Signs Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually

Knowing if someone is thinking about you sexually is one of the big questions that many have been asking, and expecting to have their answers on this. So today am going to tell you things that will help you to know if someone is sexually thinking about it. So now to clear this question which many of us have been asking, below are the tips that answer that question you ask.

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually


  1. The way he/she looks at you.

To know if someone is sexually thinking about you can easily see or understand by the way the person looks at you. There is a way someone will be looking at you in a seductive way or manner that will make you understand that the person is sexually attracted to you.


  1. The way he/she touches you.

 Anyone that is sexually thinking about you will not hide it when he/she touches you. So to know if he is sexually thinking about you then start with noticing at how they touch your body when you are close to them.


  1. By what he/she said.

 If someone who is sexually attracted to you is talking to you, you will know with the kind of words that comes from their mouth. Even some times someone who is sexually attracted to you will be confused when talking with you.

signs someone is thinking about you sexually
signs someone is thinking about you sexually
  1. The compliment they give you.

Base on the compliment someone give to you and how he/she reacts when doing so. Especially if is a man that you are trying to know if he is attracted to you sexually because doing so he may say something like. “Your boobs look so tempting” “your body looks so sexy” e.t.c.

   5. They will Notice You.

If the person notices or knows all the movement and things that you do it also a sign that the person is thinking about you sexually. So when the person is talking monitor the things you do for you to know if he or she gives an account of you.

 6. Admires Your body.

Someone that is thinking about you sexually will admire your body and say a sweet and sexy thing about your shape. Or how the dress fits your body.

“How Do You Know If Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually?”


Signs he wants to feel you inside

Signs he wants to feel you inside.

There is some unspoken sign that shows that a man seriously wants you. You may be wondering if there is any sign to know. But with these few signs, you will be able to understand most signs that show a man sincerely wants to feel you inside of him.

  • He will be admiring your thighs and your hips. Sometimes he won’t resist touching your waist or holding you from behind. And if you look closely, you will notice that he usually loses control for a short period while looking at your hips and laps.
  • He will be bringing up the sexual discussion while speaking with you. He won’t hide the feeling of his desires towards you. He will be telling you stories on how he loves girls that look exactly like you. But if you two are already in a relationship, he will go straight to say to you how he loves it when you sit on top of him with your waist.
  • He will always want to be alone with you in a lonely place or at his house. He won’t allow being interrupted by anyone whenever he’s with you.
  • He will buy you some underwear and romantically persuade you to wear it for him so that he will see and know how it looks on you.
  • He will come too close to you in such a way that your body will press his.


Signs a woman wants you so badly


Signs a woman wants you so badly.

1. She will always come to your place to drop something off or collect something. She would like to ask you for something, especially if you live close to her. She will even bring her cell phone for you to charge for her, claiming that something went wrong in her apartment.
2. Her dressing will change, including her steps, especially when you are around. She will change how she speaks and try to impress you with one thing or the other.
3. She will always give you maximum attention to whatever you may ask without rejecting any questions from you.
4. She will spend almost all her time with you, provided you are there. She won’t even remember what the time is when she’s with you.
5. She will give you romantic eye contact at any given second.
6. She will always flirt with you and fix herself around you.
7. Your mind will always tell you that continuously.

What makes you sexually attracted to someone


How to get someone to think about you sexually?

Some things will make you sexually attracted to someone you may not know. But all involve your dressing, waking steps, the way you talk, and many other things. Being sexually attracted to someone is one of the sexiest aspects of drawing their attention towards you.

1. Your dressing and packaging.

In life, different people want different things. If you are attracted to a person that loves well-packaged girls, you will find out that your appearance and packaging matter a lot Because it’s one of the things that will draw his attention to you. The same thing is also applicable to men. Some girls love a man who dresses sharp and cute, so if you need her attraction, you should also build up your dressing level.

2. Your manner of speaking

How you speak can draw the attention of the person who loves you. Some guys like their women to be outspoken and brave while speaking. And girls love that too. So if you are one of them, you will see that you will be sexually attracted to such a person.

3. Your walking step.

No person likes someone who walks so irresponsibly. Your walking step can also do a beautiful thing to his or her nerves. When your actions increase his or her urges, you will see that you will be sexually attracted to her.

4. The way you look at that person.

Your looks will always be got them sexually attracted. You may be giving him a romantic and steady eye Lock do as to keep him wanting till he got you.

5. You’re demonstration while speaking.

Some people like their partner to be romantic and sharp. For instance, being kind of a person who demonstrates his or her body while speaking can send signals to your partner’s nerves. And that will make him or her to be attracted to you sexually.

6. The way you touch them.

The way you touch them, lovely and nicely, can get them attracted to you sexually.

Can you tell if someone is thinking about you sexually?

Yes, with the way he or she acts towards you. The way a person looks at you and some other characters he does will tell you if he or she is thinking about you or not.

What is chemistry between people?

The chemistry in us is the emotions and feelings in us when we connect with someone. We can also say it is our feelings and emotions for someone we love.

What is chemistry in a friendship?

Chemistry in a friendship is said to be the connection between two individuals when they meet each other for the first time.

How do you know if you have chemistry with someone?

You will know by the way you stare at the person, and if the person does the same to you, that means the both of you have chemistry for each other. The feelings that come up and make you stare at the person are the chemistry in you that shows you love the person.


Signs someone is thinking about you at night?

If someone thinks about you at night, the person will call you, text you, or even try to see you in the morning if he or she is close to you, but if not, the person will try as much as possible to call or text you in the morning.

What does it mean when you think about someone sexually?

Thinking about someone sexually means having sexual urges or feelings towards the person. It happens when you are close to someone or when the person’s body or appearance gets you seduced.


How do you know if a guy is thinking about you sexually?

When a guy is thinking about you sexually, he will come closer to you, he touches you more often, he uses a deep voice when talking near you, he will make eye contact and blushes towards you. All these are signs of sexual attraction to a guy.

Why do we feel attracted to someone?

Feeling attracted to someone depends on what we want and desire from someone, but apart from that, we can also feel attracted to someone when we do things together, like hang out, have fun and enjoy things together. All these make us feel attracted to someone, but the look and appearance of someone can also get us attracted.


Now, these few tips can help you know who is sexually attracted to you. Remember to add more tips using the comment box if you have some tips you think can help so that others can also learn from them. You can check on freaky things to say to your boyfriend to find naughty things you can say to your man.