Signs A Man Is Falling In Love

Love is a feeling that you have for someone very special to you. It gives peace of mind and brings joy to your heart.

When a man truly loves you, he will be ready to sacrifice for you and make you happy. You will feel the love within you at all times.

Today we will write on the signs showing a man is falling in love. So if you are searching for how to identify whether your man is falling for you or whether he loves you or not, relax, for we will be detailing every sign that shows that a man is genuinely in love with you.

Below are the tips that can help you know if a man is falling in love with you or not; carefully read this article and understand every bit of it. 


Signs A Man Is Falling In Love

  1. He will Frequently communicate with you. A man falling for a woman always makes time to call and chat her up frequently as long as the phone rings. He will increase his communication level towards the woman and keep the friendship alive as long as he can live. Communication in life is one of the biggest keys that can keep any relationship alive, no matter how many kilometers that can separate both of you. The interface always makes everything new and can draw two hearts together. So if a man has an interest in you and truly loves you, his level of communication with you is one of the highest signs that you may remember. Communication involves everything corresponding to effective communication, which may include; Verbal and non-verbal. He may call you or reach you through text messages or even chat on social media or via video call. And can as well visit you in your home if you live near or make out his time to come to no matter where you may be, without any selfish interest.
  2. He will always give you his maximum attention. This is another sign that he is falling in love with you. He will always give you his maximum attention and show you that he is still ready to be with you. He will be happy whenever you reach out to him for his attention, and he won’t hesitate to offer that without distraction. A man in love will like to spend his time with the woman he loves instead of spending time with friends. He will sacrifice whatever he is doing just to answer you whenever you may need him. He won’t ever see it as a disturbance. Instead, he will be happy that you need him. Undivided attention is a good sign that a man is in love with a woman. So observe it and note it down.
  3. He can be supportive and encouraging. He will always be willing to support and encourage you in anything you do. He won’t let you make mistakes, no matter what. He will always try to assist you in your troubles and can even render any help he can to support and encourage your efforts. Being supportive and encouraging to a woman, especially one particular woman, is a good sign that he has fallen in love with that same woman. He can support and encourage others, but there’s always special treatment for one person in his life, which he may or may not know when he is exhibiting his love toward her.
  4. He will always protect you. A man falling for a woman will always protect that woman, and he won’t allow any harm to her or withstand any torture that may reach her at all costs. Protection is a good sign that he is falling in love with you. He will always protect you and defend you in anything. He may not know when he is doing so, or he may know as well.
  5. He will be committed to you. Total commitment is another sign that he is in love. He will be committed to you and would like to be with you anywhere and any time without minding what may come from it. A man that is falling for you will be committed to you and the things that you do. He doesn’t care about his own time; all he is after are ways to make you realize how he feels about you.
  6. He always picks an argument in any little thing. Although too much of everything is terrible, a little argument with you always is a sign that he is genuinely in love with you but unable to recognize it. He won’t like what you do for no reason, but at the same time, he won’t be able to hate you even though he may try to hate you in no way. When you two are arguing, he may not be happy, but later, he will feel satisfied remembering what happened earlier and get moved by those emotions.
  7. He will always put you first in any of his plans. He won’t exclude you from his plans, and his efforts will always be for both of you. He would not like to kick you off his life, no matter what. He will always consider what you may like and how you feel before doing anything. He will always consider you part of him and will make plans for you two in the future. So if a man is doing so, just know he has to fall in love.
  8. He will be revealing intimate details about himself to you. When a man falls in love with a woman, he won’t like to hide anything about himself from her. He will want to share his intimate details with her, even his previous relay and how it ended or every pattern to his life since he will accept you as part of him. A man who shared such stories with you is definitely in love with you and has fallen in love. Remember, not everyone dares to share his intimate story with a woman, so for a man to share his intimate tale with you merely shows that he is falling for you. So it is one of the signs that a man is in love.
  9. He will always seek your advice in anything he wants to do. This is another sure sign that you know he is falling for you. You know not every man wants to be advised by a woman, but if there’s this particular man, who always seeks advice from you on anything he wants to do, just to know your own opinion, note that he is falling in love with that particular woman.
  10. He wants you to meet his loved ones. A man that always wants you to meet his family and loved ones is in love with you. He won’t hide you from anybody or have a secret relationship with you. He will always want your relationship to be open and romantic by taking you to his family and building a good family relationship with you.
  11. He doesn’t hide his phone from you. If his intentions are not pure and right, he will hide his phone from you or use a password you cannot open, and he will not be able to give you the code. A man who is genuinely falling in love with you will not hide, including his phone, from you. He will even want to access his phone instead of hiding it from you.
  1. Tells you the truth about everything. He will like to tell you the truth about everything and won’t want to lie to you. He always speaks the truth and still believes you are his partner. A relationship built with truth and love still has trust in it, and it even lasts for as long as the two can keep it. So if he is telling you the truth about anything that may happen or had happened, it’s a sign that he is falling in love too.
  2. He understands your silence even without saying anything to him. He understands your feelings and your silence, even without saying a word. A sign that he is falling in love with you is that he will always read your silence and still understand your thoughts and moods. He will know when you are in pain and when you are happy. He will be able to describe you at any given time, at least 50% of you. A man in love doesn’t hesitate to ask what the problem is with you and how you would like to be treated. He won’t be less concerned about your feelings. Looking at you alone will always tell him what is happening to you; even if he didn’t get the answer correctly, at least he would understand that there’s a problem.
  3. He is always ready to listen to you at all times. A man that has fallen in love will not get tired of listening to you and whatever you have to say. He will be happy that you are even speaking with him freely without any pretends. He will listen to your words, even the little advice you may give him. He won’t ignore your words and notice no matter how you put them and how small they may be. He will try to get meaning inside of it. A good listener is a true definition of a man in love.
  4. He is always jealous when you are with other men. If he has fallen for you, he will be jealous of seeing any man around you if not him. He is willing to do anything to maintain the state in your life. He always wants to be the only man you love and care for. He won’t be free to see you with another man. He will still complain to you using the word” you and your boyfriend “it’s a sign that he is jealous if he is always repeating it to you with a frown or even with a smiling face, for he has not hurt you. A man that is jealous of seeing another man near you or chatting with you is truly in love with you, and maybe he doesn’t know how to tell you or does not know how to express it to you.
  5. He shares his family matters with you. He is always bringing up his family issues to you so that you can share ideas on how to tackle any problems together. He will always take you as part of him and won’t hide anything from you, no matter how the thing may sound. If he is in love, he can’t hide anything from you, and he will seek your opinion on anything at any time to match it up with his and make a difference.
  6. He is happy being with you always. He always feels great being with you and is never tired of staying close to you. A happy man is a man who has found what he is looking for in a woman, so if he is happy when you are around him and never wishes you to go, it only shows that he is in love and never wants to lose you to any man.
  7. He always appreciates whatever you do in that relationship. He appreciates and likes whatever you may do in that relationship. He always recommends you and cherishes you at all times. He doesn’t neglect your efforts in that relationship. Instead, he recognized your efforts and companionship toward him.
  8. He won’t be scared of flirting with you. He will always like to flirt with you by showing his love for you. He will want to take you around the world for both of you to be happy and alone so you can enjoy your togetherness.
  9. You will feel it naturally. You will feel the love he showers on you naturally without any doubts. When he is in love, your spirit will tell you that, and you will feel it inside you.

What signs does a man show when he’s in love?

  • He’s been asking questions about the future.
  • He stares into your eyes.
  • He’s always put his clients first.
  • If you smile, the other also laughs.
  • He’s been divulging personal details about himself.
  • Feel his heartbeat match that of yours.
  • The man has been more positive in recent times.



Being in love is a natural feeling one can get, and for you to know when a man has fallen in love, you are to observe all those things that are being listed above so that it will guide you in your research, for they are the sure signs a man is falling in love.