmes

Holmes is an extremely well-known surname in England. Holmes is a well-known surname from England. Middle English word ‘Holme” refers to an islet. The famous detective character Sherlock Holmes made this Name well-known.

104. Huxley

The Name of this habitational area is a town in Cheshire, England. Huxley is taken from an Old English first name Huck, Hux, also known as husk, which refers to an insult or taunts. Huxley also refers to clearings in the wood, as Leah is a word that means wood.

105. Irving

The Last name, which is of Scottish source, is a topographic name that refers to a person who lives near the River Irvine in Dumfriesshire. The Name became famous thanks to Washington Irving, a well-known writer.

106. Jackson

“The son” of Jack is also known as Jackson. It has American as well as Scottish origin. Michael Jackson was a famous singer from the 80s. Percy Jackson is the title character in Rick Riordan’s novel series.

107. Karenina

Karenina is a Slavic last Name that references pure or chaste. The most famous novel by Leo Tolstoy is named after the protagonist Anna Karenina.

108. Lang

The Last name is derived from origins in Germany, similar to Laing, Lange, and Long. It typically refers to the tallest person. In Hungary, Lang can also mean flame.

109. Langston

The surname has English origins; Langston means the town or tower of an imposing man. Dicey Langston was a Patriot Spion throughout the American Revolution.

110. Lennon

The surname Lennon originated in Gaelic and is believed to originate from the word “lean,” which means “a cloth” as well as “a lover.” One of the most popular associations for this surname is John Lennon, the English songwriter, musician, and singer-songwriter of the “Beatles.”

111. Lennox

The surname has roots to be found in Scottish as well as Northern Ireland. This is a habitational name that originates in the Gaelic word leaman, meaning the word elm. Lennox means elm grove. Bobby Lennox is a famous British footballer of the early 1900s.

112. Levine

Levine originates from the Hebrew name of ‘Levi. The surname is of Jewish origin and refers to “joining.”

113. Levisay

This American Name translates to “Dear Victory” It is also pronounced leh-vih-say.

114. Marley

Surnames like Marley is believed to be place-based name of English origin. Marley refers to the names given to areas located in Kent, Devon, and West Yorkshire. The Jamaican performer Bob Marley was a famous early pioneer of reggae music during the late 1800s.

115. McElfresh

The Scottish McElfresh surname refers to the son of the brindled man. It is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic Name Mac Gille Chris, meaning St. Bricius’s workman. A Gaulish saint used this Name in the 5th century.

116. Mycroft

It was discovered that the character is of English heritage, and his final Name Mycroft refers to “by the bank of a river.” Mycroft Holmes was an imaginary character and was the younger sister to Sherlock Holmes.

117. Nadir

Nadir is a surname that is of Arabic origin. Nadir signifies “rare”.

118. Nishikawa

The Name of Japanese origin refers to the “western river” located on the Ryukyu Islands in western Japan. Certain people who carry this surname come from members of the Samurai clan.

119. Norris

A topographical surname describes people who resided in the north in an estate. The Last name is a reference to the north house. Chuck Norris, the American martial artist, is one of the most notable bearers of the last surname.

120. Pavlov

It’s derived from the Name Pavel and, in turn, directly from the Slavic names Paul. Paul. Russian researcher Ivan Pavlov was famously known for his work in establishing the concept of classical conditioning.

121. Pereira

Regarding the “pear tree,” Pereira is a surname with Portuguese roots. One famous person with this Name is footballer Andreas Hugo Pereira.

122. Pearson

This Name was the first recognized in England. It can be a patronymic name that means “son of Pier.’

123. Potter

A name that can be used as an occupational surname, such as “pot maker,” is also known as Potter. The English Name gained popularity worldwide following the protagonist Harry Potter in the ‘Harry Potter books.

124. Ramirez

The Name Ramirez refers to Ramiro’s son. This Name is rooted in Spain.

125. Smirnov

The Russian surname Smirnov describes obedient, tranquil, peaceful, or soft people.

126. Stoll

Stoll is considered to refer to an occupational surname used by carpenters. It can also be a slang term for those who are rigid in their beliefs. The name “stole” is a derived word from”stolle,” a Middle High or Low German word “stolle,” which refers to frames or support systems.

127. Swindells

The Old English locational surname is frequently located throughout Lancashire. The surname likely originated in Swindale in North Yorkshire. “swing” refers to a wild pig or a pig boar, while ‘dael’ refers to a valley. Swindells also means “valley filled with wild boars.”

128. Trevino

Trevino can be described as a non-genre surname that is gender-neutral. It refers to those living near a border or where two places meet. The Spanish Name may be indigenous to regions like Burgos and Santander, using identical names.

129. Usoro

The family name of African origin is “celebration.” Most Users can be mostly located in Africa.

130. Vader

Vader is a name for families that is of Dutch origin. The Dutch word translates to “father” in English. Darth Vader is a popular Star Wars character.

131. Wayne

The person who drove the wagon was known as Wayne during Old England. In the series “Batman, Bruce Wayne is the main character. Bruce Wayne is Batman.

132. Werner

Werner is one of the surnames of German origin. It is often used as an initial and final name. The word translates to “defender” or “warrior that defends.”

133. Whitlock

In Old England, the Name Whitlock is “white enclosure.” The word is a blend of two words from Old English, Hwit means white, and loss refers to lock or enclosure. In the modern era, the surname refers to those with white hair.

134. Wickham

Wickman is a surname of the family that has English roots. The name translates to “village paddock.” One of the most famous associations with Wickman is George Wickham, a character in the novel “Pride and Prejudice..’

135. Woody

The masculine first Name can also be often used as a surname. Woody or Woodie gained popularity in the time of Thomas Woodrow Wilson in the USA. He was known as Woody as a reference to his middle Name.

136. Yarbrough

The English Name is a habitational name from a location in Lincolnshire named Yarborough (or Yarburgh. It is a reference to Old English Nordberg means ‘earthworks or fortifications. It is an amalgamation of eorde which means earth or soil, and burh, which means fortress or stronghold.

137. Zimmerman

The Last name, which is of German source, is an occupational title and refers to the profession of a carpenter.

Sweet Last Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

Cool Fantasy Last Names

138. Abbington

The habitational Name refers to an estate part of or owned by the Name of Abba. Amanda Abbington is a famous actress with a surname.

139. Abednego

In Akkadian, the Name of this surname is a reference to “Nebo’s service.” Nebo is Babylonia’s God of wisdom. In the Old Testament, Azariah was one of three men who God saved in the event of being placed in a furnace of fire. Azariah was one of the three men saved by God when he was thrown into the Babylonian term of Azariah Abednego.

140. Agnello

The Name of this fantasy surname was taken from a reference to the Italian word “Agnello.” It is a diminutive form of the word Agnus, which translates to “lamb.” Its Name gained popularity because it was used to refer to a lamb’s journey to the slaughterhouse, a reference to Christ’s suffering on the Cross.

141. Albizia

If Alba is the Name of which Lord Alba remembers the Lord of Alba, it is referred to as Albizia. The Name is elegant and powerful.

142. Amos

Amos can be described as a surname of Jewish or Hebrew origin. It is a reference to someone “borne through God.” Amos, in Hebrew, refers to ‘to carry. Amos is a Biblical prophet with this Name who wrote oracles in the eighth century BC in a text referred to as The Book of Amos.

143. Asteria

Asteria is a stunning fantasy surname. It is a reference to the goddess of innocence and justice.

144. Baggins

The surname Baggins is rooted in the Anglo-Saxon past. The Last name was a reference to someone who travelled carrying backpacks and bags or a person who walked. The name was popularized due to a fictional character from Harry Potter. Harry Potter series.

145. Belloc

Belloc is one of the Catalan surnames that can be known as Bey-you. It’s a mix of two words: the bell is a word that means beautiful, and lloc refers to a specific place. Belloc is considered to be a popular woman-fantasy character.

146. Biddercombe

Rosie Biddercombe is the Name of a character from The Mystery of Secret Sakura. Mechokky and Mechokky created the show, an American web-based series that follows one girl who has a goal to discover an unknown woman fighting the dangers of her hometown.

147. Cherith

Cherith is a name that is of Hebrew origin. It is a reference to the “stream during winter.” This new-sounding surname is found in the Bible. It was the dream streams that helped keep Elijah alive.

148. Claim

A character that is both wicked and beautiful is known as Clawarm. This Name in fantasy combines the look of a classy and mysterious character.

149. Cornelius

It is a Biblical name of Latin origin. Cornelius originates from “cornu,” which refers to “horn.”


Cornelius Fudge is a fictional character from JK Rowling’s fantasy Harry Potter series. Harry Potter was a Minister of Magic.

150. Covenbreath

The goddess of darkness in the air is known as Covenbreath. It’s a fantastic name for a fantasy villain or female character in the dark.

151. Cunningham

This surname geographically is linked with the Ayrshire district in Scotland and is known by its name, Cunningham. Cunningham is the name given to the town from the word coney or cunny, which refers to rabbits, and hame, which means home. The surname is derived from Irish roots and refers to the word “chief” from Ireland.

152. Cyprus

A Polish surname. Cyprus came from Cyrus and is derived from Cyprus, the Greek Name Kyros, the title of a King from Persia. The word translates to “fair.”

153. Dagon

Dagon could be a female and a male name. It has its roots within Hebrew as well as being the Name given to Dagon, the God who is the God of fertility. God Dagon is depicted as half fish, half man. The word is a reference to “being cut open.”

154. Damaris

The Greek-Latin name Damaris is a reference to “tame,” gentle,” or a “calf.” In the fantasy world, Damaris is a magical sword known as the Sword of Truth. Legends say that Gavin, the one who carried the sword, could discern the truth when his sword was in his hand.

155. Dustfinger

Dustfinger is a famous fire-eater and fire-dancer from the fantasy Inkworld. He wears a marten with horns and is the constant partner on his back. It makes quite a cool fantasy surname.

156. Duskstalker

If you’re looking for a surname that could be used by someone who stalked you during the day or the night, this fictional Name might be a good fit.

157. Dwyer

Dwyer is an Irish last name that is a mixture of elements from “dub,” which refers to dark and black, and “other, ” which means tawny. Ilthyia Dwyer was a female fantasy warrior in Marvel’s Marvel series.

158. Einar

Einar is a Scandinavian name. Einar originates from Einarr, which is an Old Norse surname. It refers to courageous warriors that laid down their lives in battle. Einar is an army general in HeroScape, the fantasy game, and a fictional figure of the Vinland Saga.

159. Elfbreath

The elf is a fictional character who isis well-suited to the fantasy world. Elfbreath refers to two words that mean the small, mischievous person. The term is usually used to describe the character of an elf.

160. Festus

Festus is a female human-like cleric from Groetus. The Latin surname is a reference to being festive or joyous. Festus The Leechlord worked as a physician in Nordland and gave his body to Nurgle. He was left as a madman with a deranged personality. Festus had also been a woman dragon.

161. Fine crusher

If your dream character crushes everything into dust, Fine crusher is the Name you’re seeking. It is a term used to describe any machine or device that finely crushes everything.

162. Gallio

One of the characters from Marvel comics. Selena Gallio is a Black warrior queen. She is among the most powerful female characters in the world of fantasy. The surname means someone who can survive on milk.’

163. Flagg

Flagg can be described as an English common name for a habitational area. It comes from the Old English ‘ flag’ or Old Norse ‘flag,’ meaning turf. Randall Flagg is a dark antagonist in Stephen King’s novel “The Standing.”

164. Gannon

Ganon is the primary antagonist of Ganon is the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda of the Nintendo video game series. He is humanoid and is the main antagonist in the majority of games.

165. Gloryweaver

A combination of weaver and glory, this surname references an exceptional weaver who weaves long strands of fiber into the fine fabric.

166. Godfrey

This surname, which is of German roots, is a mixture that combines “God” in addition to “peace.” Godfrey has been the Name of several characters in The Final Fantasy series.

167. Griffin

Originating from ancient Greece, the medieval period, and late Latin, Griffins are fictional creatures often seen in fantasy. Griffins are animals with bodies, legs behind, the tail of a lion or tail and wings and heads similar to an Eagle. The surname means an animal that is fierce and dangerous.

168. Having low

A fusion between two phrases, the word “haven” is a home reference, and glow refers to something shining. Having low is a surname from the fantasy that references the glowing ruler who offers security and refuge in a location.

169. Hallowedchaser

A person who seeks out holy objects is called Hallowedchaser. Hallowedchaser.

170. Hazerider

A combination of”haze” and “rider,” this English surname references a person who rides in dark conditions in low atmospheric temperatures. It could be a night rider.

171. Humphries

The Name is of Welsh origin; the last name comes from the name patronymic of ‘Humphrey. Based on the dialect spoken by the Normans, Humfrey is composed of the elements hun, meaning bear cub, and frid, which translates to peace.

172. Jacaranda

Jacaranda is an exotic and subtropical flower that is a genus that includes 49 flowering species. Originating from America, The cosmopolitan flower is found in many regions of the world, including India and Pakistan. Jacaranda is also a mythological character.

173. Kami

Kami is the Japanese surname that translates to “Lord.” It’s a name that is derived from fantasy for an animated character.

174. Kicklighter

The meaning of this surname is “chicken ladder.” It’s an Americanized form of the German word Kuckleiter, which is most likely the Name of a pet chicken farmer.

175. Kirk

Kirk is a name for the last name with Danish, Scottish, and Northern English roots. The word Kirk means “church” and is a topographic term for those who live close to an established church. Captain Kirk was a famous persona from Star Trek.

176. Lightfoot

Someone who is an agile runner or who is easy on the feet is referred to as lightfoot. It’s an intriguing name to describe a person with such a character.

177. Lozano

A surname from a Spanish source, Lozano, denotes someone or anything that looks attractive. Sebastian Lozano is an artist of dark and fantasy art.

178. Luna

Luna Freya Nox Fleuret, also known as Luna, is the most pivotal character in Final Fantasy from XV. Luna is a reference to “the Moon.”

179. Marek

In the fantasy novel “Uprooted In the fantasy novel ‘Uprooted,'”Prince Marek was the second Prince of Polnya. He is referred to for being”the “God of War” and is highly respected and well-known. Marek also refers to “of Mars.”

180. McCoy

The common Name for the last name has Scottish and Irish roots. McCoy is an anglo-canonized variant of the Irish Name Mac Aodha, meaning “Aodh’s son.” Aodh is an Irish mythological god.

181. Mintz

Mintz Adler a fictional persona from Phoenix Sorcerer. The Name is appropriate for Dungeon and Dragon characterizations perfectly.

182. October

A character in Game of Thrones and Welcome October. This English Name refers to October, the month within the English calendar year.

183. Omega

Omega is a surname that has a Greek origin. It is a reference to the end. The last letter from the Greek alphabet is called Omega and hence the reference. Kenny Omega is a fantasy character from the Final Fantasy series.

184. Priestley

The surname translates to “a Priest of the Woods.” The character is one of the fantasy world’s DnD (Dungeon and Dragon) anime.

185. Sapien

The Polish Name Sapien is a reference to educated or smart people. There are a variety of variations of this surname, including Zapiain, which comes from Basque. The Name can be used to describe people as wheezy because Sapien may be a variant of space which means ‘to wheeze.’

186. Sapphire

A multicolored dragon animation designed in the Fantasy Final, Sapphirus is a surname of Latin origin. The word means “sapphire” or “blue stone.”

187. Sierra

The Name Sierra refers to the concept of a “mountain range” and originates in Spanish. It also means “saw.”

188. Silvius

Silvius is a surname with a Latin source, meaning “woods” or “forest.” It is also referred to as a “forest.” Name is also used in Late Roman culture.

189. Snakeleaf

Half woman, half snake fantasy character. Snakeleaf is an appropriate surname applied to an intelligent and evil individual.

190. Strongblossom

Princess Strong Blossom is a formidable superhero from the show Backyardigans. The character is referred to as Unique, and despite being tiny and pink and appearing adorable, she is incredibly robust. The Name is a mix of strong and bloom.

191. Truthfully

The Name Truthbelly can describe a person who cannot keep a secret or always tells the truth. The surname of fantasy Truthbelly is a good fit for characters from anime.

192. Targaryen

The world of fantasy includes the entire DnD section. Targaryen refers to “belonging to dragons.” Its Name can be used in the cult Game of Thrones..’

193. Umbra

Umbra is a surname that has a Latin origin. The word translates to “shadow,” also known as “shade,” and could describe a dark character or someone who walks in the darkness.

194. Service

Service is a name that comes from a family with roots that go back to 1871 and ancestry in Berwickshire, Scotland. The Name symbolizes versatility and willingness or one who is right.

195. Vespertine

Vespertine is a fictional character who is the main protagonist in the novel of the same name written by Margaret Rogerson. The story is believed to have a Latin origin; the word refers to something that happens at night or twilight.

196. Windward

The character from the fantasy genre can be found in the DnD world. The anime Dragon is the character in the fictional novel “Windward” by S.Kaeth.

197. Wixx

A variant that is a variation of Wykes, Wixx is a geographic surname and has been used by a variety of characters from characters in the Final Fantasy series.

198. Wood grip

Wood grip is the combination of two words: grip and wood, which means a grip, which refers to holding. The surname fits someone with an axe or a strong grip or one constructed of or utilizes wood as an extraordinary power.

199. Xenocide

A person with confidence, seriousness, and highly confident may be called Xenocide. This surname is most often seen in the regions of France.

200. Zibia

This Hebrew name references a gazelle, horse, or doe. The surname could be applied to a princess riding on an animal.

Sweet Last Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

5 Tips To Select A Fun Surname

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect surname.

  • Definition: The meaning of the name should provide insight into the personality. It may even reflect your persona or your family’s in some way.
  • Matching: Make sure the Name you choose is in tune with your initial Name. It should flow smoothly and be simple to remember.
  • Syllables Whatever beautiful the surname might be, it is hard to say or recall if it’s too long and has many syllables. Select a name that has just two or three letters.
  • UniquenessThe Name must be distinctive yet common and not uncommon. Ensure that it’s related to the characters in your story in case you’re creating an imaginary persona.