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Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend

There are some things that you can see in someone’s character, and you will say yes, this person doesn’t want to be my friend. All these signs are why I decided to write on signs someone doesn’t want to be your friend, for it to help you know if that person or even your friend wants to be your friend still. “Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend”

So if this sounds like what you are looking for, then relax because you are at the right place to learn about it all. Now without wasting much of your time, let me explain it all to you in a way that you will understand it better.

Signs someone doesn’t want to be your friend


  • There will not be excellent communication.

First, the communication level between the two of you will reduce if you’re already friends. But if you know you are still trying to get along, you will notice that the more you try to good communication with the person, he or she not even try to help increase the interaction.

  • He or she will not return calls.

The person won’t return your calls or even try for once to call. Or if he or she is already your friend, you will notice that the person won’t be calling you as he or she use to do before.

  • You will not chat well on social media.

The way to you chat on social media won’t be left out. He or she will not even chat you up or respond to your chat quickly. You will find out that only you will be making the chatting lively, instead of both of you doing so. “Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend”

  • You can’t hang out together.

To hang out together as friends won’t work again. If you are still trying to be friends with each other and you notice that the person won’t agree to hang out or go on a date with you, no matter how hard you try he or she will always look for an excuse to give to you and avoid the time.

  • The person will avoid you.

The person will always try to avoid you at all cost. So if you notice that the person you have as a friend is now avoiding you or the person you want to make friend with is avoiding you, there is no need of asking if he or she wants to be your friend, because it is a good sign for you.

  • He or she will always miss appointments. 

The person will always be missing your appointments and invitation intentionally. If the person wants you guys to be friends, the person will still be there for you and try to come to date even if he or she does not come on time but will always try to be there.

  • The person will feel less concern.

If he or she is always less concerned in anything about you or doesn’t even show any care and concern, in anything that concerns you, it’s a good sign that the person doesn’t want to be your friend again or don’t want to have any friends with you. “Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend”

  • No advice from him or her.

Friends do advice each other on anything that his or friend wants to do. But if your friend or that person never advise you or try to correct you on anything you do. Then definitely he doesn’t want to be your friend.


Why your friends leave you.


There are some character or behaviour that you will be doing, and your friends will leave you. Or even a new person won’t agree to be your friend again. So it would help if you were careful about the way you do your things or live your life so that you won’t use your hand to chase your friends away. So without wasting much of your time, let me quickly tell you that behaviour that will make friends run away from you.

  • You brag a lot. Stop bragging because it can make friends easily hate you or start developing a hatred for you.
  • They will hate you if you are the type that never listened to advise. Sometimes you are not always right with your own opinion or thoughts. So try to listen to friends advice at times but if you must go with your decision, try to appreciate their help first and don’t make them look like a fool, or as if they are not talking anything meaningful. Is not a good thing to learn about that too.
  • You like to always present yourself as a leader or the only one that says useful something. If you such type of person that believes inborn to rule lifestyle then you are making a mistake and need to stop it.
  •  If you are the type that never appreciates your friends on anything that they do for you no matter how good it is, then your friends may leave you. “Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend”
  • Your friends may leave you if you are not da truthfully person. So stop lying to your friends if you don’t want them to leave you.
  • If you never value and respect your friends or people around you, it will be hard for you to have friends.
  • If you are an arrogant and rude person, your friends will leave you because of it.
  • You are not useful in keeping secrets; this is another major thing that will make friends to Leave you. So try to stop it if you are the type that doesn’t hold your friends’ secrets for they will hate you because of it.

Finally, I hope that you now understand things that will make you know if someone wants to be your friend and some characters that chase friends away from you. Now over to you reading this, tell us your mind and if there is anything else you want to understand about this. Let’s hear your opinion from the comment section below.

“Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend”

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