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Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman to become husband and wife. So if your wife wants to leave you, that means it’s no longer a union but divorce or separation. “Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”

Signs your wife wants to leave will guide you to understand when your wife is tired of you and wants to leave, so as to know what to do in order to retain her and complete that union that you two have started.
There are many signs that you will observe whenever she is planning to leave you, it is hard for a woman to hide her feelings especially when she is tired of something or someone. So it will be easier for you to detect her intentions. Incase if you want to make amends.
Below are the signs your wife wants to leave you. Carefully read this article and understand it.


Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You


1. She will be less with her communication with you.

This is one of the signs that you will notice from your woman if she wants to leave you. She will start minimizing her communication with you gradually till she achieves her goal. As days passes, her withdrawal will be increasing that is why it is easier for you to notice her plans.
For instance. If your wife has lost interest in you, she won’t border to be checking up on you, on calls, text messages or chats as she used to do before.
She will not border to come closer to you or check how you are feeling or what is bordering you. She will prefer to be with other people than being with you. If she’s the type that likes operating phone, that means that her phone will be her only companion through out your staying together. She will like to be communicating with strangers than communicating with you.

“Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”

2. She won’t regard you again.

She starts disregarding you, she won’t regard you as her husband talk more of partner. She won’t respect your decision any longer nor respect your personality. She will like doing things on her own way without your concept.

For instance. You will see that she will be passing orders in the house without consulting you for any reason. She will even change the ones that you have fixed and do her own in the way that will hurt you, but pleases her. You will always be the last person to confined, in terms of any decision making.


3. She will stop showing concern.

She won’t show concern and care towards you anymore. She won’t care if you are dying or not unless you are in a critical condition before you will see her offering her help, so that people will not rumor that she killed her husband.
If your wife wants to leave you, her concern towards you will definitely reduce to the extent that you will be noticing the changes in her. If you have children, she will might even feel less concerned on them, she will be like, “go to your father and ask him please, I want to rest”. She won’t border about you again.


4. She will stop arguing with you.

Argument in a relationship is part of love sometimes. But too much of it is bad. So if your wife suddenly stops arguing with you, she leaves you in what ever you may have done, even the one that you know will hurt her very much. Yet she still doesn’t argue with you. It’s a sign that something is wrong somewhere. And also if she starts picking up argument in everything just for you to be fighting with each other, it’s another sign that she is planning to dump you. It is supposed that couples should be arguing with each other at least once in a while because it’s part of love.

“Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”

5. She will start having her own plans.

When a woman start to plan things on her own, without giving you any light at least for what she is about to do, know that something is fishy about her. That time is the beginning of her thoughts to leave you, but if you are able to correct that, she may fall back and love you again. So this is to say that, if your woman starts to plan things outside your knowledge and focus on only her own benefits, it’s a good sign that she is leaving you in no due time.


6. She will stop being romantic.

Her romantic live towards you will minimize automatically and you won’t be feeling her love again. She won’t call you all those sweet names she used to call you, not even hugging and kissing you like she used to do before. She will stop being romantic on you and will focus on herself and her plans too.


7. She will focus more on herself rather than you.

She will be conscious of her appearance, to extent of not minding how you will feel or what it may cost you and the relationship. All she ever think of is herself. She won’t mind if there’s money or not, if the marriage or the relationship is shaking or not. All her intentions will be just to look good for other men outside.

“Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”

8. She will be asking you some questions related to separation.

If you notice that your wife has started asking you questions on separation, for example. Asking you how you will feel if it happens that you both got separated. Or asking you what you will do if you someone told you that she is seeing another man.

She will indirectly asked you such questions to know your reaction, so as to know how to hatch her plan. Her communication will be more of separation and more of divorce instead what to do in building more love in your relationship.


9. She will start keeping late nights.

When a wife starts keeping late nights with friends, it only means that she is planning to leave you. Maybe some other guy has managed to brain wash her and automatically win her love over yours. You know that it is easier for someone to learn bad behavior than good ones, so that is the reason why she will adapt more easily in bad influence forgetting the wonderful relationship she may have with you.

“Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”

10. She won’t feel happy with you.

She will always frown when ever you are with her. Her happiness will decrease when you are together, while it will increase when you are out from her. Happiness is the key to a happy home, but when your wife seams to be unhappy with you but happy without you, it’s a sign that something is wrong somewhere.

For instance. You come back home to be with your wife and she automatically turns out to be a nagging woman. She won’t ever give you a smiling face, not even a warm welcome, you will see that it will make you feel bad and unhappy too, making your relationship uncomfortable for both of you.


11. No intimacy again.

Your matrimonial activities will be at a lower level. She won’t like satisfying you on bed. She will be denying you of your right to make love with her. No kissing, no passionate feelings, not to think of having sex with you. Everything about intimacy between a man and a woman will be leaking.
There is a time husband and wife is supposed to be together and enjoy the love of their marriage, but it will surprised you that your wife will not value them again. She will always want to give you excuses every time. Claiming to be sick or weak for canal knowledge. That’s a good sign that she is seeing someone else and she is about leaving you.

“Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”

12. She will start cheating on you.

What she have never done before, she will start doing it . She will start cheating on you and keeping make friends here and there. When you notice your wife is cheating on you, it means that she is leaving you.
You may be getting complains about her, but she will always deny it and cover up with other plans of hers.


13. She will withdraw her joint account with you.

Yes she will drain almost all the money in it. You may notice some changes in your account, full of discount in your account. And she will withdraw the joint account with you. And will like to stand alone and have her own personal account that you may not know at all.
For instance. If your wife is making plans to leave you and there’s a joint account that you have with her, she will like to withdraw from that account, but she will first like to drain up that account with one problem or the other. She will even open another account with a different name without your knowledge. That action is an attitude of a woman who wants to leave you.


14. She won’t welcome any idea of fixing the relationship.

If you are trying to fix that relationship, she won’t welcome any of the ideas that can fix it. She will even be happy seeing that relationship collapsing. She will love it if you ignore her and her attitude.

“Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”

15. She will loose interest about the future.

She will loose interest in your future. She won’t be planning on the future with you. All her future life is only for herself and her children if necessarily.

What to do if you notice that your wife wants to leave you.

1. Change your character towards her. Pay attention and care for her at all time.
2. Let understanding reign in your relationship, so that happiness will be gained.
3. Take her out for a picnic or vacation. Take her out for refreshments.
4. Make her happy and give her gifts.

“Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You”


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