Haiku Poems About Love And All About It

Welcome to bewiseprof.com, today we wil talk about haiku poems about love and the things that you need to know about it. So take your time to learn all about it.

What is Love Haiku?

Haiku is a Japanese poem that has seventeen syllables. The Haiku is composed of three lines of five to seven syllables each. It demonstrates the soulful art and poetry of writing poems that respond to current events. The Haiku is written in the traditional 5-7-5 format. This allows for creativity to be pushed within the short form.

The Haiku tries to combine humanity and nature with a spiritual tone. My love haiku aims to bring love and emotion into the natural world. Who knows, maybe I will become one of the most acclaimed love haiku writers. Are you a believer?

Love Haiku: Japanese Examples

According to the American Academy of Poets, the traditional haiku form was developed in Japan in the 13th Century. The 16th and 17th centuries saw the popularity of this poetic form among Japanese poets. While translations of Japanese love haikus might not adhere to the five, seven, and five-syllable rules, the original Japanese version did. These are the greatest haikus that were written in those early days. These are some beautiful love haikus taken from Japan.

Do not weep, insects by Kobayashi Issa.

This lovely haiku is by Kobayashi Issa (17th-century poet) and speaks to the impermanence of all things and the beauty that comes with it.

Insects don’t need to weep –

Stars, lovers,

You must take part.

Ochi Etsujin’s Cat Love Haiku

Ochi Etsujin, another important Japanese poet from the 17th Century, wrote this beautiful haiku. It reflects the simplicity and grace of two cats sharing their affection.

It’s enviable.

They are graceful and elegant

When cats fall in love with each other.

Matsuo Basho: Her Slender Forearm.

Matsuo Basho was also well-known in his lifetime for being a great poet. Many consider him to be the greatest haiku master today.

It’s easy to get started

her slender forearm

For his pillow


My ten romantic Love Haiku

1. )  Your silky, smooth skin

 Got me in very sensual

That makes my pelvic ache

 2.)  This night has two shining stars

 I am looking down at you as bright

I am your sweet surrender

3 Your love is my drug

Your melody paves my path like the rug

Making me weak and rough

4 My weakness is your love

The greatest strength is also mine

Your affection defies knowledge

5 You breathe in my ear

Then I moan, but without any regrets

Also, I want you to be so close

6 Sweet melody of peaceful surrender

Your love is what I will always have

This is something that no one can place asunder

7 Your soft kisses like petals

Sweet surrender is the sweet scent of flowers

When touched in the middle

8 Your kisses from yesterday

I am haunted every day.

My heart flutters away

9 When our love happened yesterday

It looked like tomorrow would never come.

Our hearts became one

10 My love is like a butterfly

Fly from hither to remain here forever

True perfection is in love

Haiku Poems About Love And All About It

Haikus of Unconditional Love

Certain types of love can be unconditional or unchanging, particularly when it comes the family bonds. These original haikus can be used to express your feelings of love for someone no matter what. They use the traditional five-seven-five haiku format.

Haiku of Love from Mother to Baby

Your words shake my dreams

All milk needs and all petal lips.

I smile, and your smile.

Lifetime Love Haiku

Forty years of friendship with you.

You’re still twenty in some light.

Love is not magic, but love.

Humorous Haikus about Love

These love haikus are a great way to show your emotions don’t need to be serious. These original haikus can be used to convey humor in your relationship.

Morning Hair

I promise to love you

The morning with wild hair

If you will kiss me.

Five words

If I look at your face,

Baby, I have five words left:

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm

My ten emotional love haiku

1)  Let our love come together

We can love one another forever.

We will all live together.

2) I’m all over you

And when I touch you again

I am in love all over again

3) I love you, I’m sure

From the deepest of my heart

As one, we can love together

4) Learn, listen, love, and pray

To live, understand and experience pure affection

We can all be one.

5) To love one another

Our contentment must be a result of our commitment

We live happily ever after

6) I know what my heart says

My love is only for you

To live only for yourself

7) Love is a beautiful gift

Just like the water around us

Pure and so nourishing

8) Darkness lives deep inside us

Only love can shine.

We are both within and without

9) I love my lady

You and I will always live together

Our love shall never die

10) I thought it was done.

You came to my aid just yesterday

And again, I fall blindly